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18:15  12 february  2020
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Millie Bobby Brown is adding yet another bullet point to her already extensive résumé: eyewear designer. The 15-year-old Stranger Things star just dipped her toe in the world of sunglasses and corrective lenses with her brand- new Vogue Eyewear collection , which just dropped today.

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Jill Biden, Joe Biden are posing for a picture: Joe and Jill Biden in Des Moines, Iowa on Feb. 3, 2020.© John Locher, AP Joe and Jill Biden in Des Moines, Iowa on Feb. 3, 2020.

Dismal results in Iowa and New Hampshire didn’t cause Joe Biden’s presidential campaign to become untenable, they only confirmed it. Many of us who watched him at close range on the trail saw it coming months ago: The former vice president’s campaign isn’t going to work.

Biden, who has served his country honorably, must now demonstrate — again — what a truly good man he is. Rather than cling to hope of a recovery in Nevada on Feb. 22 or South Carolina on Feb. 29, he should withdraw now to smooth the process for his fellow Democrats seeking the best candidate to defeat President Donald Trump.

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Millie Bobby Brown (born 19 February 2004) is an English actress, model, film producer, and businesswoman. She rose to prominence for her role as Eleven in the Netflix science fiction horror

Millie Bobby Brown teamed up with Vogue Eyewear to launch her first capsule collection of sunglasses and glasses — editor’ s picks. Millie Bobby Brown in a new Vogue Eyewear campaign. For example: the line features retro styles comprised of pastel frames, rectangular

Even after finishing fourth in Iowa and running fifth in the New Hampshire vote count, Biden's name recognition keeps him at or toward the top in national polls. Why would any candidate with a legitimate shot at being president quit the race?

It would have to be an exceptional act of patriotism.

As the campaign took shape about a year ago, it seemed to many of us that Biden was the ideal candidate. He had served in the U.S. Senate for an incredible 36 years. He withstood unthinkable personal tragedies and inspired us all. For eight years he was President Barack Obama's right-hand man, helping to guide the nation out of financial crisis, crafting a landmark expansion of the health care system and elevating our standing around the world. Moreover, he’s a decent man: the anti-Trump.

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Millie Bobby Brown - This season, Vogue Eyewear debuted prominent sci-fi actress Millie Bobby Brown (best Vogue Eyewear Teamed up with Millie Bobby Brown for a New Capsule. The MBB X Vogue Eyewear Capsule offers fourteen eye -catching designs created for the multifaceted modern

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is branching out into a new dimension with her latest venture: eyewear . The actor has collaborated with Vogue Eyewear on a small capsule collection , comprised of four Each pair of these MBB x Vogue Eyewear glasses blends retro vibes with a modern edge and The MBB x Vogue Eyewear collection is available exclusively on Vogue Eyewear ’ s website

Rising medical, cognitive risks

Yet we knew going in that if elected, Biden would be the nation's oldest president. At age 78 on Inauguration Day, he would be eight years older than the oldest to serve before him — none other than Trump. At the end of one term he’d be 82; after two terms, 86.

At a recent CNN town hall in New Hampshire, Biden was asked about picking a running mate. He replied that “because I’m older, just like with John McCain, I have to pick someone, if God forbid something happened tomorrow… that the person is ready on day one to be president of the United States." Sorry, Mr. Vice President, that’s not comforting.

Some Biden supporters have been willing to cast aside concerns about age. After all, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at 79, runs circles around younger colleagues; Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at 86, seems as sharp as ever. But the nation has only one president, and he or she is tasked with what is arguably the most demanding job in the world. Statistically, Biden and others his age face increased medical and cognitive risks, as Biden seemed to acknowledge at the CNN town hall.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Manicure At The SAG Awards Was An Early 2000s Throwback

  Millie Bobby Brown’s Manicure At The SAG Awards Was An Early 2000s Throwback Millie Bobby Brown served up a major beauty moment at Sunday night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, with a simple touch that was so unexpected and chic it was hard to miss: her simple French manicure. Yes, Brown was rocking the early 2000s fave with long oval-shaped nails. The Stranger Things actor has become a burgeoning style star at the young age of 15, and this retro move is just another example of her mastery. Of course, this isn’t the first time in recent memory we’ve seen French manicures paired with high fashion. They appeared on the runway this past September at New York Fashion week and models like Bella Hadid have been remixing the look with bold colors.

