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This 1 Sentence of Advice Is the Key to Happy Relationships at Work or in Life

Monday  17:31,   17 september 2018

In a world becoming so divisive, it's great to hear advice on strengthening bonds. I'm an optimist but even I'm noticing the prolific increase in divisiveness across all walks of life of late, whether it's a sports story that divides our... >>>

11 Habits of Extremely Likeable People

Monday  17:31,   17 september 2018

Meeting new people can be a challenge for anyone. There’s no way to make everyone like you, but there are a few tricks to making you more likeable—and many of them will prove that your mama was right about a few things. It should come as no... >>>

The Dark, Untold Story About the Peace Sign

Saturday  05:50,   15 september 2018

Today, activists, artists, and even kids use the peace sign, and it sends a powerful message. The peace symbol dates back more than half a century, and its’ origin isn’t as happy and uplifting as you might think. Here are moving quotes about peace... >>>

Why Life Is So Hard Right Now, According To Astrology

Saturday  01:25,   15 september 2018

The summer is basically over, the east coast is staring down a hurricane, and the third season of Stranger Things won't premiere until next year. There are plenty of real-life reasons why we might not feel totally ourselves at the moment. But,... >>>

There's an easy way to figure out what to wear to an interview even if you have no clue what the office culture is like

Friday  22:10,   14 september 2018

Deciding what to wear to an interview can be confusing, as offices shift from formal to business casual. To figure out what to wear, call your recruiter in advance or ask a friend at the company what they recommend. You can also scan the company's... >>>

This Morning Habit Reveals More About Your Personality Than You'd Think

Friday  18:32,   14 september 2018

A new study suggests this daily habit predicts specific personality traits. Beauty sleep is essential, that much is for sure. But it turns out that what you do first thing after rising from a good night’s rest reveals key traits about your... >>>

Kitty got claws! Photographs show lioness telling off sheepish male after mating session

Friday  00:55,   14 september 2018

By Michael Scott A series of photographs have emerged showing a proud lioness telling off her sheepish other half after a mating session. Shayne McGuire was visiting Massai Mara, in Kenya, when she spotted the two lions mating. However she was... >>>

We Polled American Women on Their Top Pressures, Concerns and Goals. Here's What They Said

Thursday  22:31,   13 september 2018

Find out what women across America said about the 2018 midterms, leadership, and national issues like gun control and healthcare.We met Isa and her friends as part of the multimedia project Women Across America: A TIME Road Trip, where we traveled... >>>

This dog got so jealous of his fellow pup's ear drops that his family pretends he needs them too — and it's the sweetest thing you'll see all day

Thursday  21:31,   13 september 2018

This dog thinks he needs ear medicine, because the other dog in his family does — so his family goes along with the ruse so he doesn't feel bad. Luckily, his owners got their lovely nighttime routine on video.One of her dogs needs ear medicine... >>>

This dog stole a human pair of dentures — and the photos are the best thing you'll see all day

Thursday  21:31,   13 september 2018

A dog named Maggie pulled a hilarious prank on her owner — she stole his dentures and tried them on. See the priceless photos for yourself.Before taking them out and cleaning them (hopefully), Eunice decided to commemorate the occasion by snapping... >>>

What Salary Should You Ask For? Here’s How to Figure Out What You’re Worth

Thursday  20:26,   13 september 2018

And how to use that information for a bigger paycheckYour market value is an estimation of how much you should be earning based on your job title, years of experience, skills and location. Doing research to determine your worth before walking into a >>>

Self-Compassion Could Be the Secret to Stopping Imposter Syndrome You've Been Looking For

Thursday  12:32,   13 september 2018

How can you overcome feeling like a phony at work? Self-compassion can help. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); I can remember the first day I... >>>

I Studied Mentally Strong People for 15 Years and Discovered They All Had This One Thing in Common

Thursday  12:32,   13 september 2018

Adopting the same habits mentally strong people have can help anyone build more mental muscle. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); As a... >>>

Baby giant anteater born at Beardsley Zoo

Thursday  12:32,   13 september 2018

The giant anteater population got another boost this summer thanks to parents EO and Pana at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport. On July 30, the proud mom and dad gave birth to their second offspring after a 175-day gestation period—a male who is... >>>

The heartbreaking facts ALL pet owners should know: Vets reveal the tragic truth about how animals spend their final moments

Thursday  12:32,   13 september 2018

Australian and international vets have revealed the heartbreaking truth about how family pets spend their final moments to urge owners to never leave their pets alone when they are dying.It's a tragedy that leaves people devastated, so much so, they >>>