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16 Pleasantries People No Longer Say

Wednesday  22:40,   08 may 2019

Why say "excuse me" when you could croon "mind the grease?" OK, we can see why that one fell out of favor. The post 16 Pleasantries People No Longer Say appeared first on Reader's Digest. Related video: The 5 things you're saying that rub people the >>>

14 Things Polite People Always Say

Tuesday  20:50,   07 may 2019

A few simple phrases will help you turn on the charm, navigate awkward moments, and defuse tension. The post 14 Things Polite People Always Say appeared first on Reader's Digest. Related video: Are you making relationship body language mistakes?... >>>

25 Etiquette Mistakes You Need to Stop Making by 30

Tuesday  00:30,   07 may 2019

Texting during a movie won't just make you look like a dumb teenager but it's a recipe for getting gum spit into your hair. The post 25 Etiquette Mistakes You Need to Stop Making by 30 appeared first on Reader's Digest. Related video: How to ask... >>>

How To Gracefully Exit A Really Annoying Group Chat

Tuesday  00:15,   30 april 2019

We've all fallen prey to an annoying group... >>>

4 simple things you can do today to become more creative

Thursday  22:23,   25 april 2019

Creativity is one of the most essential skills workers will need in the... >>>

How to Cut Your Water Use in Half

Monday  23:31,   22 april 2019

California’s seven-year dry spell may be over, but there will be another drought somewhere in the country this year—and every year. In fact, water managers in 40 states say that even under normal weather conditions, they expect water shortages in... >>>

7 phrases you didn't realize have sexist meanings

Monday  21:15,   22 april 2019

From "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" to "Grow a pair," here are some common English phrases that have sexist histories and... >>>

How Did Colorful Decorated Eggs Become a Symbol of Easter?

Thursday  18:50,   11 april 2019

It all started with a Ukrainian springtime... >>>

9 Young Adult Books Every Kid (And Grown Up) Should Read

Wednesday  19:50,   10 april 2019

Kids today do not have it easy. They’re coming of age during a tense political and social... >>>

Yes, Writing a Thank You Note Still Matters, According to Research About Gratitude

Wednesday  23:50,   03 april 2019

Our resident psychiatrist on why expressing gratitude-no matter how awkward it feels-is still... >>>

Should you assign seating at your dinner party?

Monday  22:05,   01 april 2019

There's a hard truth that every dinner party host has to accept and, when they do, it will only make their party better: it's not the delicious food or the fancy table set up that your guests will remember most, but rather the way they felt, how... >>>

Why is Easter so late this year?

Monday  22:05,   01 april 2019

Here's why you have to wait another month for this year's egg hunts and hot cross... >>>

Princess Diana’s Body Language Technique To Be Likeable Used By Meghan

Monday  21:45,   01 april 2019

Meghan Markle has reportedly been copying Princess Diana's body language at formal... >>>

What 8 Psychologists Do to Get Through Their Crappiest Days

Thursday  21:16,   28 march 2019

They’re only human, after... >>>

Teeth Falling Out Dream: Dream Interpretation And Meaning Revealed

Wednesday  18:10,   27 march 2019

Dream interpretation and meaning... >>>