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Huda Kattan has hair loss, and she's not afraid to admit it

  Huda Kattan has hair loss, and she's not afraid to admit it The makeup mogul shared her story to her 3.68 million followers because she wants to normalize the common woe.In a raw new video, the makeup mogul reveals that she's dealt with balding and hair loss for years, and gets honest about some of the ways she's coped.

Remember when Viola Davis went without a wig for the first time or when Zendaya wore faux locs to start a conversation about natural hair ? Halle Berry was the first, and is still the only woman of color to win the lead actress Oscar , so this moment shines for a few reasons. "My inspiration came.

Still, many of the best hairstyles in Oscars history remain timeless (we're looking at you, Audrey), and most don't require any movie magic to master. The Gone With the Wind star skipped the tight finger waves that were so popular at the time , opting instead for a much more relaxed curl.

  Trump Takes Undue Credit for Cancer Progress © Provided by FactCheck.org

In a tweet, President Donald Trump boasted of the lowest cancer death rate on record, and implied that his administration was responsible for the achievement. While he’s right about the statistic, the improved death rate is the result of decades-long efforts on cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

In fact, the cancer death rate has declined every year since 1991.

In a Jan. 9 tweet, Trump appeared to reference the results of a newly released set of cancer statistics from the American Cancer Society when he bragged about the nation’s cancer mortality rate, adding, “A lot of good news coming out of this Administration.”

What 50 Celebrities Wore When They Won Their First Oscars

  What 50 Celebrities Wore When They Won Their First Oscars Susan Sarandon rolling in with sunglasses is a mood.

12 Oscars Hairstyles That Will Go Down In History. Check out Danai Gurira at the 2018 awards. Afraid headbands are best left in primary school? Lupita Nyong'o proves otherwise. We could go on — and we do, ahead, with 12 of the most impactful, timeless, and copied hairstyles in Oscars history.

The Best Oscars Hairstyles Of All Time . Khalea Underwood. See All Slides. Begin Slideshow. Remember when Viola Davis went without a wig for the first time or when Zendaya wore faux locs to start a conversation about natural hair ?

The White House did not reply to our request asking about a source for the president’s comment. But the day before his Twitter message, the flagship journal of the American Cancer Society published its annual update of cancer statistics for the U.S.

a drawing of a face© Provided by FactCheck.org The report, which waswidelypublicized, noted the continuing decline of the all-cancer mortality rate in the U.S., and said that the 2.2% drop in the death rate from 2016 to 2017 was the largest single-year decline. Cancer deaths fell from just under 156 per 100,000 people in 2016 to a bit over 152 deaths in 2017 — which is the most recent year for mortality data.

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  Sparkly Snacks for a Bright New Year Any way to use glitter is the right way. As a disclaimer, it is possible to get non-toxic glitter that isn't meant to be edible. So make sure to use actual edible glitter for these festive treats. If you want, you can make your own.

Prep for awards season's biggest show with some of the best Oscars hair looks of all time .

Best Oscar Hairstyles of All Time . From Grace Kelly to Kate Winslet, these are the iconic celebrity hairstyles we think deserve a standing ovation. We've heard through the celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist grapevine that before factoring in skin care, Botox, or manicures, it usually takes about

The report did not specifically state that the 2017 death rate was the lowest on record, but we checked with the lead author of the report, cancer epidemiologist Rebecca Siegel, who confirmed in an email that it was. Going back to 1930, which is when the American Cancer Society begins tracking cancer mortality, “the rate in 2017 is lower than ever before for both sexes combined,” she said, although the death rate is not yet the lowest for males individually.

Contrary to Trump’s intimation, however, the death rate improvement is a product of years of effort coming to fruition, not his administration’s one year of being in office.

“The mortality trends reflected in our current report, including the largest drop in overall cancer mortality ever recorded from 2016 to 2017, reflect prevention, early detection, and treatment advances that occurred in prior years,” Gary M. Reedy, CEO of the American Cancer Society, said in a statement provided to us.

20 Years of Gabrielle Union's Best Short Hairstyles

  20 Years of Gabrielle Union's Best Short Hairstyles Throughout the last two decades, fans of Gabrielle Union have replayed her iconic films, used products in her Flawless haircare line, and followed her via Instagram for her most striking beauty moments (which, lately, have featured cameos by daughter Kaavia Wade).

Best Locs Despite the critics, we think that Zendaya’s faux locs were absolutely breathtaking in 2015. “My wearing my hair in locs on an Oscar red carpet was to showcase them in a positive light, to remind people of This time , on Jessica Alba back in 2008. Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage. Best Bangs.

These are the best Oscars hairstyles ever. Prep for awards season's biggest show with some of the best Oscars hair looks of all time . By Bella Cacciatore. February 24, 2019.

Reedy added that while Trump has signed spending bills that have provided funding increases to the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute, “the impact of those increases are not reflected in the data contained in this report.”

It should be noted that while Trump has approved budget increases for cancer research, he has consistentlyproposed cuts to the NIH and the NCI, the government’s main agency responsible for cancer research and training.

In fiscal year 2020, for example, Trump proposed a nearly $900 million, or 15%, decrease to NCI — one of the largestproposed cuts within the NIH. Congress, however, did not go along, and instead increased the NCI’s budget by almost $300 million.

