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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Winter Solstice

Thursday  21:50,   08 december 2016

Amid the whirl of the holiday season, many are vaguely aware of the approach of the winter solstice, but how much do you really know about it? Whether you’re a fan of winter or just wish it would go away, here are 10 things to note—or even... >>>

Hike with your pup at these dog-friendly national parks

Wednesday  15:36,   23 november 2016

There is no need to leave your dog at home when visiting these dog-friendly national parks.Don't let pesky red tape get in your or your dog's... >>>

This Pill Could Help Your Dog Live Longer | Not just in dog years

Monday  21:06,   21 november 2016

Not just in dog... >>>

The 6 Toxic Traits of Workplace Gossips

Saturday  19:50,   05 november 2016

People who have nothing nice to say seldom leave it unsaid. Understanding their miserable motives is key to dealing with them effectively. Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) {... >>>

7 Email Mistakes to Avoid at Work

Saturday  19:49,   05 november 2016

Not surprisingly, digital communication accounts for a large portion of professional interaction these days. Becoming a slave to your... >>>

Over 50 Percent of Women Reported Experiencing Sexual Harassment at Work in a New Survey

Saturday  19:49,   05 november 2016

The younger a woman is, the higher the likelihood.There are any number of reasons why women don't report sexual harassment to their superiors, mainly fear of losing their jobs or retaliation after coming forward. One woman, who responded anonymously >>>

7 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid at Work

Saturday  19:42,   05 november 2016

How we carry ourselves on the job can be just as important as what we say. How we carry ourselves on the job can be just as important as what we... >>>

Is your workplace toxic or do you just hate your job?

Saturday  19:42,   05 november 2016

Is your job making you miserable?When you live in country in which bashing jobs and horrible bosses is a popular national pastime, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between workplaces that are mind-numbingly boring and suck the soul... >>>

4 dogs who have redefined "man's best friend"

Saturday  19:14,   05 november 2016

Aug. 26 is National Dog Day, and while you may be celebrating the four-legged friend in your house, we’re celebrating four dogs who have given a deeper meaning to the phrase “man’s best friend.” 1. Toy poodle goes to bingo night Nala is a toy poodle >>>

7 Behaviors That Prove Elephants Are Incredibly Smart

Saturday  19:00,   05 november 2016

Find out all about these brainy beasts. Researchers at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK have discovered that African elephants can distinguish differences in human gender, age, and ethnicity purely by the sound of someone’s voice. If... >>>