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21:46  21 september  2020
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The Lawmakers Fighting to Make Hair Discrimination Illegal

  The Lawmakers Fighting to Make Hair Discrimination Illegal For decades, schools and workplaces have told Black employees and students that the hair that grows out of our heads is “unprofessional,” “unacceptable,” and “unruly.” These legislators are doing everything in their power to put a stop to it.There are countless stories—some that have made headlines and many that have not—of Black women facing discrimination at work or school because of their hair. Like Destiny Tompkins, who was pulled aside by her white manager for wearing box braids in 2017 or 11-year-old Faith Fennidy, who was sent home from school in 2018 for wearing hair extensions (the policy was subsequently rescinded following outcry over a viral video of Faith crying on social media).

And the right leave - in conditioner will leave your curls hydrated, detangled, protected from damage, and shiny as hell. But how do you find that leave - in that’s just right for you? By perusing the 15 absolute best leave - in conditioners for curly hair , below (seriously, I vetted them myself)

Best Leave - In Conditioner for Thick, Curly Hair . Cake The Mane Manage’r 3-in-1 Leave - In Conditioner . This leave - in conditioner will give curly hair the hydration it desperately needs, thanks to the formula's dose of Jamaican black castor oil and organic shea butter—both of which

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Getting through all seven episodes of Tiger King—you know, the Netflix series that defined our early days of quarantine back in March—was something of a feat. You could certainly find the entertainment value in Joe Exotic’s “cowboy drag” wardrobe, his Manson-esque charisma, and his ongoing feud with Carole Baskin, but only if you could get also past the show’s more troubling qualities. If Joe’s metallic shirts proved too distracting, the series ended with a laundry list of sobering facts about the tiger population—namely that more tigers live in captivity in the U.S. (in zoos and “rescue centers” like Joe and Carole’s, as well as in private homes) than in the wild. Due to illegal trade and habitat destruction, the world’s population of wild tigers has declined by 95% in the past century to just 3,200, pushing the species to the brink of extinction.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends When You Can't Get Your Hair Cut

  How to Get Rid of Split Ends When You Can't Get Your Hair Cut You'll be shocked by all of the things that may be causing hair damage.When you've been clinging onto your last haircut for a bit too long, your hair shows it. Your ends start to tangle easily, they look drier than the rest of your hair, and they begin to have a crunchy feel to them.

Leave - in conditioners are the best way to treat heat damage, dullness, and dryness on all hair Shop 17 of the best leave - in conditioners for 2020 and find the product that works best for you. Anyone with curly hair will tell you that a leave - in conditioner is nonnegotiable. This rich blend is

Best Conditioner for Curly Hair : Keeping Your Curls Smooth and Glossy. Also, we’re going to find out how to make a conditioner for curly hair at home. Best Leave - In Conditioner for Natural Curly Hair – Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave - In Conditioner .

Beyond that crushing detail, their dwindling numbers have a vast ripple effect: As predators at the top of the food chain, tigers play an important role in maintaining balance in forest ecosystems, which support thousands of other species and people, too.

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All of this was on Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s mind last year when he joined Kenzo, the French label known for its distinctive tiger logo. One of his first tasks was to redesign it, and he’d recently come across an article about the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to double the global tiger population by 2022. Baptista reached out to the WWF to discuss a collaboration, and their first capsule is debuting today: T-shirts, hoodies, and “essential garments” in GOTS-certified organic cotton (the worldwide textile processing standard for organic fibers) printed with Kenzo’s new tiger, with $10 from every purchase going to the WWF. A new capsule will drop every six months to continue driving support for the cause.

Everything You've *Ever* Wanted to Know About Using Castor Oil for Hair Growth

  Everything You've *Ever* Wanted to Know About Using Castor Oil for Hair Growth I got three experts to tell me the actual truth.Even though castor oil might be having a moment right now (am I the only one seeing it all over my Insta feed?), I'll be the first to tell you that it's by no means a new ingredient. I'd bet some good money that you can find castor oil in pretty much every Jamaican household—including mine—even if it’s relegated to the back of the pantry (right behind the canned ackee, callaloo, and coconut milk). But even though my parents have told me over the years that castor oil is the secret to long, thick hair, I’ve never been truly convinced.

PRODUCTS OGX * Argan oil from Morocco OGX* Coconut Curls Aussie Moist * Conditioner Miss Jessie's * Leave in condish Eden Bodyworks * Coconut shea conditioner .

Fact: Finding the right leave - in conditioner can make all the difference for women with natural hair . Dousing your strands with a rich, concentrated dose of In the end, the ideal treatment will allow your hair to be the best version of itself, all while keeping it healthier for longer—and who doesn’t want that?

“If I can help raise awareness in our industry, which is responsible for some of this environmental damage, I think it’s vital,” Baptista says, adding that the clothes were sustainably dyed and printed with water-based inks. Further to that, he’s pushing himself and his team to embrace sustainable alternatives throughout Kenzo’s offering, from recycled and organic materials to plastic-free packaging, and will work with the WWF to improve Kenzo’s cotton supply chain and freshwater footprint. Baptista’s upcoming show at Paris Fashion Week, which will take place outdoors on September 30 with a small audience, will also debut a scaled-down collection that puts sustainability at the fore. “I think now is the time to be very pragmatic, but also very creative,” he adds.

This project follows a similar one Baptista launched as the creative director of Lacoste back in 2018: a collection of polos featuring endangered species in place of the brand’s signature crocodile logo, like the Iberian lynx and the Hawaiian monk seal, with a percentage of proceeds supporting the International Union for Conservation of Nature. “It goes beyond fashion,” he says. “I think customers are becoming more and more sensitive to this, too, and will demand [action] in the future. We have to question everything we’re doing, and it all starts with one step.”

Kenzo’s new capsule with the World Wildlife Fund launches on September 28 and is available exclusively on kenzo.com.

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