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N.Y.C. Woman Coughed on by Angry Shop Customer in Viral Video Speaks Out: 'I Was Really Scared'

Monday  18:06,   22 june 2020

A statement from the N.Y.C. bagel shop where the incident happened said staff members were "caught off guard" by the woman's "unacceptable" outburstOn Monday, Allison Goodbaum appeared on Good Morning America to recount the situation, which was... >>>

Some COVID Patients Off Ventilators Remaining in Comas

Saturday  17:20,   20 june 2020

Neurologists and rehab physicians are perplexed by a growing trend among coronavirus patients. Some individuals with severe cases of COVID-19 are taking exceptionally long to awaken from medically induced comas, even after they're taken off... >>>

Here’s What To Pack For A Socially Distant Picnic

Friday  20:15,   19 june 2020

Here’s What To Pack For A Socially Distant Picnic 1/14 SLIDES   Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 CameraSince a socially distant picnic is the kind of thing you only do once or twice in your lifetime, have fun capturing the moment and sharing the prints... >>>

Should You Be Tipping More When Restaurants Reopen?

Thursday  22:05,   18 june 2020

If you're lucky enough to be able to afford a night out at a restaurant right now, here's what an etiquette expert has to say about whether you should up your tipping game. The post Should You Be Tipping More When Restaurants Reopen?... >>>

What Does RSVP Stand For?

Wednesday  22:50,   17 june 2020

You probably know what it means, but can you answer the question, “What does RSVP stand for?” The post What Does RSVP Stand For? appeared first on Reader's Digest.RSVP is actually a French expression meaning répondez s'il vous plait. That... >>>

What is a microaggression? 14 things people think are fine to say at work — but are actually racist, sexist, or offensive

Wednesday  21:55,   17 june 2020

Microaggressions and unconscious bias are everywhere. We identified some of the most common, and what to say or do... >>>

How Covid-19 pushed Twitter to fact-check Trump’s tweets

Wednesday  21:55,   17 june 2020

The company is taking the lessons learned from countering tweets that could endanger people’s health and applying them to Trump’s Twitter feed.Critics have complained for years that Twitter lets Trump run wild on the platform. But the company had... >>>

First Team All-Underrated Miami Hurricanes

Wednesday  15:45,   17 june 2020

A breakdown of Miami greats the are not talked about enoughThe following rundown was compiled to honor the Hurricanes that are still well-known, but may not be immediately considered as an elite level player at their position, even though they... >>>

This Is Why You Can't Stop Watching Horror Movies, According to Science

Wednesday  11:56,   17 june 2020

Have you found yourself suddenly drawn to horror movies during the coronavirus pandemic? Here's why experts say you're drawn to scary fare right now.So, why is it that you're suddenly drawn to frightening fare during a period of time that's... >>>

Leon Cooperman says speculation by Robinhood traders in stocks like airlines will 'end in tears'

Wednesday  09:15,   17 june 2020

Robinhood traders "are just doing stupid things, and in my opinion, this will end in tears," Cooperman said."They are just doing stupid things, and in my opinion, this will end in tears," Cooperman said on Monday on CNBC's "Halftime Report,"... >>>

Homeless rerouted, ‘safe’ Margaritaville, summer camps cancel: News from around our 50 states

Wednesday  08:05,   17 june 2020

Crowded Maryland beaches alarm Delaware governor, North Carolina town installs hand sanitizer stations, and moreStart the day smarter. Get all the news you need in your inbox each... >>>

Coronavirus FAQ | COVID-19

Wednesday  04:50,   17 june 2020

Jump to a Question What is the coronavirus? How does it spread? What are the symptoms? Who is at risk? What should travelers know? How should you protect yourself? What should you do if you get sick? How is COVID-19 treated? What should you know... >>>

Hilaria Baldwin defended her decision to hire a nanny, saying it's 'OK to accept help'

Wednesday  01:05,   17 june 2020

In an interview on Wednesday, Hilaria Baldwin said that having a nanny simply allows her to work and also raise her children.On Wednesday, the pregnant mother of four got candid again — this time, to defend her decision to employ a nanny. In an... >>>

Merck CEO: I was one of 'a few inner city black kids' who rode a bus 90 minutes to a better school—and it changed my life

Tuesday  15:02,   16 june 2020

Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier says he would not be where he is now without the educational opportunities he was afforded as a kid. "When I was growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia[leaders] decided to take a few inner city black kids put them on... >>>

Some coronavirus ventilator patients taking weeks to wake up from medically-induced comas

Tuesday  13:05,   16 june 2020

A significant number of coronavirus patients who depended on ventilators for long periods are taking days or weeks to awake up from medically induced comas, one report says.WHO BELIEVES PROTESTS IMPORTANT AMID CORONAVIRUS... >>>