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17 Worst Apologies of 2017, Ranked in Increasing Order of Utter Despicableness (You've Even Forgotten the Worst One)

Friday  00:38,   22 december 2017

Harvey Weinstein? Kevin Spacey? United Airlines? Or someone else? Who had the worst sorry-not-sorry apology of 2017? We rank them all. (function (d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src =... >>>

Here’s Scientific Proof That Your Dog Loves When You Smile

Wednesday  19:46,   20 december 2017

Life can never be too 'ruff' with man’s (or woman’s!) best friend around. Studies show that smiling at your dog can boost his or her levels of oxytocin, also called “the love hormone” for its role in building attachment and trust.... >>>

12 Questions to Ask Your Boss in 2018

Wednesday  19:45,   20 december 2017

Want to be a star player and crush your professional goals? Ask your boss these 12 questions next year! According to 2017 Gallop research, globally 67% of the workforce is disengaged in their jobs. These individuals are difficult to spot because... >>>

What Are the 12 Days of Christmas?

Tuesday  20:51,   19 december 2017

Everyone knows to expect a partridge in a pear tree on the first day of Christmas. But when is that, exactly?You'd think that the 12 days of Christmas would lead up to the big day—that's how countdowns work, as any year-end list would illustrate—but >>>

WATCH: The Reason We Celebrate Christmas on December 25th

Thursday  18:55,   07 december 2017

On December 25th, nine in 10 Americans will celebrate Christmas, but few understand why. Everyone knows the trappings associated with the holiday—Christmas trees, red and green ornaments, presents, etc.—but its origins are less... >>>

Dogs Are More Intelligent Than Cats, According to Science

Wednesday  22:28,   06 december 2017

It’s official: Man’s best friend knows way more secrets about you than you originally thought. Want paw-sitive proof? New research published in the journal Frontiers of Neuroanatomy says dogs could be brainier than cats. Scientists at Vanderbilt... >>>

This Is Why Your Dog Follows You Everywhere—Including the Bathroom

Wednesday  01:26,   06 december 2017

You’re sitting on the sofa, and there’s your dog, right at your feet. You stand up? He stands up. But then you head to the bathroom, and guess who comes with? Why, your dog, of course. But why? Why does your dog follow you like a shadow, no... >>>

The FDA Is Warning Dog Owners to Avoid Bone Treats, After 15 Dogs Died

Wednesday  22:55,   29 november 2017

These potentially dangerous treats are available in pet stores across the country.While most pet owners know that it's not a good idea to pass dogs turkey and chicken bones under the table, the FDA says that processed and packaged bone treats sold... >>>

11 Mental Health Tips to Avoid Getting Stressed Out Over the Holidays

Monday  19:25,   27 november 2017

Keep your eyes on the January 1 prize.Unfortunately, closing your eyes one second and waking up in springtime the next isn’t an option. What you can do, though, is keep these expert-backed mental health tips on hand to help you get through the... >>>

How to Spot a Resume Liar--These 2 Things Should Make You Think Twice

Monday  19:24,   27 november 2017

Multiple market pressures and negative perceptions are fueling the growing trend toward dishonesty. Authenticity--that is, truthfulness or showing who you really are--is more important in business than ever. That's because, setting aside the... >>>

So THAT'S Why Your Alarm Snoozes For 9 Minutes

Friday  23:52,   24 november 2017

It’s easy to love the snooze button: With one touch, you have nine extra minutes of bedtime bliss. (function (d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = '//cdn.viglink.com/api/widgets/offerbox.js';... >>>

This Sheep Farmer Is Famous for His Adorable Selfies With His Dogs

Saturday  00:37,   18 november 2017

They don't call them man's best friend for nothing! In a series of four adorable selfies posted by UNILAD, Lance poses with his two sheep dogs (and a sheep!) who cuddled up to him when he was trying to snap a photo of his... >>>

The Homework Assignment Every Adult Should Complete

Friday  18:39,   17 november 2017

Adapted from November Project: The Book As the founders of November Project, the free fitness movement that's taking over the country, city by city, we've worked to encourage and motivate hundreds and thousands of people. In 2002, as Bojan... >>>

If You Can Solve the Secret Word In This Logic Puzzle, You Might Be a Genius

Thursday  22:32,   09 november 2017

Looking to put your critical thinking skills to the test? Look no further. We have a word puzzle that is sure to stump even the most masterful logicians. Presh Talwalkar, a former student of economics and math at Stanford, designed and posted this... >>>

8 Signs You're a Perfectionist (and Why It's Toxic to Your Mental Health)

Thursday  22:48,   02 november 2017

Studies say that true perfectionists aren't really trying to be perfect, they are avoiding not being good enough. People often confuse high achieving behavior with perfectionistic behavior. High achievers are dedicated, determined individuals... >>>