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The Most Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Women And How To Treat Them

  The Most Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Women And How To Treat Them Hair often plays a critical role in forming a woman’s identity, so it should come as no surprise that female hair loss can have a major effect on self esteem, mood and confidence. It can even result in increased stress, anxiety and clinical depression, according to board certified dermatologist Anna Drosou of DermSurgery Associates in Houston, Texas. Discussion around female hair loss pales in comparison to talk about male baldness, so we spoke with several experts who explained to us the most common causes of female hair loss and how to treat them.As always, consult with your doctor before diagnosing yourself with any of the following causes or conditions.

Wondering how to lighten your hair naturally without all the products? Follow these expert tips and get sun-kissed hair in a few simple steps. Do lemons really work to lighten your hair ? We asked hair care experts all about how to lighten hair naturally , and it turns out lemon juice is effective for

When talking about how to lighten hair naturally , I should point out that results can and will vary. Did you already know how to lighten hair at home? Have you ever experimented with natural highlights? Natural Living Made Easy. Sign Up for Tips , Recipes, and More! Name*.

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Do lemons really work to lighten your hair? We asked hair care experts all about how to lighten hair naturally, and it turns out lemon juice is effective for lightening hair...sometimes.

According to Rachel Bodt, a senior colorist at Cutler/Redken salon, natural lightening really only works if you have fair hair with a fine texture to begin with. "When you are working with darker hair, you are dealing with red and orange undertones, and these will be the first colors to be exposed," explains Rachel.

So before you attempt to lighten your hair, consider what results you'll achieve. If you have blonde hair, it will get blonder. If you have light brown hair, you might end up with some dark blonde peeking through. Red heads will potentially transform to strawberry blondes. If you have dark brown or black hair, however, lemon juice and other DIY natural recipes won't lighten hair. (If you have dark hair and want a change, Rachel recommends a mineral-removing shampoo like Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo to give your hair a softer, lighter appearance overall.)

How to Maintain Your Hair Color While Social Distancing

  How to Maintain Your Hair Color While Social Distancing With salons closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, you might be considering dyeing your hair at home. Find out how to maintain your hair color, how to use at-home hair color kits, and the best treatments to keep your hair color from fading.While it's physically impossible to go to salons right now, digital services are a helpful option that will save you time, money, and color-correcting mistakes once the COVID-19 curve has flattened. "We're in a moment right now where people really want to help one another," says Rachel Bodt, a colorist based in New York City, "Reach out to see what your colorist can do for you.

Lightening your hair is a great way to give yourself a new look. For light colored hair , such as blond or light brown, natural products, such as hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, honey, and chamomile tea can work more gently to lighten your locks. If you have dark hair , though, you'll need to use bleach to

How to Lighten Your Hair Naturally Without Absolutely Destroying It. The safest, most effective DIYs right this way. Lemon juice is a great option for natural blondes looking to go a little lighter . You do have to be careful when lightening hair with lemon juice, though, since the super-acidic properties

If you have light hair, lemon juice (among other things) can lighten your hair a few shades. Read up on how to naturally lighten hair using items you might already have lying around the house!

1. Mix Up Your Lemon Juice with Conditioner

According to celeb colorist Aura Friedman, lemon juice works...but proceed with caution. "Lemon juice does lighten hair, but it can also be dangerous," says Aura. "It's so acidic it can burn your hair. The best way to use it is by mixing it with conditioner or even with coconut oil, so you get those important hydrating and reparative benefits," she adds.

2. Apply Vitamin C to Your Hair

Vitamin C is an effective hair-lightening agent thanks to its citric acid. Rachel regularly tells clients to try vitamin C washes. "That one is easy. You crush up some vitamin C, add it to a spray bottle and spritz it on. It brightens hair and removes mineral build up," Rachel explains. (You can even skip the crushing step if you get vitamin C powder.)

