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This One Habit Will Make You Seem More Confident Immediately

Friday  02:30,   02 october 2020

Confidence is seen as a desirable trait in any relationship, profession, or minor interaction, and this habit can make you seem more confident immediately."When people see you smiling, they assume everything's going well and perceive your facial... >>>

2 YouTube pranksters successfully nominated a British reality star for the Nobel Peace Price to prove how meaningless Trump's nominations are

Thursday  14:01,   01 october 2020

Josh Pieters and Archie Manners wanted to take some of the glory away from President Trump receiving nominations.The tricksters wanted to take some of the glory away from President Trump, who has been nominated for the prize three times so far, so... >>>

This Is the Rudest Thing You're Doing on Video Calls

Wednesday  05:20,   30 september 2020

Even if you've been working from home for years, chances are you make these video call etiquette mistakes from time to... >>>

The Real Reason Everyone Hates 'Hope This Email Finds You Well'

Monday  05:00,   28 september 2020

"I hope this email finds you well" is a phrase many people use in their emails, but it turns out, it's usually not well received by the recipient.According to Diana Lascu, an email marketing specialist with Flipsnack, many people use this as a... >>>

The Emmys Red Carpet Will Look Different This Year

Friday  03:45,   25 september 2020

Instead of "best dressed," I guess we'll do "best Zoom setup?"The Cutest Ideas for Baby's First Halloween... >>>

FDA issues warning on 'Benadryl Challenge,' a rumored viral trend

Friday  03:45,   25 september 2020

The game-changing gadget has over 4,800 perfect... >>>

This Common Habit Makes You 3 Times More Likely to Get COVID, Study Says

Tuesday  11:16,   22 september 2020

Put down that drink! According to research, simply sharing dishes or cups with someone can triple your likelihood of catching COVID. The case-control study, which was recently published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC)... >>>

50 Things You Do Every Day That Annoy Other People

Sunday  16:45,   20 september 2020

From poor etiquette at mealtime to behaviors that drive coworkers crazy, we're all familiar with these annoying things people... >>>

10 Polite Habits That Restaurant Staffers Secretly Dislike

Sunday  04:31,   20 september 2020

Sometimes our restaurant manners can miss the mark when we’re trying to do the right thing. Here’s what to avoid. The post 10 Polite Habits That Restaurant Staffers Secretly Dislike appeared first on Reader's... >>>

This Is the Rudest Thing You’re Doing All the Time Without Knowing It

Saturday  13:46,   19 september 2020

When it comes to being rude, there are certain things you may not even realize people perceive as such. This is a common rude behavior.Gallery: This Is the Rudest Thing You Can Ask Someone, Etiquette Experts Say (Best... >>>

This Is the Most Annoying Text You’re Sending All the Time

Thursday  15:45,   17 september 2020

Like any form of communication, texting comes with its own set of unwritten etiquette rules. And you may be breaking them by sending this annoying... >>>

Stop throwing big weddings in the middle of a pandemic. It's not just about you.

Saturday  15:45,   05 september 2020

Hosting a big wedding during the pandemic puts guests and staff at risk. Your big day isn't more important than the lives of other people.She knew there would be a risk of contracting the coronavirus if she attended, but she didn't feel like she >>>

16 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Is Making at Retail Stores

Thursday  03:34,   03 september 2020

Confronting people for breaking the rules makes for a good Internet video but a bad shopping trip. The post 16 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Is Making at Retail Stores appeared first on Reader's... >>>

This One Question You Always Ask Can Kill a Conversation, Experts Say

Wednesday  01:37,   26 august 2020

It's a perfunctory question that you ask nearly everyone you're talking to, but "how are you?" can actually kill a conversation. Here are some... >>>

13 Face Mask Storage Ideas to Keep Things Clean and Accessible

Saturday  04:53,   22 august 2020

From cute baskets to nifty carrying... >>>