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Goats Are Attracted to People Who Smile at Them

Thursday  21:57,   30 august 2018

In case you need an excuse to smile at goats.For their study, a team of researchers at Queen Mary University of London recruited 20 goats, 12 males and eight females, at the Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats in Kent in the UK. The goats were released...[...]

How to Adopt a Service Dog Who Didn't Quite Make It Through Training

Wednesday  21:35,   29 august 2018

This actually isn’t a rare problem; lots of dogs aren’t suited to service. They still need homes. According to Insider, there are a number of adoption agencies that specialize in dogs who never made it all the way through their schooling. Before...[...]

700 People Turned Up for a Mass Meditation in New York City Last Night—I Was One of Them

Wednesday  19:55,   29 august 2018

Last night at the American Museum of Natural History, hundreds of people gathered under the jaw-dropping giant blue whale to meditate to live music. And it totally worked.“I invite you to close your eyes,” says a friendly voice over the loudspeakers [...]

Goats Like It When You Smile at Them, Extremely Heartwarming Study Says

Wednesday  19:10,   29 august 2018

“Goats can distinguish between happy and angry images of the same person.” Empirical observation told us years ago that goats were slowly becoming the new dog, and according to a new study, they are truly qualified to be man’s best friend. On...[...]

Tips for finding the right trainer for you and your dog

Wednesday  19:06,   29 august 2018

Cindy writes that it has become quite a challenge to decide on a particular training style to implement with her dog. There are numerous trainers in her area to choose from. She's gone to a few of them, and each seems to have a different...[...]

Do Dogs Have Feelings?

Tuesday  22:32,   28 august 2018

Can dogs experience happiness, sadness and even guilt?If you live with a dog you just know when it’s happy or miserable, don’t you? Of course you do. Even the scientific community, now admits that dogs have emotions—even if scientists can’t directly [...]

How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

Tuesday  22:32,   28 august 2018

For lots of us, dogs are our children until an actual child arrives. Like any big brother or sister, they need to be introduced to their human sibling under the best possible circumstances. You’ve got nine months to introduce the idea of change to...[...]

6 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool During the Dog Days of Summer (& Beyond)

Tuesday  20:34,   28 august 2018

Summer is still going strong, and while the hottest days may be behind us, don’t forget that your pets are still wearing fur coats. Dogs and cats (and even smaller friends) can get dehydrated just like people, so it’s important to make sure all...[...]

How to Use 'Negative Motivation' to Accomplish Your Goals

Tuesday  19:35,   28 august 2018

When someone says you can't, tell yourself you can.When I was a junior in high school, I decided to run for class president. It was an intensely competitive campaign, with something like eight candidates running for the position, including...[...]

Here’s Why Dogs Kick Up Your Lawn After They Pee

Tuesday  01:45,   28 august 2018

It’s safe to say that dogs have some pretty weird behaviors, most of which are coming from instincts that these animals used to experience in the wild. Kicking up dirt after peeing isn’t actually a common behavior. According to Rosie Bescoby, a [...]

Science Says This Is Officially the Length of a Perfect Night of Sleep

Monday  23:26,   27 august 2018

When it comes to heart health, a new study presented at the ESC Congress has determined that getting too much sleep is even worse than getting too little.So what’s the sweet spot? According to a new study presented on Sunday at the European Society...[...]

The Paris Aquarium Is Home to a Massive Rescued Goldfish Sanctuary

Thursday  19:01,   23 august 2018

Regretful pet owners can drop off their fish, no questions asked.The French aquarium launched its goldfish rescue program two years ago, and it houses roughly 600 rescued fish today. Many of the pets that are handed over arrive in poor health. Each...[...]

Talking About Your Failures Will Make Coworkers Like You More, According to Harvard Research

Thursday  18:31,   23 august 2018

How can you keep jealousy from sabotaging your career? Cultivate benign envy. How do feel when you look at someone else's perfectly curated Instagram feed? Does it make you seethe with jealousy?Those feelings are not limited to social media. They...[...]

8 Ways to Be a More Earth-Friendly Pet Owner

Thursday  01:05,   23 august 2018

Yay for you! You’re ditching plastic straws like so many other people this year. Taking big steps to reduce your carbon footprint is great, but how are you helping your pet do the same?There are easy, everyday things you and your cutie can do to...[...]

This Is the Worst Place in America for Shark Attacks

Wednesday  20:50,   22 august 2018

Sharks have a bad reputation for being aggressive, scary killers. In reality, however, people actually kill more sharks than sharks kill humans, according to Nick Whitney, PhD, senior scientist at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New...[...]