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Iskra Lawrence Can't Stop Saying 'Thank You' to Her Postpartum Body

Monday  03:30,   17 may 2021

Iskra Lawrence is on a mission to make women feel better about themselves. The British model and new mama is a champion of body diversity in an industry that’s hardly known for it, but that hasn’t stopped her from promoting body positivity every... >>>

Stöger and the FC bosses: "Have talked about possible cadres"

Sunday  16:55,   02 may 2021

the management of 1. FC Cologne and Peter Stöger have led a first longer conversation about an possible commitment of the Austrian in Cologne from summer. The confirmed trail on Sunday the "Kölner City-Anzeiger". He spoke an hour via Zoom with... >>>

The Latest: Hungary loosens restrictions for vaccinated

Friday  10:51,   30 april 2021

It might seem like an exclusive perk of the brazen or the well-connected, but the truth is, anyone has a shot at a discount. Below, pro strategies on how to go for it—without coming off as a total... >>>

Are women leaders behind Lyft’s successive growth?

Wednesday  22:00,   28 april 2021

There are some industries that, on the face of it at least, appear to be unisex in nature. However, on closer inspection, there are those that don’t really cater for the needs of women at all – taxi rides and lift-sharing being chief among... >>>

Texas 11-Year-Old Suspended Because of Ethnic Hairstyle

Saturday  00:30,   17 april 2021

Once again, a child of color is being persecuted via a school dress code. Hope Cozart, the mother of 11-year-old Maddox Cozart, says her son has been forced to in-school suspension and is required to complete his schoolwork in a cubicle because of... >>>

Disney theme parks will now allow employees to show tattoos and wear gender-inclusive costumes

Wednesday  04:10,   14 april 2021

Disney chairman Josh D'Amaro wrote on the Disney Parks Blog that employees will also gain more flexibility when it comes to jewelry and nail styles.On Tuesday, the Disney Parks Blog shared a post written by its Parks Experiences and Products... >>>

30 Slang Words We Love from 2019

Sunday  02:41,   11 april 2021

This article was vetted by no less than eight Gen Zers and six Millenials. The post 30 Slang Words We Love from 2019 appeared first on Reader's... >>>

8 Strict Rules Royal Children Need to Follow

Sunday  02:36,   11 april 2021

And you thought YOUR parents were strict. The post 8 Strict Rules Royal Children Need to Follow appeared first on Reader's... >>>

9 Things You Can Clean in 5 Minutes or Less

Sunday  02:35,   11 april 2021

Don’t try to use the excuse of 'I never have time' to clean anymore. You can get these tasks done before you need to run out the door for work or while you’re waiting for the oven to preheat. The post 9 Things You Can Clean in 5 Minutes or... >>>

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Princess Eugenie

Sunday  02:35,   11 april 2021

Princess Eugenie has been highlighted in the news for her recent wedding and other royal events, but who is she, exactly? Read on to learn all about this lesser-known member of the royal family. The post 14 Things You Didn’t Know About Princess... >>>

Are You Ironing Wrong? 8 Tips on Getting it Right

Sunday  02:35,   11 april 2021

Banish wrinkled shirts and rumpled sheets for good with these perfect-pressing tips The post Are You Ironing Wrong? 8 Tips on Getting it Right appeared first on Reader's Digest.1. Sort clothes according to temperature, working from coolest to... >>>

Game Thread 8. April 9, 2021. 7:10 CDT. A’s @ Astros.

Saturday  03:35,   10 april 2021

Sprinkle some feel-good (totally doable) self-care habits into even the busiest... >>>

I spent an afternoon at royal butler school with Prince Charles' former butler, and it taught me that anyone can work at the palace

Thursday  14:25,   08 april 2021

Grant Harrold wants to break the stereotype that only British males can be royal butlers, saying that "gender, race, and background" don't matter.We never spoke about what it takes to become a royal butler - until a couple of weeks ago, when I... >>>

Not only etiquette: That's why you should always close the toilet cover

Sunday  13:30,   04 april 2021

Which group do you belong? To those who are basically closed the lid of the toilet N as long as it is not used? Or is the lid always open? What is better and more meaningful? Well, since the lid, at least in most toilets, is tuned, should also use... >>>

The Most Clever Bookshelf Organizing Tips

Saturday  19:35,   03 april 2021

Give your library a glow... >>>