Smart Living Not only etiquette: That's why you should always close the toilet cover

13:30  04 april  2021
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Which group do you belong? To those who are basically closed the lid of the toilet N as long as it is not used? Or is the lid always open? What is better and more meaningful? Well, since the lid, at least in most toilets, is tuned, should also use his self-explanatory function.

Toilettendeckel © iStock / Madhourse Toilet Cover D Therefore you should keep the toilet cover closed It sees simply neatly from

added, that's somehow matter now. But a folded lid just makes a decenter and cleaner impression. It's just not everyone's thing to get stare in the open bowl as soon as you enter the bathroom. Especially for guests, the closing of the lid is a reasonable gesture of courtesy - and then you can surprise you, to which group these count.

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You do not need sharp chemistry for a clean toilet. These home remedies do it too.

E S is Safer

If you have small children or pets at home, you should keep the lid closed for safety reasons. This helps, for example, because the offspring has just looked forward to experiments and would like to rinse things, such as toys, who have nothing to look in your toilet. A closed lid is at least an additional inhibition threshold. That animals land in the bowl happens rarely, but certainly is safe. And whom is immobilized by the phone in the bowl, after that, it is already counting to the experiences anyway.

It is actually hygienic

in most households share bath and toilet a room. This can attract unhygienic consequences. Depending on the type of toilet, the finest water splash can form the finest water splash, which spread in the bathroom and then adhere to objects - that can be fittings, shower curtain or toothbrush. A study by the American Society for Microbiology found out in 2013 that in about every second household, the toothbrushes with fecal germs were contaminated. Although there was a health danger in any of the cases investigated, but it is it. Therefore, keep the lid closed when rinsing.

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If you believe, your WC would be the biggest bacterial shaft in your household, then you misplace yourself.

E S improves D EN Qi- River

The last argument is where you believe in it, but the Chinese harmony of the Feng Shui has a clear opinion on the subject of Kloeckel. Accordingly, we are surrounded by the elementary life energy Qi, or chi, and the more it can flow as unhindered, the better for our well-being. According to Feng Shui, an open lid deteriorates the energy balance, the Qi then collects in the bowl and lands when rinsing in the sewer - and it would be a pity drum.

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