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Clean face mask: How to properly disinfect your mask

Sunday  21:50,   26 july 2020

© provided by COSMOPOLITAN Wash and disinfect face mask Is your face mask in use every day now? Then you should wash, clean and disinfect them regularly. We have the instructions. face masks protect us and others during the corona pandemic. Since... >>>

27 Daily Habits That Are Ruining Your Heart

Friday  02:20,   17 july 2020

To ensure that your ticker is the healthiest it can be, we've called in the experts to give you the low-down on the daily habits ruining your... >>>

Hailey Bieber Apologized for Being Rude After a Restaurant Hostess Called Her Out on TikTok

Thursday  18:18,   16 july 2020

“Hopefully we can meet again so I can apologize in person."So, here's what happened. A TikTok user named JuliaCarolAnn posted two videos where she rated celebrities based on how nice (or not) they were to her when she was working as a hostess at a... >>>

14 Rude Habits Dog Owners Need to Stop ASAP

Wednesday  23:10,   15 july 2020

Number one is not picking up your doggo's poop—here's what you need to know beyond the basics. The post 14 Rude Habits Dog Owners Need to Stop ASAP appeared first on Reader's... >>>

26 Pretty Fall Wedding Guest Dresses That'll Make You the Belle of the Barn

Monday  20:38,   13 july 2020

A great dress is reason enough to RSVP... >>>

14 Etiquette Rules to Follow When Visiting Friends During a Pandemic

Monday  19:41,   13 july 2020

At a time when a social misstep could get someone sick, there are a few things you need to know about properly navigating get-togethers in our new normal. The post 14 Etiquette Rules to Follow When Visiting Friends During a Pandemic appeared first... >>>

23 Summer Life Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Monday  17:26,   13 july 2020

Save time and money this summer with these homemade hacks for cleaning, organizing, and keeping bugs at bay. The post 23 Summer Life Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner appeared first on Reader's... >>>

Prince Harry Reveals What He's Been Missing from the U.K. While in Lockdown in L.A.

Friday  14:09,   10 july 2020

Prince Harry appeared in an Instagram video, where he shared what he's been missing while in lockdown due to COVID-19 "We all miss rugby," Harry admits in an Instagram video posted by England Rugby on Wednesday, looking tanned and healthy in an... >>>

The One Face Mask Hack You're Not Doing But Should

Thursday  23:02,   09 july 2020

In a viral video, a dentist in Montreal shared a simple, but enormously effective face mask hack that will make surgical and cloth masks fit like a glove.In a recent TikTok video that went viral, Olivia Cuid, MD, a dentist in Montreal, shared a... >>>

Germantown: COVID-19 brings steep budget cuts, but no tax increase or dip in police funding

Thursday  17:08,   09 july 2020

Those cuts include capital improvement projects like road paving and general fund expenses, including raises for non-public safety government personnel. Discretionary spending will also be curtailed, but the budgets for the police and fire... >>>

Meghan's Lawyers Say the Royals Wouldn't Let Her Defend Herself

Wednesday  23:04,   08 july 2020

New documents have been released in the Duchess of Sussex's lawsuit against Associated Newspapers.According to the BBC, the court documents comprise responses from Meghan's legal team to questions from Associated Newspapers. Asked about... >>>

Kate Middleton Is "Relishing" In Her Role as Future Queen

Tuesday  22:47,   07 july 2020

The Duchess recently began making public appearances again. Regarding an article in Tatler that claimed she was having a difficult time with her new responsibilities, a source told the outlet that the Duchess would “certainly would resent someone... >>>

Queen Letizia of Spain looks sombre in an all-black ensemble and a face mask as she joins King Felipe, Princess Leonor, 14, and Princess Sofia, 12, at a memorial mass for COVID-19 victims in Madrid

Tuesday  19:28,   07 july 2020

Queen Letizia of Spain put on a solemn display as she donned a protective facemask and black outfit to attend a funeral mass at La Almudena Cathedral in Madrid this week.  Letizia, 47, joined King Felipe, 52, Princess Leonor, 14, and Princess Sofia, >>>

Gamethread: 2014 World Series Game 4

Tuesday  18:12,   07 july 2020

Ryan Vogelsong vs. Jason Vargas.The San Francisco Giants dropped Game 3 of the World Series, losing 3-2 to the Kansas City Royals. Suddenly the Giants are in unfamiliar territory: they’re... >>>

For the holidays, TF1 plays the family card

Saturday  11:15,   04 july 2020

© Courtesy of My TF1 TF1 launches Monday "Large families: life in XXL", a docu-reality that follows with great tenderness the daily lives of families not quite like other They have 4 to 9 children and see everything big: TF1 launches Monday "Large... >>>