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Want to Leave a Group Text Without Anyone Knowing? Here's How

Monday  19:35,   15 july 2019

No matter what kind of texter you are, you've probably felt - at one point or another - stuck in a sticky group text situation you weren't quite sure how to escape. Luckily, it's possible to stealthily dip from a conversation without alerting... >>>

The 10 types of ‘difficult people’—and how to deal with each

Monday  18:30,   15 july 2019

Whiners, know-it-alls, and snipers, oh... >>>

Instagram Is Changing How Blocking Works

Wednesday  01:10,   10 july 2019

Following April's F8 keynote, where Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced that there would be forthcoming anti-bullying features on the app, Instagram is rolling out new measures to promote online safety — particularly for teens, who Mosseri said in >>>

What to Pack in Your Earthquake Survival Kit

Monday  23:20,   08 july 2019

Having supplies ready to go will help you be prepared for a disaster. When an earthquake hits, there is no time to waste. Experts say you should have a survival kit ready to grab and go. Kurt Howard of the Los Angeles City Fire Department said... >>>

6 Etiquette Rules You Probably Didn’t Know About Being a Good Weekend Guest

Tuesday  19:10,   02 july 2019

These tips will help you avoid any... >>>

How to Turn Down a Date Gracefully

Tuesday  19:01,   02 july 2019

Despite what we see in movies, getting asked out on a date isn’t always a magical, flattering... >>>

Email etiquette: why virtual body language matters

Tuesday  18:55,   02 july 2019

Even when we’re sitting next to someone in the office, many of us still rely on technology to communicate, whether it’s email, Slack, or social... >>>

How Your Body Language Can Get You Hired

Tuesday  18:55,   02 july 2019

Scientists quantify body language to see if they can predict who will work best together - with some heady implications for the... >>>

8 Daily Rituals That Keep You Laser Focused

Monday  19:15,   01 july 2019

Doing one thing at a time is how everything gets... >>>

4 Steps to Breaking Free from Time Constraints and Living the Life You Want

Monday  19:06,   01 july 2019

We're all limited by time. Learn simple ways you can eliminate distractions and accomplish the things you set out to... >>>

The Case for Cursive: 6 Reasons Why Cursive Handwriting is Good for Your Brain

Monday  18:55,   01 july 2019

Cursive handwriting—which provides an abundance of benefits—is making a comeback. Keep reading to see what we mean. 1. Cursive provides a flow of thought as well as a flow of words. Numerous studies on the effect of writing in cursive have been... >>>

Want to take vacation time off and not regret it? Here's exactly how much you should be taking

Tuesday  21:19,   25 june 2019

To find out how much vacation time is ideal, INSIDER polled Americans on how they felt about the vacation days they took last... >>>

Body Language For A Great Selfie

Tuesday  20:10,   25 june 2019

You can't go anywhere without seeing someone snapping a... >>>

Set Reminders for Emotional 'Check-Ins' With Your Partner

Tuesday  01:30,   25 june 2019

Some people are adept at being emotionally present enough with their partner to regularly check in, voice appreciation and send a sweet or funny text just because. And some people are... >>>

You'll never drop your phone again thanks to this genius cell phone hand grip

Tuesday  00:30,   25 june 2019

You'll never drop your phone again thanks to this genius cell phone hand... >>>