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Bird Bachelorette: Meet the Rare Female Crane Who Chose a Man Named Crowe as Her Mate for Life

Thursday  22:00,   02 august 2018

Walnut, who is rumored to have killed two avian suitors who tried to mate with her in the past, has fallen in love with her Smithsonian zookeeperRecently, a Washington Post article about the unusual couple at the Smithsonian National Zoo and... >>>

Corgi wouldn't leave owner's side during home birth and the photos are amazing

Thursday  21:33,   02 august 2018

This sweet pup is so proud to be a big brother he never left his owner's side during her labor.Ellington says she and her husband, Steven's, first Corgi died last year. The couple adopted Ranger as a puppy a few months ago to "fill the hole in... >>>

This Deer Just Trying to Stay Cool Did Some Laps in a Pool

Thursday  20:31,   02 august 2018

"This little cutie decided that it was a bit too humid out today and was looking for some relief!"The Township of Hamilton Police Department shared their amusing animal encounter on Facebook on Monday, retelling the story of the lap-swimming deer... >>>

Scientists can't help distraught orca holding dead calf — but they can try to keep it safe

Thursday  02:05,   02 august 2018

For more than a week, a whale known as J-35 has been holding up its deceased calf, a process that requires tremendous energy from the mother. Orca observers have seen this behaviour before — but not for this long — and that has some scientists... >>>

This Is What Dog and Cat Years Really Mean

Thursday  01:01,   02 august 2018

If you’re a pet owner, then you’ve probably heard (or said) the phrase, 'my dog is __ years old in dog years!' We create close bonds with our pets –– it’s only natural that we want to make them seem more human. But what was the genesis of... >>>

Sorry, Pet-Lovers, but My Dog Is NOT the Same as My Kids

Thursday  00:27,   02 august 2018

Last year, we lost Lola, our dog of 15 years. It was truly devastating. I can still get teary-eyed thinking about the huge hole Lola's passing left in our family. Then, about six months later, we lost Cara, our baby, late in pregnancy. The pain... >>>

Do Big Cats Get Hairballs?

Wednesday  23:27,   01 august 2018

If they did, it would be a basketball-sized elimination.At zoos or on YouTube, you may have seen cats of a different stripe—tigers, lions, and other wild animals—perform a similar huffing, heaving... >>>

7 Habits You'll Notice the Happiest People Practicing (but Most of Us Rarely Do)

Wednesday  17:52,   01 august 2018

How many of us can say we live this way? So much has been written about the burgeoning happiness movement. While combing through my own research and notes on what happy and successful people do, it struck me how intentional they are about choosing... >>>

A rescue dog led his first mission and saved a family's lost dog, who was trapped in mud for 2 days

Wednesday  15:50,   01 august 2018

A Great Pyrenees named Puppy was rescued recently by a search dog named Tino, and the photos will warm your heart.We definitely don't deserve dogs, and sometimes even dogs don't deserve... >>>

Upstate NY zoo announces birth of twin red panda cubs

Tuesday  23:55,   31 july 2018

Officials at an upstate New York zoo have announced the birth of twin red pandas, an endangered species found in Asia. Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney announced Tuesday that the male cubs were born at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, in Syracuse,... >>>

Pit Bull Becomes Best Friend and Free Transportation for Senior, Paralyzed Chihuahua

Tuesday  22:05,   31 july 2018

"Nurse Frank" the pit bull immediately gravitated to Tito the Chihuahua and hasn't stopped snuggling him since“I saw his little face and plethora of medical records and my heart broke,” Helfer tells PEOPLE about first seeing Tito, a senior... >>>

Brave Beagle Helps Lead Woman to Nearly $30,000 Lotto Jackpot Win

Tuesday  00:35,   31 july 2018

Her husband won more than $700 in the same game.The 63-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she was getting ready to leave her home in Upper Marlboro to play Maryland Lottery's Racetrax virtual horse racing game last Monday, but... >>>

World's biggest king penguin colony shrinks 90 percent

Monday  21:57,   30 july 2018

The planet's largest colony of king penguins has declined by nearly 90 percent in three decades, alarmed researchers said Monday. The last time scientists set foot on France's remote Ile aux Cochons -- roughly half way between the tip of Africa... >>>

Who Needs Hygge When You Can Just Live Like Your Cat? Here's How.

Thursday  22:40,   26 july 2018

Maybe the secret to happiness isn't coming from Denmark. It's right at your feet, shedding on your slippers. Maybe the secret to happiness isn't coming from Denmark. It's right at your feet, shedding on your... >>>

After 20 Years, the Largest Dinosaur Foot Ever Discovered Has Been Identified

Thursday  22:06,   26 july 2018

The foot spans 3 feet... >>>