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12 Things You Don't Realize Are Annoying Your Neighbors

Tuesday  22:10,   24 march 2020

Sure, you can do whatever you want at your house, but it doesn’t hurt to have the decency to think of your neighbors. Consider changing these 12 annoying habits to be a better... >>>

9 Ways to Keep Your Social Life Alive While Stuck at Home

Tuesday  20:36,   24 march 2020

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation.Necessary though it may be to put your social life on hold, it’s not easy. “We’re anxious. We need reassurance. We want to believe that things are normal,” Carolyn Cannuscio, Sc.D., social... >>>

These Social Distancing Activities Actually Sound Fun

Tuesday  19:06,   24 march 2020

Sorry, I can't. I have four Zoom parties to attend tonight.You've probably already participated in a virtual happy hour—and if you haven't, grab a glass of wine and FaceTime your friends ASAP—but that's not the only online activity you can do... >>>

Self-Isolating With Roommates? Here Are a Few Expert Tips on How to Cope

Tuesday  00:15,   24 march 2020

As 2020 dawned, few of us could have imagined the reality we're living right... >>>

29 things you can do for a lower carbon footprint that will hardly change your day

Monday  22:25,   23 march 2020

Climate change is real, and there are ways to mitigate it. Here's what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint without changing your whole... >>>

West Elm Just Released Chic Virtual Backgrounds That Are Perfect For Your Next Zoom Call

Monday  21:25,   23 march 2020

One of the few things we’re getting to enjoy during this time of social distancing is the sneak peeks into co-workers’ homes, thanks to Zoom meetings. Yesterday, West Elm announced on Instagram that it curated a bunch of “stylish video... >>>

When Is It Better to Restart vs. Shut Down Your Computer?

Monday  19:03,   23 march 2020

Don't do anything until you read this. Your computer will thank you. The post When Is It Better to Restart vs. Shut Down Your Computer? appeared first on Reader's Digest.Anh Trinh is the managing editor at Geek with Laptop, a site that helps >>>

13 Everyday Habits That Could (and Should) Change Forever After Coronavirus

Friday  21:20,   20 march 2020

It'll be a whole new world. The post 13 Everyday Habits That Could (and Should) Change Forever After Coronavirus appeared first on Reader's... >>>

When Your Whole Life Gets Canceled, Here’s What to Do Instead

Friday  21:20,   20 march 2020

Stuck at home? Do these things to get through a quarantine healthier, happier, smarter, and even a few pounds lighter! The post When Your Whole Life Gets Canceled, Here’s What to Do Instead appeared first on Reader's... >>>

40 Lies Everyone Tells on a Daily Basis

Friday  19:31,   20 march 2020

While it's not the greatest display of character, sometimes useing one of these common white lies isn't going to hurt... >>>

25 household items that you can repurpose when you’re done with them

Friday  19:20,   20 march 2020

There are many household items you can repurpose for different things around the house. Don’t throw it away when you’re done with... >>>

12 Ways Walmart Tricks You into Spending More Money

Thursday  20:41,   19 march 2020

Walmart has some tricks up its sleeve when it comes to getting you to spend more money in its... >>>

Easy Things You Can Do To Help Others During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Thursday  18:06,   19 march 2020

You don't even necessarily need to leave your home.Below we've listed just a few ways that you can take care of those around you amid the outbreak and make it a little bit easier for us to all get through this... >>>

5 Tips for Avoiding Coronavirus-Related Phishing Emails

Wednesday  21:20,   18 march 2020

Some phishing emails look like they’re being sent from the WHO, the CDC, or even your own HR department.According to Consumer Reports, many of the emails look like they’re coming from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control... >>>

4 Easy Ways to Fight Loneliness While Isolated

Wednesday  20:52,   18 march 2020

A psychiatrist's guide to technological closeness in a social distancing world.It got me thinking that as we’re practicing social distancing, we need to also put our efforts into enhancing technological... >>>