Style Ivanka Trump Has a Problem With Scarves. A Lot of People Do.

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Trump to meet on teen vaping as plans for flavor ban fade

  Trump to meet on teen vaping as plans for flavor ban fade The president will meet with medical experts, health advocates and industry representatives.The White House meeting set for Friday comes amid a surge in electronic cigarette use by teens. Administration officials said Wednesday that the president will hear from “all sides” as he considers “responsible guidelines” for e-cigarettes.

Look, Ivanka Trump made her choice. She could have — should have — stayed in New York and gone about her business. But she decided to join the administration, becoming, along with her husband, Jared Kushner, a staffer distinguished for being distinctly unqualified, resolutely oblivious to that lack

What Ivanka Trump did is chump change, if anything. There’s no comparison to Hillary. Congress has a responsibility to make sure that the records and the Presidential Records Act is complied with. Gonna have a lot of Republicans. You know who they are. They’re scared to death of the left. One of the biggest problems we have in America today is the overall fear people have of the left, including

Sure, there is nothing relatable about the sight of Ivanka Trump with a Hermès scarf wrapped around the chest of her gray Max Mara blazer, arms constricted as if she’s wearing a very fancy straitjacket. True, that is not how Real People dress. And yet, who among us hasn’t been on the wrong end of a scarf malfunction? No matter your politics, scarves are tough to pull off.

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Or, as New York-based stylist Nicola Harrison put it, “People have a hard time with scarves. It’s a thing.”

Take it from Lenny Kravitz, who told Jimmy Fallon last year that he “cannot escape” jokes made about the gargantuan amethyst scarf he wore on a chilly November day back in 2012. With a comforter-sized wrap protecting on his shoulders, Kravitz was nothing if not prepared for the weather.

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Foolish optimists expected Ivanka Trump to be a moderating force in the White House. She did have enough juice to get budget director Mick Mulvaney to allocate some money for such a Where Ivanka does apparently have real influence is in matters of personnel. She and Jared are reported to

Wait, WHAT? Ivanka Trump is both the First Daughter and Special Assistant to the President, given a West Wing office, classified information clearance and a government-issued phone, something that caused the public to cry nepotism.

Small scarves are hardly any better. At GQ’s Men of the Year Awards last week, Al Pacino arrived looking peak Mom’s New Boyfriend in New Balance sneakers (of course), a corduroy blazer, navy peacoat, a cloud gray scarf hung around his shoulders. It was not tied or wrapped around his neck, providing no defense should a gust of wind hit the actor’s exposed throat. At that point, why even wear a scarf at all?

a man wearing a suit and tie: Al Pacino, and his odd neck creature Axelle/Bauer-Griffin© Provided by The Daily Beast Al Pacino, and his odd neck creature Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

TV anchors and journalists outside become scarf addicts in winter; a scarf, knotted tightly, is supposed to keep you warm but also make you look relatable and cozy. (You might go even harder in on the look and elect to wear one of Hoda Kotb’s signature huge, woolly hats.)

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Michael Cohen did a lot more than merely act as “fixer” for candidate Donald Trump during the election. The three people who were spearheading Trump Organization deals while their dad was busy doing the Apprentice? Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump , and yes, Ivanka Trump .

Ivanka Trump has heard all sorts of rumors about herself, but her favorite by far concerns quality-of-life perks People in town are saying that you have a limo waiting for you at all times to pick you up and drive For her part, Ivanka says stories like this used to upset her–sometimes they still do –but these

Know that countless hard-working actors in Lifetime Christmas movies made them in the height of summer (as my colleague Tim Teeman recently noted, with fake snow piped over parched lawns); their perfectly knotted, cutesy scarves are encasing overheated bodies in desperate need of air conditioning.

Outerwear, in general, exists to ruin any outfit. Just like finding a cute winter coat is damn near impossible, big puffy gloves get in the way of everything, and scarves cramp your style. True, these pieces keep you warm, but at what price?

“My clients never know if a scarf is wearing them or if they’re wearing the scarf,” stylist Samantha Brown said. “My advice to anyone who wants to go the scarf route and still look sleek and polished is to always consider the scale.”

