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Spotify’s “Daily Wellness” Playlists May Be Just What You Need to Feel Calm and More Mindful

  Spotify’s “Daily Wellness” Playlists May Be Just What You Need to Feel Calm and More Mindful We all know how difficult it can be to prioritize our own health and happiness, especially when stress levels are high. Fortunately, Spotify's "Daily Wellness" playlists have made self-care more accessible than ever, using a mix of music and podcasts to bring mindfulness and positivity to every day. © Getty / Delmaine Donson Spotify’s “Daily Wellness” Playlists May Be Just What You Need to Feel Calm and More Mindful For a long time, I didn't even really understand what wellness was, and I certainly wasn't dedicating time in my daily routine to it.

15 Wellness Products Helping Glamour Editors Sleep Better This Month . From dreamy night lights to the softest pajamas ever. All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate

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a man wearing a suit and tie: OprahMag.com interviewed Thai Nguyen, Jeremiah Brent, and Gabriele Bertaccini, the hosts of the Netflix reality show 'Say I Do.' Here's what to know about them. © Netflix OprahMag.com interviewed Thai Nguyen, Jeremiah Brent, and Gabriele Bertaccini, the hosts of the Netflix reality show 'Say I Do.' Here's what to know about them.
  • Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen, and Gabriele Bertaccini are the hosts of Netflix's new reality series, Say I Do.
  • In the tear-jerker of a show, the trio helps couples plan spontaneous weddings.
  • While speaking to OprahMag.com, the hosts of Say I Do opened up about the show, their bond, and where they are now.

Just like there would be no Queer Eye without the Fab Five, there would be no Say I Do without the charming hosts at its center. In the eight-episode reality series, created by Queer Eye's David Collins, co-hosts Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen, and Gabriele Bertaccini help couples plan their dream weddings.

FDA warns against using two dozen hand sanitizers that could contain toxic wood alcohol

  FDA warns against using two dozen hand sanitizers that could contain toxic wood alcohol The Food and Drug Administration has added more hand sanitizers to its growing list of products that contain wood alcohol, which is toxic if absorbed through the skin. © Shutterstock More than two dozen various hand sanitizers sold by the Mexico-based company 4E Global -- many carrying the Blumen label -- contain high levels of methanol, or wood alcohol, and have been recommended for recall. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

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"It was literally love at first sight," Nguyen tells OprahMag.com, upon meeting his co-hosts for the first time. "They're like my brothers."

In the show, Nguyen, Brent, and Bertaccini lend their expertise to help couples plan spontaneous weddings. Nguyen, a celebrity designer, creates custom gowns and suits. Brent, an interior designer, completely transforms spaces into wedding venues. And with his elaborate meals, chef Bertaccini makes sure the wedding guests have the energy to party all night.

The hosts bring their different skill sets—and their different dispositions, too. "Jeremiah is intelligent and calm. He makes me calm. For Gabe, it's all about passion. They describe me as joy. I'm the fun one," Nguyen says. However, for all their charm, Bertaccini insists that the hosts should not be the focus of the show. "The show is not about us. It's about the love stories," he says.

Kerry Washington Does A Yoga Session In Her Garden For ESSENCE Wellness House

  Kerry Washington Does A Yoga Session In Her Garden For ESSENCE Wellness House Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or downright tired? Take a few minutes to wind down with Kerry Washington (and her adorable dog Ms. Josephine Baker!)Reminding us of the wise words of Audre Lorde that "for Black women, self-care isn't a luxury but self-preservation," Washington walks us through a quick Vinyasa yoga routine starting with some breathwork. She starts with introducing us to "Ujjayi" breathing which helps calm the mind and warm up the body.

Video chat is helping us stay employed and connected. But what makes it so tiring - and how can we reduce ‘Zoom fatigue’? Tea Tree essential oil can be used in skincare, hair treatment, and cleaning products . It's also effective for clarifying energy - yours and others.

