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The $2,010 Floral Louis Vuitton Hoodie Famous Athletes Can’t Stop Wearing

  The $2,010 Floral Louis Vuitton Hoodie Famous Athletes Can’t Stop Wearing It's so off-the-charts ubiquitous that even Odell Beckham Jr. and CC Sabathia wore it to the same party.Trends come and go, but It pieces are forever. And in 2020, that item is the just-released $2,010 floral Louis Vuitton hoodie that appeared in Virgil Abloh’s Spring-Summer 2020 show last summer. The turquoise hoodie with one off-kilter pink sleeve boasts more elaborate floral bouquets than your local corner store. It will definitely trigger your pollen allergy. It challenges the notion that florals for spring aren’t groundbreaking.

Fall Maternity Outfits Stylish Maternity Maternity Wear Maternity Clothing Fall Maternity Fashion. Maternity clothing can seriously lack style so we're taking note of the most stylish maternity outfits the celebrities are rocking including Meghan Markle, Chrissy Teigen, Pippa Middleton and more.

Pregnant Celebrities ' 73 Best Maternity Looks - # Celebrities 39 # Maternity #Pregnant. You Have to See These 93 Celebrities ' Ultimate Maternity Looks. One of the biggest dilemmas Cute Maternity Outfits Stylish Maternity Maternity Wear Maternity Dresses Casual Pregnancy Outfits .

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The grass is always greener, especially when it comes to healthy hair. On one hand, who doesn't want soft, strong strands? On the other, some of us came of age in the early 2000s, and it shows (stick-straight hair, anyone?). Between curling irons, flatirons, highlights, and straightening treatments, there are endless combinations of ways to customize your hair to your preferences—which can take a huge toll on it in the process.

At a certain point, you may come to a crossroads: Continue down the path of beating your hair into submission, breakage be damned, or try to make peace by living with—and seriously coddling—your damaged hair. It can be a tough call. But the latter can have some serious rewards.

Scandinavian Airlines Ad Receives Backlash

  Scandinavian Airlines Ad Receives Backlash Viewers on social media criticized the ad for detracting from Scandinavian culture and history. © Marcus Lindstrom / Getty Images Scandinavian Airlines airplanes The ad called “What is Scandinavian for real? Absolutely nothing” makes the bold statement that all things that are typically considered Scandinavian have been imported and Scandinavia was "brought here, bit by bit, by ordinary people who found the best of our home in other places." For example, the ad credits Greece for democracy, Switzerland for parental leave and Persia for the Scandinavian windmills, just to name a few.

The best maternity fashion tips straight from some of the world's most stylish women, including how to dress 12 Useful Maternity -Fashion Tips From the World’s Most Stylish Women. “Buy nothing for as long as possible, and wear what you have until the last possible moment,” suggests Stella Bugbee

Impressive Night Out Outfit Ideas To Wear Right Now. Casual Fall Outfits That Will Make You Look Cool Modern Boho Outfits Ideas Of The Week. Catchy Boho Outfits to Wear Now. We are a reliable boho Women fashion Winter Maternity - Women fashion Videos For Work What To Wear - - Dam

For one thing, healthy hair always looks better, no matter what texture or color you were born with. And it also entails a different kind of maintenance—instead of devoting an hour to straightening your hair, say, you use two products designed for your natural 2C curls. Instead of bleach, you deep-condition. It can be hard to take your hair back from the brink, but these women who have been there are proof that it's worth it. Read on for their best healthy hair tips.

If You're Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural...

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In 2007, Danni Washington, a TV presenter and ocean activist in Miami, FL, chopped her hair off after years of relaxing it at the salon. She'd been perming it since she was six years old, so she didn't even really know what her natural texture looked like. "I remember the day that I pulled my roots back and saw that this gorgeous curl pattern was growing out of my head," she says. "I didn’t even know it belonged to me." It took three years—and some key hydrating products—for it to get to a place she considered healthy.

Queen Letizia's Outfits Are Phenomenal — and Full of Priceless Style Lessons

  Queen Letizia's Outfits Are Phenomenal — and Full of Priceless Style Lessons Queen Letizia of Spain is the world's best-dressed royal. Check out her best outfits, all of which showcase her incredible style and come with priceless fashion lessons.So, naturally, we've taken a few notes. Ahead, you'll find Queen Letizia's best looks along with the priceless style lessons they've taught us. The good new is that anyone can easily follow these quick tips — royal title or not.

