Smart Living A Lesson in Group Text Etiquette—to Send to All Your Friends

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A common group text faux pas is using the group text to send a message to just one person. “People forget they’re still in a group text and begin other conversations and you continue getting them all,” says Jennifer Nelson, a Neptune Beach, Fla. ghostwriter. 4. Limit the number of people in a group . If you don’t regularly add people’s names to your contacts list, they’ll show up in group texts as a phone number. It’s OK to ask “Who is this?” in the thread, Pachter says. If you’re the one creating the group text , suggest that people add each other to their contacts if they haven’t already.

It's OK to mass text universal messages that a group of people in your phone will surely appreciate. For example, you can't go wrong with "Happy Holidays." Still, mass texting doesn't mean you have to send your text to every single contact in your phone. If you're anything like me, half the If you're going back and forth with your friend trying to make plans and you're both being indecisive, save yourself the time and trouble and call them. Don't use LOL and other text slang when it doesn't make sense. Consider who you're texting because many people don't have a clue what ROTFL or SMH mean.

There are more than a half-dozen group texts in my phone, from my gaggle of college friends who share weird and random things we come across, to my family chat, where we regularly blast out takeout orders or Target run requests.

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But sometimes navigating all those group texts can be challenging—as I discovered when I accidentally woke my sister well past her bedtime with a dumb text to our larger family group chat. With a wider audience, it becomes much easier to get yourself in trouble.

The solution? "Follow the three core values, respect, honesty, and consideration," says etiquette expert Elaine Swann, founder of the Swann School of Protocol. "You need to be respectful of everyone who's in the group." You'll be a group text MVP if you follow these rules.

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Navigating text etiquette can be difficult even for people who text all the time! If you want to end a text conversation or leave a group message without seeming rude, you have a few different options. If a friend or family member texts you saying “Are you free?” or “Can you talk later?” you can respond with the thumbs up or thumbs down emojis depending on your answer. This is a great way to end a conversation before it starts. Because you aren’t responding with words, the other person will be less likely to feel like they need to reply to your message.

It’s not considered bad etiquette to not write back, as, their note to you was in response to a generous gesture on your part. That said, if you’re so inclined to express your appreciation of their kind words, or, share how fortunate you feel for the friendship , go for it! Often we don’t take time to share the gratitude in our hearts. It is just that when to give thanks was a lesson of appreciation and being polite whereas how to receive thanks was a lesson of purpose of self, service beyond self, and being humble.

Keep it to people you know

It's all too easy for people to keep adding in new members, but keeping the circle tight makes sense. "Everyone should know each other at least," Swann says. "If you have no dealings with each other, the group is probably a little too large."

Think about the purpose of the group when you're deciding who to include—if it's the bridal party text string, you may not need to include the parents of the bride and groom (or even the bride and groom themselves), as they may not need or want the details of the bachelorette party plans.

Only post things that are meant for everyone in the group

If you have something to share with only one or two members of the group, it's time for a sidebar conversation. "Remember it is a group message, so whatever information you're sharing should be meant for the entire group," Swann says. "If you end up in a side conversation with an individual, take it outside of the group text."

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It is a simpler and faster way for people to relay quick and short messages to one another without having to waste calling minutes. However, it's always good to practice text etiquette for different kinds of situations. If you are chatting amongst a group of people or one person at a coffee shop or taking a walk somewhere, try to ignore texting as much as possible until the party leaves or you have gone somewhere alone such as a restroom. If the text is very important, apologize to your party first, then text .

Here are seven texting etiquette tips to keep in mind. 1. Consider your audience. Each text message is a concrete projection of you and it is important to present yourself in the way you want to be perceived. Although you might text one way with your friends , you should text in an entirely different fashion with your When someone texts you they assume you will receive the message and immediately respond. Unless you are unavailable, make the effort to respond quickly, otherwise your lack of response might be interpreted as a lack of caring. If for some reason you cannot attend to the message quickly, offer

Watch the time zones—and bedtime habits

Be careful about texting in the evening or early morning hours, especially if you have people in different time zones—that midnight text from you may wake someone at 3 a.m. across the country.

Mute or leave if you need to

Sometimes, the group text isn't working for you—whether it's because you're having disagreements with your fellow texters, or you have too much on your plate to keep up with the text strings. You can either completely leave or mute the text to give yourself some breathing room. But either way, do it quietly.

"Leave discreetly, but let the person who takes on a leadership role in the text know that you have left the text," Swann says. "That way you don't ghost someone."

Be careful about burning bridges with a scathing departure text to the group, especially if you only have a beef with one or two people. "Unless you have a desire to end your relationship with everyone in that group, the goal should be to maintain relationships," Swann says. "It's difficult to do that if you've offended people on the way out."

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In regard to friends and family that love you, neglecting the formality of grammar, capitalization, and punctuation is forgivable. However, you need to be able to flip the switch when communicating with business and anything other than personal pleasure. Your email can set you apart from your competition so basic email etiquette is critical to your success. Email Etiquette Basics 1. Know your audience - an email sent to your mother is different than an email to your boss, potential boss, or coworker. 2. Don't mix professional and personal emails - keep stratospheres apart!

From Russian business etiquette to table manners, we have you covered! It’s usually common between close relatives. Sometimes, it’s shortened to two kisses. One cheek kiss is often used by girls to greet friends , or even close female coworkers. 2. Russian handshake etiquette. This is a usual greeting between men—regardless of how close they are—who are meeting for the first time, or for the 100th time.

Post with a purpose

No one likes to get spammed with dozens of unnecessary texts, so think before you post—that's the whole basis of group text etiquette. "Bottom line, stick to the topic at hand," Swann says. "This is not a social media profile, where you post what you're doing in your life in the same way as you would on Instagram or Twitter. We don't need that sort of update."

icon: Because you definitely don't want to be the person messing up your group text's vibe. © Getty Images Because you definitely don't want to be the person messing up your group text's vibe.

A Technical Group Chat Cheat Sheet

Here's how to navigate your group text like a pro on an iPhone.

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How to add someone to your group text:

  • Open the last message from your group chat.
  • Tap on the group of contacts at the top of the thread
  • Tap "Info"
  • Tap "Add Contact" then input the number of the person you'd like to invite.

Note: If it's an established group chat, you might want to post a quick note saying you're planning to add that person to make sure you don't get any blowback for adding someone new.

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How to mute a group chat so you don't have to leave:

  • Open the last message from your group chat
  • Tap on the group of contacts at the top of the thread
  • Tap "Info"
  • Toggle over "Hide Alerts" so you don't see texts

Note: If you do go on mute for an extended period, just follow Swann's advice and let someone know. "People expect you to engage and be involved in the conversation, so you should let them know you're not engaging."

How to leave a group chat:

  • Open the last message from your group chat
  • Tap on the group of contacts at the top of the thread
  • Tap "Info"
  • Tap "Leave This Conversation" if you want to leave a group text permanently.

Note: Don't make a big fuss about leaving—even if it's because you're mad about what's happening on the text. You may want to leave a brief note if it's for a personal reason. "You can bow out gracefully," Swann says. "You can leave the door open for returning once you get on the other side of it."

I broke etiquette and text-invited 'B list' guests to our wedding last-minute. I don't regret it. .
My now-husband and I texted wedding invitations to some guests a few weeks out. That method isn't recommended, but our B-listers didn't take offense.While my now-husband and I were fine with, and even relieved about, a smaller guest list, there were about a dozen friends and family who hadn't made the original cut we wanted to include.

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