This month as we celebrated Father’s Day and highlight Men’s Health, we consider their mental health struggles. Some call it a “silent epidemic” since men seek help less often and die of suicide over 3x more than women. This article contains the list of recalled products so you can avoid immediately.

a man standing in front of an audience: 1 © Netflix 1

Inevitably, though—this being a tear-jerker of a Netflix reality show—the hosts open up about their own lives, also. In a stand-out moment from the first episode, Bertaccini reveals his HIV-positive diagnosis to the groom.

"It was a moment I did not plan. That really underlines the whole show—we have to be willing to make the first step," Bertaccini says, adding that many of his loved ones watching Say I Do will be surprised by the news. "My hope is that the stigma of what HIV looks like will go down. "

Similarly, Brent and Nguyen have their own on-camera moments of vulnerability, both in terms of what they share about their lives—and the tears they spill. "Jeremiah is the pretty crier," Nguyen says, laughing. Here's what you need to know about the hosts, and where they are now.

a man wearing a suit and tie: 1 © Netflix 1

Jeremiah Brent

Taking this time of social distancing to reflect and reach out to loved ones. What have you done to stay positive and calm during this time? Comment below. #JBDailyDress

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Exercise helps your body produce feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins. When we 're sad, we tend to gain or lose weight. During a divorce, these ups and downs can quickly veer out of control. For those who can’t afford these activities, Meyer suggests joining community centers , which offer

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Interior designer Jeremiah Brent is no stranger to TV. Chances are, you recognize Brent from The Rachel Zoe Show, the TLC series Nate and Jeremiah By Design, or by his time as the resident interior designer on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Brent founded his own design firm at the age of 24.

In 2014, Brent married interior designer Nate Berkus, cementing their status as the ultimate design power couple. They are busy building empires and raising two children (Poppy, 5, and Oskar, 2) in their New York town house.

Referring to Say I Do as his "third baby," Brent says he connected with the show's premise instantly. "I liked the idea of a wedding show not being about the wedding, but the couples' journey to get to the decision to get married. There was never any uncertainty with these couples," Brent says.

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The ‘Wellness for Kids’ Movement Has Gained New Importance During the Pandemic

  The ‘Wellness for Kids’ Movement Has Gained New Importance During the Pandemic Weighted blankets for kids, Barbie-led breathing exercises, Sesame Street meditationsit's not make-believe.Sound like an evening your favorite wellness influencer would post on IG? It's actually one that could easily be made a reality for children. Many of the mindfulness tools that have been staples of the wellness movement are now getting a kid-friendly makeover. Headspace recently announced a new partnership with Sesame Street to create six mindful meditations led by Cookie Monster, Elmo, Grover, and the gang. Earlier this year, Mattel released a Barbie Wellness Collection, a line of seven dolls practicing self care, with one that leads guided meditations.

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Each box centers around a monthly theme and also includes beauty products , healthy snacks, and more. What's Included: If we can help you cross one thing off your to-do list, we are all about it. This monthly subscription delivers at least 4 high-quality, cruelty-free, self-care products each month .

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While filming Say I Do, Brent often reflected on his own wedding to Berkus, which took place at the New York Public Library and was officiated by then-president of OWN, Sheri Salata. The ceremony even brought Oprah to tears.

"I've heard from our friends at our wedding that it was intimate, which is the biggest compliment you can give. We tried to make sure that the people there knew that we wouldn't have been there had they not helped us in some way," Brent says.

Finally, he shared his simple relationship advice: "You just have to like the person you're married to. Nate is my favorite person in the world."

Thai Nguyen

#mondayvibes . Caption this please?”✌️

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Say I Do was Thai Nguyen's kind of challenge. A designer who specializes in custom gowns, Nguyen is a pro at working with brides. "A bridal gown is not just any gown. It's a symbol of their love. It's a symbol of the life story," Nguyen says.

