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The Right Way to Vacuum (Yes, There Is a Right Way!)

Thursday  23:26,   02 july 2020

You'll wish you'd known this sooner.RELATED: Yes, You Really Do Need to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner—Here's... >>>

How do you dress for a video interview?

Wednesday  01:16,   01 july 2020

Coronavirus has affected a lot of things in people’s lives, including haveing a huge impact on the job market. Employers may not be conducting in-person interviews, and as a result, more video interviews are being done to maintain social distancing. >>>

Always Slouching Over Your Computer? A Doctor Explains How to Break the Habit

Monday  03:05,   29 june 2020

Plus, the scientific reason why you should always (always!) close the toilet... >>>

Always Slouching Over Your Computer? A Doctor Explains How to Break the Habit

Monday  03:05,   29 june 2020

Between the Netflix marathons and hours spent hunched over a screen, many of us have posture in dire need of professional help. The good news? "It's never too late to start paying attention to our posture or to help maintain the muscles that give us >>>

HIV may hide out in brain cells, ready to infect other organs

Sunday  14:15,   28 june 2020

A study in mice and human tissue suggests that astrocytes harbor HIV.Untreated HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, cripples the immune system and leaves the body vulnerable to life-threatening illness. Combination antiretroviral therapy, or cART, can... >>>

Princess Marie-Chantal shared the etiquette rules the Greek royal family abide by in her new book

Sunday  14:02,   28 june 2020

Marie-Chantal became a member of the Greek royal family after her wedding to Crown Prince Pavlos in 1995. The couple have five children together. Rather than focus on how to behave at glitzy state banquets and movie premieres, Marie-Chantal gives a... >>>

25 habits of toxic people

Saturday  00:18,   27 june 2020

These 25 habits are the hallmarks of a toxic person and can help you avoid being around, or becoming,... >>>

15 Signs You’re Actually Too Polite

Friday  19:16,   26 june 2020

You can take politeness too far—it's time to stop apologizing for everything! The post 15 Signs You’re Actually Too Polite appeared first on Reader's... >>>

16 Habits Polite People Have in Common

Friday  00:05,   26 june 2020

True politeness is about so much more than holding open doors. The post 16 Habits Polite People Have in Common appeared first on Reader's Digest.Beyond a handshake, polite people make it a habit not to touch others or physically invade their... >>>

The best anti-aging products, according to dermatologists who use them

Thursday  10:26,   25 june 2020

Many of their favorites are surprisingly affordable.Ever wish you could sneak a peek inside the medicine cabinet of a dermatologist? Now you... >>>

Almost Half of Americans Won't Date Someone Who Does This

Wednesday  05:05,   24 june 2020

A recent study found that almost half of Americans won't date someone who doesn't have the same "thermostat etiquette" as them.Having a tendency to turn the dial dramatically up or down may not sound like a dealbreaker to you in the grand... >>>

China's Li says EU is a partner, despite tensions

Tuesday  19:41,   23 june 2020

China's Li says EU is a partner, despite tensionsBRUSSELS/BEIJING (Reuters) - China and the European Union are more partners than competitors, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday, as the two sides held their first formal talks since ties... >>>

7 lies to stop telling yourself if you want to become mentally stronger

Tuesday  19:20,   23 june 2020

A psychotherapist explains why 'cognitive distortions' can hold you back, and how to replace them with empowering thoughts.In the therapy world, we call these "cognitive distortions." We all have them. Learning to recognize these lies we... >>>

Megan Savage Dedicates Her Time to Treating Pregnant Women Who’ve Contracted COVID-19

Tuesday  06:35,   23 june 2020

For the Power of Women issue, Variety talked to some of the female frontline workers in New York who are caring for the communities in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. For more, click here. Pregnant women who have contracted COVID-19 are... >>>

21 Costco Products You Can Buy Without a Membership

Monday  20:26,   22 june 2020

Costco has long been a treasure trove of bulk buys, delicious snacks, and culinary... >>>