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Is it really possible to naturally lighten your hair ? Everyone has heard of at-home treatment options for lightening hair —be honest: you’ve tried putting in Kool-Aid or lemon juice in your hair —but according to the experts we consulted, these treatments can sometimes work, but it’s usually safer to save hair

So you want to lighten your hair . Visiting a salon can be an expensive fuss, and harsh chemical highlighters can cause irreparable damage to your hair . If you are unsure about lightening your hair , consider testing out these methods on a small section of your hair (such as the tips of the hair that

3. Use a Saltwater Solution

If you already color your hair and you've still caught the bleach bug, it is possible to get hair to an even lighter place using the sun. "For all the color-treated people, mix mostly water with a bit of salt and spray your hair at the beach. This will open the hair cuticle slightly and expose it to the sun," says Rachel. But remember this! "No matter what color your hair, the sun will fade it," says Aura. "Think about how car paint fades in sunlight. The same thing happens with hair," she adds.

If you want bright, shiny, just-stepped-out-of-the-salon status color, stock up on UV-protecting shampoo and conditioner. And remember — if you're looking to go full-on platinum, please, leave it to the experts.

4. Add Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only will a dose of apple cider vinegar help gently lighten hair, it will also dissolve oil and residue buildup in your hair and on your scalp. Plus, apple cider vinegar helps de-tangle and de-frizz your hair. All around, it's a hair care winner.

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Learn how to lighten your hair with honey and use honey as a conditioner to maintain your lighter look. To lighten your hair naturally with honey, start by mixing 4 parts raw honey For more tips from our Cosmetologist co-author, like how to make a lightening conditioner with honey, scroll down!

Your hair will look lighter once it dries, but you may want to repeat the process for even lighter results. Read more for tips from our Cosmetologist reviewer on how to lighten your hair with lemon juice or henna!

"Mix one part apple cider vinegar and six parts water to take off build up (for example, chlorine)," Rachel explains. "This is a gentle way to lighten strands—but you may have to do it a few times to get results."

5. Combine Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide to Make a Paste

Make a paste using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. On its own, regular hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore won't lighten your hair because it will dry before any chemical reaction can take place. If, however, you combine hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, it creates a paste that can sit on your hair and work magic. Combine one cup of baking soda with three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, mix it up and apply to your hair. Leave the mask on for 30 to 60 minutes (but no more than 60 minutes) and your hair will turn out 1-2 shades lighter!

6. Apply a Cinnamon and Honey Mask

This is one sweet-smelling solution for how to naturally lighten hair. When you combine honey and cinnamon together, something magical happens: the trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide in honey are activated by the cinnamon, and when the mixture sits on your hair long enough, it will lighten up to two shades. Create a mask by combining 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of olive oil (for extra hydration).

Hair stylists on best products for natural hair

  Hair stylists on best products for natural hair Find the best cleansers, styling products and treatments for your natural hair.But once you nail the process, you may find that your natural style is preferable to a style fixed with heat and heavy products. To help take some of the guesswork out of your own journey, we asked three professional hairstylists about their favorite products for natural hair. Below we offer up their tips to cleanse, style and treat your hair at home.

Mix it all together and add a bit of conditioner if it's too thick. Then, let the mixture sit for half an hour, giving the cinnamon and a honey a chance to mix and the hydrogen peroxide to activate. Apply the mixture to your hair, secure it in a bun, and top it off with a shower cap. Leave it on for at least four hours. It's even better if you can let it sit overnight (just remember to put a towel over your pillow so you don't stain your pillowcase!).

7. Proceed with Caution When Using Sun-In

For you Sun-In fans, we hate to break it to you, but you might want to think twice. While it might seem like a natural method (hey, it says "sun" right in the name!), it's not actually a safe way to light hair. "That kind of product causes a chemical reaction with your hair. If you want to dye it later on, you have to remember that it will still be there and could cause damage later in the game," says Aura. If you have been using a hair-lightening product and then you head to the salon, fess up to your colorist to avoid breakage.

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Diffuse hair loss: causes and treatment .
© Shutterstock / Anastasiya 99 Diffuse hair loss causes the hair to fall out evenly over the entire head. We explain what causes it and what helps against it. What is diffuse hair loss? The once thick hair is getting thinner and the scalp shines through more clearly: If the hair becomes evenly thinner and falls out more than the normal about 100 hairs per day, there is often diffuse hair loss. You can also recognize this form of hair loss by the fact that there are no isolated bald spots.

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