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How to talk to friends and family about attending holiday gatherings during coronavirus

Friday  17:56,   16 october 2020

Not sure how to talk to family about the coronavirus pandemic and how to celebrate the holidays? Here are some tips for having these hard... >>>

The unspoken etiquette guidelines during coronavirus

Friday  12:30,   16 october 2020

How to navigate social media, seeing friends, riding in elevators and dining out during the coronavirus... >>>

The 1 thing you should always have for a phone interview

Friday  10:31,   16 october 2020

One way coronavirus has impacted the job market is that fewer in-person interviews are being conducted by potential employers. So it is important to know proper phone etiquette while you are doing a phone interview in order to make the best... >>>

These Sheets Have the Most Genius Hack for Easy Bed Making

Wednesday  23:15,   14 october 2020

Never wrestle with your sheets again.The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab is comprised of fiber scientists that regularly test textiles like sheets, comforters, pillows, and any bedding you can think of. We have put Brooklinen products to... >>>

Dress for Success: What to Wear for a Job Interview

Tuesday  00:00,   13 october 2020

These interview tips will help you put your best-dressed foot forward on your next job interview whether virtual or... >>>

16 Questions Polite People Never Ask

Monday  20:30,   12 october 2020

While your intentions may come from the right place, you need to think about how a question will make the object of your interrogation feel before speaking. Here are the questions that experts say to put on your "just don't say it" list. The... >>>

15 Polite Habits Retail Workers Secretly Dislike

Monday  02:20,   12 october 2020

While you may think you're lending a helping hand, your good deed could get us fired. The post 15 Polite Habits Retail Workers Secretly Dislike appeared first on Reader's... >>>

This Is a Surefire Sign Other People Find You Annoying, Experts Say

Saturday  02:55,   10 october 2020

It's not you—or maybe it really is! Regardless, it's time to get the hint. Here are all the tells that people find you annoying without you realizing... >>>

36 Everyday Items You’ve Been Using Wrong This Whole Time

Thursday  10:40,   08 october 2020

These everyday tasks just became quicker, safer, and more effective. The post 36 Everyday Items You’ve Been Using Wrong This Whole Time appeared first on Reader's... >>>

NFL football pool, pick'em, confidence picks for Week 2, 2020: Back the Buffalo Bills

Thursday  08:10,   08 october 2020

Halloween isn’t for everyone. Here’s how to handle the holiday if it’s not your favorite—or if you predict some unwelcome... >>>

12 menswear brands that make great business casual clothing — from legacy brands you already know of to new startups you may not

Sunday  18:10,   04 october 2020

Workplaces are getting rid of formal attire for more relaxed dress codes. We rounded up our favorite brands to add to your business casual... >>>

The trick to keeping your mind sharp as you age

Saturday  16:45,   03 october 2020

It’s no secret that your brain changes as you age. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), normal aging means slower processing speeds and difficulty multitasking. You might find yourself forgetting where you put your keys >>>

These Genius Hacks Can Help You Repurpose Anything

Saturday  13:06,   03 october 2020

Want to reduce your household waste? These new uses for household items can help you repurpose practically anything in your home in... >>>

The Worst Thing You Do When Introducing Yourself, According to an Expert

Saturday  03:05,   03 october 2020

Worried you're making a bad impression when you first meet people? This one behavior will tank that initial introduction in a second, experts... >>>

This is how often you should wash your face mask

Friday  11:40,   02 october 2020

You may know how to properly wear a face mask to help stop the spread of coronavirus, but do you know how often you should be washing it? If you own a reusable cloth covering for your nose and mouth, the CDC says it should be washed after each use.... >>>