Look of the Day

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When Ivanka Trump ’s private email scandal exploded on Monday, Palmer Report pointed out that it was precisely the kind of Trump scandal that would end up on full display in public hearings once the Democrats take control of the House in early January. Now it turns out someone from the other team

But, lately, sentient nude pump Ivanka Trump has had her hands full posting tone-deaf photos on Instagram and making up Chinese proverbs on Twitter, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for speaking out against unimaginable cruelty. Behind the scenes, the First Daughter-turned-senior-adviser

“A really, really tiny person in a huge, oversized scarf is going to look ridiculous, and a larger person in a tiny scarf is going to look ridiculous,” Brown added.

Scarves are often an afterthought, especially for this writer, who considers hurling hers on one final, hurried step to complete before leaving for the day.

“Most people just throw them on, and there isn’t much thought involved,” stylist Amanda Sanders explained. “It needs to be wrapped tightly around the neck, so that air doesn’t come in. That’s the whole purpose of a scarf.”

Clients frequently ask Sanders how the hell they’re supposed to nail such a tricky accessory. “They’ll have it in their hands and look at me blankly,” she said. “They’ll say, ‘I don’t know what to do with this.’”

Sanders recommends folding a scarf in half to create a loose loop. “Pull the end through the loop so it looks neat, as opposed to just wrapping it around your neck,” she said. If you must wrap it around your neck, “just tie the points so it looks neat.”

Walk down the street of any East Coast city, and you’ll no doubt lose yourself in a sea of black puffer coats. “Those are boring and dull, so a scarf is a nice opportunity to add a pop of color or a print to liven up a dreary outerwear look,” Harrison said. “I love a good tone on tone. That means if you’re wearing a navy coat, a lighter blue scarf always looks nice.”

Health groups urge Trump to move ahead with e-cig flavor ban

  Health groups urge Trump to move ahead with e-cig flavor ban Health advocates are encouraging President Donald Trump to move forward with a federal ban on thousands of flavors used in e-cigarettes. © Provided by The Associated Press President Donald Trump invites athletes to the Oval Office during NCAA Collegiate National Champions Day at the White House, Friday, Nov. 22, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci) Trump is meeting at the White House on Friday with medical experts, health advocates and industry representatives on the problem of underage vaping.

Ivanka Trump is a lot of things. Wife, mother, overenunciator, presidential softener. Because the Chinese government exerts so much control over businesses there, it’s obvious why this sort of secrecy is problematic . It’s hard to do what’s best for the American people when it might be at odds with

Ivanka Trump on Fox and Friends: "I don't profess to be a political savant. So I leave the politics to other people ." Jill Filipovic: Trump 's statement is Trump did get her father to include some relatively meager paid family leave in his proposed budget, but even that reflected her self-admitted lack of

Ivanka’s silk scarf, of course, provides no warmth. “It’s just an accessory,” Brown said. “That takes the place of a statement necklace. If you do a statement scarf, that should highlight your neckline, which brings attention to your face.”

Harrison told The Daily Beast that she tries to “steer away” clients from Ivanka-esque silk scarves. “They can be tricky to wear and still look youthful,” she explained. “I don’t know why [Ivanka] tied hers around the front; it’s bizarre. I’ve never seen anyone do anything like that.”

“I have clients who have many of those scarves and they ask me what to do with them,” Sanders said. “I tell them to consign them.”

But if a “country look, with riding boots and a Barbour jacket, that kind of thing,” is what you seek, Harrison suggests folding a silk scarf into a triangle shape, keeping its tip pointed, and using the two ends to tie a loose double knot around your neck.

This next part is very important: “Fluff it up a bit,” Harrison said. “That’s my main point about scarf-wearing in general, whether it’s a silk one or a winter knit—the wrap around, the tie, that’s only step one. Step two, the way to make it look good and polished, is to puff it out, pull it apart, so it takes up full space from your collarbone to your jawline.”

Once again: “Do not underestimate the fluff. Don’t just tie it and run out the door, tie it and fluff.”

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February 27, 2019 6:02pm CST. Ivanka Trump has a lot of nerve speaking against a guaranteed minimum wage in a Fox News interview. The spoiled little rich girl had everything she could possibly want given to her all of her life! She has no idea of what it's like to actually WORK for a living!

When Ivanka Trump turned up in a pantsuit, people compared her to Hillary Clinton. Now, in her role as a White House adviser, some people believe she has taken inspiration from longtime political One noted Trump ’s history of being sued for stealing designs: “How does stealing designs qualify you to

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