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1 Annoying Phrase in Work Emails That Emotionally Intelligent People Know to Never Use

Monday  18:56,   10 september 2018

Even if you're trying to sound nice, including this in work emails just comes off as utterly annoying. Writing effective emails is an art; not everyone is a master of the craft, though we're all basically glued to our inboxes these days. From...[...]

This dog's ear looks exactly like its face — and it's a mind-boggling optical illusion

Friday  21:07,   07 september 2018

This dog's ear looks exactly like its face — and needless to say, the internet is confused.Reddit user Embeast shared a photo of his dog, whose ear just happens to look exactly like his...[...]

Two High-Jumping Rescue Dogs Take Home World Records

Friday  00:25,   07 september 2018

Their owner says she started training them when she saw their talents.Samantha Valle's two dogs, Feather and Geronimo, hold Guinness World Titles for their skills. Feather holds the record for highest dog jump at 6.2 feet, while Geronimo, holds the...[...]

The Surprising Reason Why You Keep Forgetting Your Passwords

Thursday  22:40,   06 september 2018

A new Rutger's study presented at the 27th USENIX Security Symposium has explored how and why we forget passwords and what it means for human memory.It’s no small wonder most of us forget our passwords more often than our...[...]

Revealed: The characteristics of the 'most promotable women' - and why your hair colour could be key to moving up the career ladder

Thursday  20:32,   06 september 2018

If you're looking to get ahead in the workplace, how you look can have some bearing on this. Research shows there are some physical characteristics that tend to be seen more favourably.And while there have been significant strides made toward...[...]

How Prepared Are You and Your Pet for a Natural Disaster?

Wednesday  01:30,   05 september 2018

Hurricanes, wildfires, mudslides … consider yourself lucky if you haven’t been affected by any of these things. As we enter National Disaster Preparedness Month, take Us Weekly’s quiz to see how prepared you are, and visit the ASPCA’s website...[...]

Why Do Cats Purr? The Reasons Will Surprise You

Wednesday  01:30,   05 september 2018

Reader's DigestWhy Do Cats Purr?Yes, they do purr when they're happy, but purrs can also be signs of distress. Really, why do cats purr? When a purring cat rubs against you, you can’t help but feel pleased with yourself for being so lovable. [...]

This Is the U.S. State with the Most Psychopaths

Tuesday  21:04,   04 september 2018

Everyone knows the old saying that the quiet ones are the most dangerous. But how true is it, really? According to one new study, it’s pretty accurate—at least as far as American states go. That’s right. The state with the most psychopathic...[...]

Can YOU spot the frog? Amphibian uses its camouflage to hide from predators in the Amazon

Tuesday  19:20,   04 september 2018

Photographers struggled to track down an Amazon horned frog, but eventually found one in its natural environment in Yasuni National park in Ecuador. Even in pictures, the Amazon horned frog, which has a mouth wider than the length of its body, is...[...]

Why Cutesy Names Are the Most Effective Way of Getting Your Cat's Attention

Tuesday  02:40,   04 september 2018

Less Felix, more...[...]

Here’s How to Adopt Dogs That Were “Too Nice” For TSA Training

Monday  19:21,   03 september 2018

It might be hard imagining innocent puppies doing anything wrong, but when it comes to service dogs, not all pups are cut out for high demands of the job. There is, however, an adoption program in place for those dogs that just don’t have what it...[...]

Happiness Is Tied to Your Emotional Intelligence. Here Are 3 Traits Happy People Have in Common

Monday  19:20,   03 september 2018

Learn what works for...[...]

How to deal with a terrible college roommate

Saturday  01:06,   01 september 2018

How to deal with a terrible college roommateThis person might become a lifelong friend. Or they’ll just become another stranger after that first year, someone you finally delete off Facebook a few years after...[...]

A business coach with an online empire says there was a clear sign every job she tried wasn't meant to be her career

Friday  20:57,   31 august 2018

Before becoming a life coach, Marie Forleo worked on the New York Stock Exchange, was a bartender, dance class instructor, and had a brief stint in ad sales. Forleo realized being her own boss made her more successful than having a boss. Trying out...[...]

Goats Are Attracted to People Who Smile at Them

Thursday  21:57,   30 august 2018

In case you need an excuse to smile at goats.For their study, a team of researchers at Queen Mary University of London recruited 20 goats, 12 males and eight females, at the Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats in Kent in the UK. The goats were released...[...]