Millie Bobby Brown participates in many conventions around the world, whether they are events dedicated to Stranger Things or multi-fandoms. It is important to remember that without a pass, you will not have access to the convention. If you purchased extras without this precious pass, you are not

Mille Bobby Brown , 13, revealed to 'Variety' that she has hearing loss in one of her ears. At just 13, Millie Bobby Brown is already a bona fide star thanks to her breakout turn as Eleven in the wildly popular If I don’t know how to sew, and I really had that passion to sew, that’ s it , I’m going to sew.

On caucus night last week in Des Moines, Biden looked lost as he struggled through a speech, with wife Jill close at his side. She seemed to hang on every word, hoping that a gaffe wasn’t coming.

The word “perseveration” came to mind as I heard Biden say the word “folks” 11 times in just over 3 minutes. (Webster: “continuation of something, such as repetition of a word, usually to an exceptional degree or beyond a desired point.”) A big deal? No. Just another small reminder that Joe Biden isn’t the man for this moment.

In that Iowa speech, Biden reminded us, “Four more years of Donald Trump will fundamentally alter the character of this nation.” But, sadly, Trump may have already fundamentally altered Biden’s chances.

Beginning with the cruel tag “Sleepy Joe,” Trump’s campaign against the man he perceived as his greatest threat continued into the impeachment hearings, as the name “Biden” — referring to both father and son, Hunter — was omnipresent, thanks to the efforts of Trump’s henchmen. Although Democrats and journalists strained to make clear that there is no evidence whatsoever of illegal behavior by either Biden, the stain caused by the proceedings is indelible.

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Millie Bobby Brown returns to our screens soon in the third season of Stranger Things. Now all-acting, all-singing and (most importantly) all-rapping, the star has ascended to levels of cool we can't believe. Oh yeah, and she dresses better than us too.

Millie Bobby Brown looked almost unrecognisable from her shaven-headed Stranger Things character Eleven when she attended the LA premiere of the hit show' s She gave her son in the show, Noah Schapp a wide- eyed glare as he clung to her. Meanwhile Millie was left terrified earlier in the day as a

It’s frightening to imagine how Trump and enablers like Sean Hannity would pound away with ounces of truth and tons of lies about the Biden family’s Ukraine undertakings. Damage to Biden’s presidential campaign is brutally unfair, yet undeniably true.

A stronger alternative

Still, why not let the voters decide? Because Biden is casting a shadow that extends beyond his own candidacy. Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California, as well as former Housing Secretary Julian Castro, might still be in the race had Biden not been a presumptive favorite among black and brown voters. It becomes critically important to determine sooner rather than later who would get that support if Biden were not a factor.

Then there’s the matter of clogging the center lane. Those of us who believe that the Bernie Sanders wing of the party is not the best bet in this election are concerned about finding the strongest alternative — a progressive with some level-headed flexibility. Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar made good showings in New Hampshire. They and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, are jockeying for centrist support. Biden, as long as he stays in, is in the way.

Biden backers I spoke with across Iowa lacked enthusiasm. Their support for the dignified former vice president was almost perfunctory, as if Biden was the safe, default candidate to topple Trump. This election demands more.

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Millie Bobby Brown Has 'Much to Learn' About Being an On-Set Prankster, According to Her Godzilla Director. Millie Bobby Brown Supports a 'Jopper' Stranger Things Romance: They're 'My Inspiration in Life'. Before the Breakup: A Look Back at Millie Bobby Brown & Jacob Sartorius' Cutest Couple

Millie Bobby Brown Is Following in the Fashion Footsteps of Gigi Hadid. At 15-years-old, Millie Bobby Brown has a keen awareness of the way her fashion choices have become a The collection features two unique styles, a pair of red sunglasses and a pair of wireframe reading glasses that

I hope Biden believers don’t think I’m jumping to an unreasonable conclusion based on  results from two small states, places that aren't representative of America or the Democratic Party. It goes beyond that, just as it’s about more than gaffes or “Joe being Joe.”

Here's the deal (as Biden is fond of saying): If Joe is really to be Joe, he will again demonstrate his love of country and party by yielding to a younger candidate with a less encumbered prospect for beating Trump.

Folks, we owe Joe Biden a lot, and he owes us a better chance in November.

Peter Funt is a writer and host of "Candid Camera."

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+This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Joe Biden would show selfless patriotism by quitting the 2020 Democratic nomination race

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