Cute Maternity Outfits Stylish Maternity Maternity Wear Summer Maternity Style Trendy Maternity Clothes Maternity Looks Mother Maternity Celebrity Maternity Style The Best of street fashion in. Tee and bandana and jean jacket street style outfits , sneakers i vogue. Outfit of the day (OOTD) are

spring outfits leggings best outfits – Page 6 of 101 – What to Wear Ideas. woman wearing gray and white dress shirt. Crop Top That Will Inspire You Maternity clothing can seriously lack style so we're taking note of the most stylish maternity outfits the celebrities are rocking including Meghan Markle

Keep Hydrated

Staying hydrated was key for Washington's hair health. "I can see and feel the difference the health of my scalp and my hair when I’m really hydrated," she says. "If I’m not hydrated, I’ll deal with issues like dry scalp and frizz." Hydration, of course, works two ways. One, internally: meaning drinking enough water. But investing in a good mask for your hair and scalp will go a long way too.

Rinse With Cold Water

Washington deep-conditions her hair once a week and lets it sit under a shower cap for a few hours to sink in. "Then, I wash it out with cold water," she says. While a warm, steamy rinse might sound cozier, cold water helps to seal the cuticles of your hair shut, which helps boost shine and retain moisture.

If Your Hair Is Dry and Brittle...

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For years, Chicago beauty blogger Belinda Selene Villa was coloring and lightening her hair every other month—and not using products to maintain or protect her color-treated hair. "After a bad salon experience, my hair became dry, brittle, and eventually broke at the ends," she says. "Half my hair was gone in length." She cut off the damaged hair and began focusing on repair, which brought her hair back to life within six months.

Kate Middleton Rewore a Cream Coat From Her Pre-Royal Days for a Trip to Ireland

  Kate Middleton Rewore a Cream Coat From Her Pre-Royal Days for a Trip to Ireland She wore this piece on her 26th birthday.Here's Kate first wearing the coat before she was engaged to William, back in 2008. She wore it during her January birthday then too; she had just turned 26.

The Best of summer outfits in - Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends - Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends. Family Cookout Outfit Ideas Perfect For A Hot Day This is one of the classic family cookout outfit ideas!This is one of 23 Awesome Grunge Outfits Ideas for Women is part of womens fashion Casual Grunge - 23 Awesome Grunge ideas Oh my goodness I love ASOS maternity clothes!

Winter Maternity Outfits Maternity Pants Stylish Maternity Maternity Wear Maternity Dresses Fall Outfits Fall Maternity Fashion Summer Outfits Maternity clothing can seriously lack style so we're taking note of the most stylish maternity outfits the celebrities are rocking including Meghan Markle

Avoid Heat Tools

Unplug, but in a different way than you might think. "The best thing I did to help repair and grow my hair was to use leave-in hair conditioners and treatments while doing heatless hair styles," says Villa. "I would skip the hair-dryer and try to let my hair air-dry as much as possible." Since air-drying can take some time, she would work in a leave-in conditioner like Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Liquid Strength Treatment with Protein and either braid her hair or pull it into a bun.

Invest in a Bond-Fortifying Treatment

Villa's since eased back into her styling routine, but now she plans ahead. "I'm able to dye it again while taking precaution not to do it as often and treat my hair at the same time—something I wasn't doing before," she says. Now, she protects her hair before using styling tools with Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Heat Tamer Spray, and often follows it with Bumble and bumble Glow Bond-Building Styler.

If Your Hair Is Over-Processed...

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When fitness expert and blogger Eve Dawes moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, her hair was damaged from years of bleach. "I had really dry, over-processed hair from colorists using bleach that was too strong for my hair. Plus, they didn't lift my color gradually," she says. Once she was in Las Vegas, someone she trusted recommended a new colorist, and it made all the difference.

Katy Perry’s Maternity Style Is Off to an Exuberant Start

  Katy Perry’s Maternity Style Is Off to an Exuberant Start The singer isn’t ditching her playful style just yet.While most mothers veer towards practical and comfy clothes throughout their pregnancies, Perry has, thus far, retained her usual eclectic fashion sense (though it’s still early on). Just today, she was seen hitting the streets of the Australian city wearing a vibrant floral dress with tied shoulder straps from By Johnny. The $360 style, which is now sold out, had a retro sensibility; she styled it with sweet accessories such as pastel blue slingback and yellow earrings.

