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Style 46 Mismatched Nail Ideas You'll Want to Copy Immediately

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Woman Says She Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Visiting Nail Salon

  Woman Says She Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Visiting Nail Salon She thought she was coming down with the flu, but then things got worse.Sharp, a retired dental hygienist in Knoxville, believes she contracted necrotizing fasciitis while getting a manicure at a nail salon this spring.

No wonder gradient nails are so huge this year—not only are they crazy easy to do, they're so much more fun than a single color. Why wear one shade when you can wear them all? Originally Appeared on Glamour.

The best new nail polish colors and trends plus gel manicures, ombre nails , and nail art ideas to try. Get tips on how to give yourself a manicure and 46 Mismatched Nail Ideas You ' ll Want to Copy Immediately .

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The days of pumpkin spice and apple picking are here — but you can’t stop sniffling and sneezing. We might think that fall should offer us a reprieve from the bursting blooms of spring and the sinus crud that often comes in with winter. However, according to Dr. Clifford Bassett, founder and medical director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, fall is actually quite a fertile time for allergies.

Blame it on the ragweed. “In most areas of the country, [fall] is a time of change [with] hot and humid weather easing into the cooler and drier area for the most part of the fall season,” he explains. “That generally means ragweed pollen — one of the more prolific pollen producers, as one single plant may produce billions of grains — weed pollen as well as a variety of outdoor and indoor mold spores.”

9 Myths About Skin Tags You Need to Stop Believing

  9 Myths About Skin Tags You Need to Stop Believing Yes they're mysterious little creatures and they can be pretty embarrassing during swimsuit season, but skin tags are mostly fine. Mostly. 

From rainbow nails to gradient nails to reverse French manicures, these are the best minimalist nail art ideas to try right now. Whether you 're planning to DIY or bring a screenshot into the salon, these 30 ideas will instantly upgrade your look without the effort.

Nails . 46 Mismatched Nail Ideas You ' ll Want to Copy Immediately . I never need an excuse to jump into fall beauty, but I'll admit my manicure routine stays the same for most of the year. To shake myself up this season, I recently grabbed this twinkly purple nail polish that hints at holiday parties on

And, just like that friend who wears her flip-flops well into October, certain elements of the summer — in this case, pollen spores — like to linger on even after bathing suit season ends.

The signs and symptoms of autumn allergies aren’t much different from the sneezy, sniffling, bleary-eyed, frog-throated agonies of spring allergies since the pollen and ragweed still trigger the immune system flare-up that releases decidedly un-fun body chemicals like histamines, which cause inflammation and discomfort.

But there are apples to be picked, haunted houses to run through and many, many jackets to be modeled — so what can you do to stay sneeze-free — or at least minimize your allergies’ impact on your daily life?

See an Allergist

9 Myths About Skin Tags You Need to Stop Believing

  9 Myths About Skin Tags You Need to Stop Believing This taco pie is a great alternative to a build-your-own taco bar. It can be made ahead of time and baked off right before the party. Just slice it up and set out some traditional toppings, buffet-style so everyone can customize.

46 Mismatched Nail Ideas You ' ll Want to Copy Immediately . You Need This. This 'Super Absorbent' Dry Shampoo Is the Closest Thing to an Actual Shower.

You ' ll be obsessed with her feed in no time (if you aren't already). Bercsenyi is the guy to go to if you have no idea what tattoo you want . His process? "I always ask them to give me a hint, to tell me something, to give me the main idea so I can start from there," he explains.

“Your best defense is a good offense,” says Bassett. She’s referring to an allergist. Many people just try to handle their seasonal allergies on their own, but going to a doctor and getting a formal allergy test can pinpoint the true cause of your symptoms. From there, you and your physician can develop a customized game plan that may include taking an over-the-counter nasal steroid medicine or oral antihistamines, Bassett says.

Watch the Pollen Count

You can also track the pollen count — many weather apps and sites include it in the forecast. On extremely high-pollen count days, consider eschewing that hike outdoors and hitting the indoor treadmill instead.

Keep Windows Closed

Though it’s delightful to open the windows on a cool Sunday morning, we’re not just inviting in that ephemerally crisp smell of autumn air — we’re also letting in the pollen. On the still-warm days when you’ve got to run the AC, put it on recirculate and clean out the air filters on the regular.

9 Myths About Skin Tags You Need to Stop Believing

  9 Myths About Skin Tags You Need to Stop Believing Apple cider donuts are a must when you go apple picking. But they shouldn't be reserved to your time at the orchards—that's much too limited! Though time consuming, they're easy enough for anyone to make from home.

Here is the List of 32 Awesome Cute Nail Designs You ’ ll Want . Among all the other nail ideas , Flowery Pattern design has excelled in beauty and style. To get this design, you need to apply cal gel treatment on your nails .

46 Mismatched Nail Ideas You ' ll Want to Copy Immediately . A top coat protects your manicure from chipping and adds shine to nails —don't skip it, or you ' ll significantly shorten the lifespan of the paint job you just worked so hard on.

Get Clean

Shower and wash your hair at night, so you’re pollen-free while you’re sleeping. Bassett also recommends using a saline nasal wash to keep your sinuses clean and irrigated.

Cover Up

When you do go out, cover up to protect yourself against pollen and ragweed. Bassett says that wearing sunglasses (especially on windy days) and hats can keep these nasty allergens out of your eyes and hair.

Don’t let allergies keep you away from the joys of the fall — after all, that Halloween candy isn’t gonna eat itself. Building a plan with your physician and employing a few commonsense steps can make the difference between sneezing through the season and getting your pumpkin spice on for a long time to come.

Gallery: What You Need to Know About Adult-Onset Allergies (Provided by Cheapism)

a woman talking on a cell phone: Allergies have been growing in prevalence over the past few decades, particularly in Western nations. And while allergies among children often receive the lion's share of attention, the reality is that many adults suddenly find themselves dealing with allergies they did not have earlier in life. One study found, for instance, that that almost half of the grown-ups with food allergies had developed at least one of their allergies in adulthood. Here's a closer look at the issue of adult-onset allergies and the various types of allergies one might suddenly find themselves dealing with later in life.   Related:   11 Steps to Combating Fall Allergies

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