Nguyen, who was born and raised in Vietnam, found his calling right at home. "I learned to sew when I was nine. My parents had this private sewing school in Vietnam, so I've always been around sewing and creating," he says. He immigrated to the United States in 1993, where he studied Fashion Design at FIDM and worked for BCBG Max Azria, before starting his own line. He's been on TV before, as a finalist on Bravo's fashion competition series, Launch My Line.

3 key changes travelers can expect the next time they stay at one of Aman Resorts' luxury properties

  3 key changes travelers can expect the next time they stay at one of Aman Resorts' luxury properties Aman is keeping every other room empty at some resorts, requiring spa attendants to wear PPE, and emphasizing private dining and nature experiences.The global chain has more than 30 luxury wellness resorts in places like Japan, Morocco, Bhutan, Turkey, China, and Indonesia. It's also known for hosting celebrities: Bill Gates, David Bowie, Mark Zuckerberg, Princess Diana, and the Kardashians have all reportedly stayed at Aman resorts. And a night at an Aman property doesn't come cheap. At Amangiri in Utah, for example, the cheapest room available in July or August 2020 is a suite for $3,562 a night.

Now based in California, Nguyen has a couture atelier in Orange County and a cadre of celebrities clients, like Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, Kristen Bell, Leona Lewis, Laverne Cox, Kate Beckinsale, Samira Wiley, LaLa Anthony, and Katy Perry, per his alma mater's website.

#stpatricksday #green from @thainguyenatelier #thainguyenatelier #thainguyen

A post shared by Thai Nguyen (@thainguyenatelier) on Mar 17, 2020 at 10:50pm PDT

Though he designs for red carpets, weddings are always on his mind. Eventually, Nguyen hopes to marry his fiancé, and partner of over a decade. But as he woefully revealed in the show's final episode, he's not sure if that day will come. Nguyen is waiting until his parents accept his decision to marry a man. "We wanted to have this celebration three years ago, but I'm willing to give my parents time. I will always want them to be there for me, especially on my special day," Nguyen says.

On July 1, when the show comes out, Nguyen plans to translate the episode for his parents into Vietnamese. "Maybe they haven't been exposed to that kind of love and that kind of beauty. It's my job to give them time and let them see this," he says.

For now, he will continue to work with brides and grooms for their special days. "There's the saying, 'If you can't do you teach.' So if I can't wed, I'll make wedding dresses. I don't know if I will ever have that day. So I put myself in their situation. I celebrate myself," Nguyen says. "It's an outlet for me to live life, be optimistic, and hopeful. I dream through these brides."

Gabriele Bertaccini

Just taking some time to paws, reflect and watching each other’s back. ????

How to Pitch Healthyish

  How to Pitch Healthyish Got a great story idea? We'd love to hear from you.Healthyish is a small team and the majority of our articles are written by freelancers, so we are always looking for new stories. We are especially interested in expanding our network of BIPOC writers. We hope that these guidelines help provide greater transparency around our publishing process, increase access to our editors, broaden our community, and expand our commitment to inclusive, intersectional coverage.

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Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Bertaccini is a self-described "crazy Italian chef" with a sleeve of tattoos, and an army of four Australian shepherds. (If you're curious, their names are Perla, Mieli, Summit, and Bernard.)

Currently, the 35-year-old chef is based in Los Angeles. He's the founder of Il Tocco Food, a catering company. But his most famous venture, Culinary Mischief, has no store front—it's an "underground dining series" held in shifting locations around the world. "It was important to create an experience that was so unique that it couldn’t be replicated," Bertaccini said of the venture while speaking to BB Publications. In his free time, Bertaccini is a spinning instructor at Flywheel.


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While filming Say I Do, Bertaccini found himself in the middle of his own love story. "I actually met [my boyfriend] right before I left to film the show," Bertaccini says. "He's an amazing man."

Finally, Bertaccini knows that comparisons to Antoni Porowski, the chef of Queer Eye (also created by Say I Do's David Collins), may be coming his way—and he's ready. "Antoni is such a sweetheart. There is a lot that we have in common: The passion for food and what food represents. It brings people together. It's the glue," Bertaccini says.

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