Find a Supportive Colorist

Your colorist should take your hair health into consideration, and that's tough if you're going to someone new month after month. When you're working with the same colorist, "they know where they're laying down your color and can be more cautious about not overlapping," Dawes says. Her appointments now run longer to account for a lower concentration of bleach, longer processing time, and not overlapping highlights, but it's worth it.

Use Products for Color-Treated Hair

If you color your hair, you should be using products that are made to protect it. Dawes now swears by the entire Olaplex line, a favorite of celebrities and their hairstylists alike. "The vegan, cruelty-free formula actually strengthens the bonds in your hair," she says. "I'm not sponsored by them—I truly see the impact they've had."

If Your Curl Pattern Is Damaged...

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"My whole life, I have fought with my hair," says New York City publicist Jenelle Hamilton. "I did quarterly Brazilian straightening treatments, colored my hair, blow-dried weekly, and flat-ironed my hair almost every day." She was trying to force her 3C curls to be something they just weren't, which seriously damaging them in the process. After years of trying to straighten and smooth her hair, it began to look over-processed and break.

If Spring's Top Shoe Trends Look Familiar, That's Because They're From the '90s

  If Spring's Top Shoe Trends Look Familiar, That's Because They're From the '90s The best spring shoe trends are actually from the '90s. From heeled loafers, to Mary Jane shoes, to platform sneakers, here's what you should look out for when shopping.The good news is, we now feel slightly better about shopping for the season's top picks. Instead of spending hard-earned paychecks on all brand new items, our favorite vintage stores are bound to have square-toe heels and chunky loafers in stock, along with a variety of other styles that have been resurrected (we love a sustainable option).

Commit to a Long-Term Routine

Once you swear off straighteners, you're not going to wake up to healthy hair instantly. "At the beginning of my hair journey, I would watch YouTubers and look on Instagram and think, 'Why doesn't my hair look like that? Why isn't it growing faster?'" Hamilton recalls. "I was so impatient!" However, once she gave her hair months to heal, the growth eventually followed.

Look Products With Nourishing Ingredients

In addition to giving up heat-styling, Hamilton scaled her routine back to washing weekly. She counted on two products to nourish her dry, brittle hair: The LUS Gentle & Moisturizing Shampoo and TKO Ultimate Moisture Conditioner by Andre Walker Hair. The shea butter-infused shampoo "cleansed and moisturized" and "a little went a long way, so it was very cost-effective," she says. Her conditioner, meanwhile, featured strand-strengthening Keratin, a protein that helps fortify and protect damaged hair. "I used it religiously and it helped a lot," she says. A few other ingredients to look out for: coconut oil, argan oil, aloe vera, and spirulina.

If You Want to Smooth Frizz...

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While she was growing up, Delilah Orpi, a beauty blogger in Miami, dreamed of straight hair. "I was picked on for my puffy hair as a kid and struggled to style it," she says. "I envied the smooth, shiny hair that some of my friends had." Her mom wouldn't allow her to flatiron hers, so when she finally got the chance, she went all out, straightening her hair three times a week for 10 years. Cut to recently when she packing for a trip to Thailand. She couldn't fit her hair-dryer and straightening products in her suitcase—so she decided this was the push she needed to quit. "I was done fussing with my hair," she says. "I wanted to simplify my routine."

Avoid Drying Your Hair With a Towel

A game-changer for Orpi has been applying her styling products, such as EVOLVh TotalControl Styling Crème, in the shower. "I apply them to soaking wet hair in the shower by scrunching, and never use a towel or a brush," she says. The scrunching helps the curls clump, which leads to definition once it dries, and cuts down on frizz. "After lots of scrunching, I either air-dry or diffuse dry," she says.

Preserve Your Style

Orpi only washes her hair two or three times a week. She stretches out the lifespan of her curls by covering them when she sleeps. "I protect it at night by wearing a scarf over it so that it lasts a few days and doesn't get frizzy and tangled," she says.

What Is the Difference Between Size-Inclusive and Plus-Size? .
What is the difference between size inclusive and plus size? Here's an explainer on the two fashion terms.Over the past few years, the fashion industry has slowly made some progress in creating clothing for every body type. But, there's more work to be done — and our latest runway report is proof. Initially, "plus-size" was a term that used to represent clothing made above a size 12, which is the highest size that many brands still continue to offer. However, that term unfairly made the people buying those clothes feel othered — it insinuated people in that range aren't normal sized, they are extra.

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