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The Best Pumpkin Patch In Every State

Tuesday  21:25,   09 october 2018

It's time to get... >>>

16 things you never knew about Halloween

Tuesday  21:25,   09 october 2018

How did Halloween come to be? Why do we eat apples (and candy) around this time of year? And who made the world's first Jack o' lantern? Here are 16 things you never knew about... >>>

25 Things We All Looked Forward to Doing When We Were Kids

Tuesday  21:05,   09 october 2018

Putting on a swimsuit, going to the grocery store, and emptying your piggy bank all had way different meanings when you were in your single-digits!Entering a contest (and believing you would definitely... >>>

How Etiquette Has Changed Since the ‘90s

Tuesday  18:51,   09 october 2018

Etiquette has changed more than you may think in the last 20 years, here’s how different the rules are now from the 1990s.The 1990s may not feel that long ago, but it’s been nearly 20 years since Y2K madness brought about the turn of the century.... >>>

100 Things No Woman Over 40 Should Ever Say

Monday  18:05,   08 october 2018

Here are all of the things—from tired clichés to common phrases older women say to put themselves down—that no woman over 40 should utter.As you get older, something unnerving begins to happen: You start sounding more and more like your age. And if... >>>

10 Things You've Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

Monday  18:05,   08 october 2018

You were probably happily chugging along in your daily routine until you came across this slideshow.Organizing Spray... >>>

When Should Kids Stop Trick-or-Treating? The Answer Might Surprise You

Friday  18:51,   05 october 2018

A plethora of comfy sweaters, pumpkins everywhere, and the debate over whether or not candy corn is the best or the dessert of the devil (team candy corn over here) are just a few of the things you can expect to see every Fall. And if people aren't... >>>

30 Lies Everyone Tells on Social Media

Friday  18:51,   05 october 2018

While social media supposedly paints an accurate picture of a person's life, if you're like most users, you're also telling these social media lies.“Years ago, ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ was walking out your front door and looking at... >>>

20 Things You're Doing That Your Neighbors Hate

Friday  18:05,   05 october 2018

Another yard sale?It's not always easy to love thy neighbor, and it might be hard for them to love you, too. But neighbors who look out for each other make communities safer and life generally better. There are a few things you might do, though,... >>>

Unplug and unwind: 20 tips for a successful digital detox

Thursday  23:25,   04 october 2018

Do you ever feel like unplugging from the modern world and just relaxing for a while? Now that we all own smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart refrigerators, these digital “conveniences” can seem more like intrusions into our lives. Follow these... >>>

17 Things You Know to Be True If You Hail From a Tiny Town

Thursday  19:05,   04 october 2018

It doesn't matter if you come from the north, south, east, or west or somewhere else in the world completely, all small towns are virtually the same.If you also come from a small town, you can probably relate to my upbringing. If you're still... >>>

I tried the hack that helps you fall asleep in 2 minutes — and it actually worked

Wednesday  19:49,   03 october 2018

This trick claims that it can put you to sleep in 120 seconds, but does it actually work? I tried the hack to see if anything this simple could actually help you fall asleep faster. Over the years, I've tried a bunch of different tricks to try to... >>>

23 Reasons Smiling Is Good for You

Tuesday  17:54,   02 october 2018

For those of you looking to create a more positive aura, we've gathered some of the most convincing reasons smiling is good for... >>>

Why Your Brain is Wired for Pessimism—and What You Can Do to Fix It

Thursday  10:25,   27 september 2018

We’ve evolved to expect the worst. Dr. Martin Seligman, a psychologist, explains why—and what you can do to get some optimism back.“‘Happy’ is a pretty useless word,” says Dr. Martin Seligman, psychologist and former President of the American... >>>

Australian Man Builds Life-Sized Camper Using Only Legos

Thursday  00:55,   27 september 2018

The replica caravan even has running water and electricity.Ben Craig of Queensland calls himself a brick builder and with one look at his life-size replica of a 1973 Viscount Royal caravan, entirely — built using Lego bricks — his title explains... >>>