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10 Common Hand Gestures That Are Rude in Other Countries

Friday  21:55,   28 february 2020

Just as slang words, table manners, and other common customs vary greatly from nation to nation, so do rude gestures. Here are some surprising hand motions you'll want to be careful about making in certain countries. What might seem to... >>>

13 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Wallet

Friday  21:35,   28 february 2020

If someone swipes your wallet, losing any of these would be so, so much worse than losing a few bucks. The post 13 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Wallet appeared first on Reader's... >>>

50 Essential Items It’s Probably Time to Replace

Friday  21:05,   28 february 2020

People who decorate their homes following the “less is more” mantra may be onto... >>>

20 People Share the Kindest Compliments They've Ever Received

Thursday  19:45,   27 february 2020

Turns out a heartfelt compliment can make a years-long impact on someone’s life. Get inspired here, and then go out and give... >>>

How Tiny Habits Can Lead to Big Changes

Wednesday  02:01,   26 february 2020

Instead of trying to break bad habits, you can introduce small, good habits into your daily routine. Over time, this can lead you to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Fogg is a behavioral scientist who runs Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab,... >>>

Don't Talk to Strangers? These Apps Encourage It.

Tuesday  20:15,   25 february 2020

Young people flock to apps that let them chat with like-minded people online. But safeguards are imperfect.Branded as “social discovery” services, these apps pitch themselves as alternatives to outlets that already specialize in online connections,... >>>

5 Things You Need to Stop Saying When Someone Compliments You

Friday  20:50,   21 february 2020

Whether your boss applauds your killer presentation or a new friend can’t believe how long you can stand in tree pose, it can be really damn hard to just accept the compliment. Here are six mistakes you might be making after receiving a compliment.... >>>

17 'Polite' Behaviors That Are Actually Offensive

Friday  20:12,   21 february 2020

If you're eager to be a more polite person, there's no time like the present to cut these rude behaviors you probably think are polite from your... >>>

15 Tricks Costco Uses to Get You to Overspend

Monday  19:30,   17 february 2020

Ever feel like you're not in charge of your own shopping? You're not alone. Here are some tricks Costco uses to pry open your wallet wider with every... >>>

40 Words That Will Instantly Reveal Your True Age

Monday  19:30,   17 february 2020

Avoid seriously dating yourself at social gatherings or the workplace and wipe these words that age you from your lexicon... >>>

11 Grammar Mistakes Editors Hate the Most

Thursday  21:02,   06 february 2020

You're grammar, its "alright"! Ugh! Get ready for the grammar pet peeves that annoy editors the most. Are you a repeat offender? The post 11 Grammar Mistakes Editors Hate the Most appeared first on Reader's... >>>

Can you guess what these 20 old-fashioned terms of endearment mean?

Thursday  20:30,   06 february 2020

While some terms of endearment have remained popular, others like "tomato" or "lambkin" have fallen out of... >>>

Follow These Social Media Accounts to Get the Best Deals at Costco Every Time

Tuesday  00:10,   04 february 2020

Shopping at Costco is like entering a retail fever-dream every time, and to be honest, and can be hard to keep our heads in check when we’re faced with towering walls of Nutella, stacks on stacks of surprisingly fashionable clothes, and hauntingly... >>>

19 Secrets to Steal from People Who Never Get Hacked

Friday  21:11,   31 january 2020

Learn the best practices that stop cybercriminals in their tracks. The post 19 Secrets to Steal from People Who Never Get Hacked appeared first on Reader's... >>>

Why Writing—Not Typing—Will Make You Smarter

Friday  21:11,   31 january 2020

Choosing a pen over a keyboard does wonders for your memory. Brain power, according to... >>>