Trump has focused his support for cancer research on childhood cancers, announcing a $500 million, decade-long initiative in his 2019 State of the Union speech. The president’s fiscal 2020 budget request for the NIH included a $50 million increase in pediatric cancer research, even as it called for a deep cut in NCI’s overall funding.

These Curly Hairstyles Prove Anyone Can Rock Bangs

  These Curly Hairstyles Prove Anyone Can Rock Bangs Ready for a refresh?

Hepburn may have won Best Actress for her role in the film Roman Holiday, but we can’t help but think that the flashbulbs went off to capture her iconic thick brows flawlessly framed by short Months later, she arrived at the Oscars with a long pixie cut that showed off the cut of her pale pink Prada dress.

Best Oscar Hairstyles of All Time . Düğün Saç Modelleri, Jessica Alba, Saç Örgüleri, Balo, Güzellik Sırları, Gelinlikler, Saç Stilleri, Damatlar. Classy and chic # hairstyles inspired by the red carpet style of the actresses on the 2018 # Oscars .

The most recent drop in the cancer death rate is part of a now 26-year decline in the overall cancer mortality rate, which has fallen 29% since the peak rate in 1991, the new American Cancer Society report says.

a screenshot of a cell phone© Provided by FactCheck.org For males, the cancer death rate peaked much higher than for females, but has since declined more rapidly. That’s in part due to historical differences in cigarette smoking; American females picked up the habit later, but also have been slower to quit.

a close up of a map: Trends in Overall Cancer Mortality Rates by Sex, United States, 1930 to 2017. Rates are age-adjusted to the 2000 U.S. standard population. Credit: American Cancer Society© Provided by FactCheck.org Trends in Overall Cancer Mortality Rates by Sex, United States, 1930 to 2017. Rates are age-adjusted to the 2000 U.S. standard population. Credit: American Cancer Society

Siegel said the falling death rate is primarily because of reductions in smoking that began in the 1960s. As a result of fewer people smoking, fewer people developed and then died, not only from lung cancer, but from at least 11 other smoking-related cancers, she said. According to the NCI, those cancers include kidney, bladder, liver, stomach, colon, and cervical cancer.

The especially large decline from 2016 to 2017, Siegel said, was largely because of even more rapid declines in lung cancer mortality. Without lung cancer being included, she said, the rate of decline would have been only 1.4%, rather than 2.2%.

Brad Pitt and Mario Lopez Question Sanity Of Those Who Choose Twizzlers Over Red Vines

  Brad Pitt and Mario Lopez Question Sanity Of Those Who Choose Twizzlers Over Red Vines "They've got an issue, right?""I do like a Twizzler," Pitt told the Access Hollywood host.

The 89th Annual Academy Awards are Sunday, which means we're thinking about our favorite acceptance speeches (again). No one has ever received a standing ovation for merely thanking the Academy

Our 50 Favorite Hairstyles of All Time . Victory Rolls and undercuts and bobs, oh my! We got you. From Victory Rolls to undercuts, these are our 50 favorite hairstyles of all time — AKA the ones we're completely obsessed with. Zendaya styled her locs into a soft, partial updo at the 2015 Oscars

As recently as 2008 to 2013, the lung cancer death rate was falling at a slower pace, around 2.4% per year, said Siegel. But between 2013 and 2017, the annual decrease was 4.3%. She attributed the accelerated decline to a continued drop-off in smoking as well as treatment advances that have taken hold in the last decade. These include better methods of staging lung cancer, which can allow for more optimal treatment; improvements in surgery, such as the development of less invasive video-assisted thoracic surgery; advances in radiation therapy; and more effective drugs, including more targeted therapies such as tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

“We know this because survival rates have increased by the same magnitude for every stage of diagnosis,” Siegel said, “and treatment differs based on stage.”

Other cancer types have seen even larger reductions in the death rate in recent years. For example, the mortality rate for melanoma, a type of skin cancer, declined by a whopping 7% per year for 20- to 64-year-olds for the 2013 to 2017 period, per the new report. That dramatic improvement is tied to drugs that became available in 2011, including the first Food and Drug Administration-approved checkpointinhibitor, Yervoy, which was created based on basic research discoveries going back to 1995. As we’ve explained before, checkpoint inhibitors are immunotherapy drugs that block surface molecules tumor cells use to hide from the immune system, allowing the body to recognize and kill them.

Because lung cancer kills so many more people — more than breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers combined, Siegel noted — these particularly rapid declines do less than the more modest lung cancer rate drops to drive down the overall death rate.

Despite the largely positive trends, the American Cancer Society paper estimated that lung cancer would still be the biggest cancer killer of both males and females in 2020 — and responsible for nearly a quarter of all cancer deaths.

The cancer death rate is indeed at a record low, but it’s misleading for Trump to claim credit when the reductions are due to factors that are many years, if not multiple decades, in the making.

The post Trump Takes Undue Credit for Cancer Progress appeared first on FactCheck.org.

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Italian resort Rimini on Monday marked 100 years since the birth of director Federico Fellini.Dozens of events are being held around the world and in Italy this year to remember Fellini, considered one of the most influential filmmakers of all time.

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