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20 Cheap Items That Will End Up Costing You More

Wednesday  19:46,   18 march 2020

Don't skimp on these items, which will cost you more over time if you have to buy them again and... >>>

10 ways to help those affected by the coronavirus, from donating money to checking on neighbors

Wednesday  19:07,   18 march 2020

Want to know how you can help and where to donate because of the coronavirus? We rounded up the organizations you can donate to, the places you can give your money and time, and the ways you can help your neighbor.You might be asking, how exactly... >>>

Are you emotionally dependent? Watch for these signs

Tuesday  19:20,   17 march 2020

Emotional dependency is pretty easy to understand—it’s when you let others dictate how you feel about yourself or your life. But the signs of emotional dependency are extremely subtle. Here are 20 clues you’ve been relying too heavily on your... >>>

Extend your phone’s battery life with these four easy steps

Monday  21:10,   16 march 2020

Extend your phone’s battery life with these four easy stepsFind the apps that are draining your battery... >>>

How A Pack of Conversation Starter Cards Can Bring You Closer Together

Monday  20:35,   16 march 2020

How A Pack of Conversation Starter Cards Can Bring You Closer TogetherThought Provoking Questions for Close... >>>

25 Etiquette Rules That Have Changed in Your Lifetime

Monday  19:41,   16 march 2020

When it comes to manners and what is deemed polite, things change over time. These are the etiquette rules that have changed in recent years, experts... >>>

12 Ways You’re Wasting Water at Home

Saturday  01:00,   14 march 2020

Cut down on wasted water by eliminating these 12 drains on your wallet—and the... >>>

50 ways to make the most of springtime

Friday  23:01,   13 march 2020

Who hasn’t been waiting for the arrival of March 19? Spring will finally be here! Make the most of this season by trying out some of these fun and unique... >>>

15 Incredibly Rude Things You Probably Do While Shopping

Friday  01:15,   13 march 2020

From arguing with employees to ignoring the rules of the store, you're probably guilty of these rude shopping behaviors—even if you don't realize... >>>

8 Places You Should Never Use Free Wi-Fi

Friday  00:35,   13 march 2020

Is the convenience of free Wi-Fi really worth the risk to your personal information?  >>>

How to be a better ally for marginalized people

Friday  00:35,   13 march 2020

Marginalized communities fight every day to combat racism, homophobia, classism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination. In many parts of the world, including Canada and the United States, if you are white or straight or able-bodied or... >>>

Anxious About Coronavirus? Experts Share Their Tips on How to Remain Calm

Thursday  22:30,   12 march 2020

Fear is normal—but it doesn't have to control your life.I've lived with generalized anxiety disorder for 18 years, but thanks to the panic surrounding coronavirus, I have never felt more on edge. My psychiatrist is on speed dial. I spent the... >>>

13 “Eco-Friendly” Habits That Are Actually Worse for the Planet

Thursday  20:25,   12 march 2020

We know you have the best interests of the planet at heart, but if you're not careful, you might be doing more harm than good. The post 13 “Eco-Friendly” Habits That Are Actually Worse for the Planet appeared first on Reader's... >>>

Outdated dining etiquette that should make a comeback

Thursday  18:50,   12 march 2020

These days, meals are often dine-and-dash affairs. We snatch a latte and a muffin and call it breakfast, grab burgers in drive-thrus or maybe cook a quick and easy dinner and scarf it down while watching the news. But there are still 24 hours in... >>>

A step-by-step guide to spring cleaning your life

Thursday  18:50,   12 march 2020

If you’re truly looking to start fresh this spring, think beyond simply sprucing up. Sure, you should replace your old pillows (yuck!) and clean under-the-radar items, but there are plenty of other things you can do to live your best life as soon as >>>