Style Allbirds added a brand-new sneaker to its lineup, and it might be our favorite Allbirds shoe yet — here are our first impressions

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Allbirds : the world’s most comfortable shoes and flats, made with natural materials like merino wool Allbirds created the comfiest merino shoes & sneakers , from environmentally-friendly materials. Our goal—have no carbon footprint from the start. The first step to reduce our footprint is to measure

Allbirds sneakers are more popular than ever. The brand claims to make the “world’s most comfortable shoe ” without actually looking like a Yes, Allbirds are great walking shoes . Whether you're traveling, running errands, or wearing them for everyday use, Allbirds feel comfy even after

Allbirds © Provided by INSIDER Allbirds
  • Allbirds just dropped its most casual style yet — the Wool Piper ($95).
  • The new sneaker is made with the brand's signature merino wool and sugarcane-based SweetFoam soles.
  • We tested the shoes ahead of the release and found that the Wool Piper delivers on the brand's characteristic comfort and breathability, but in a silhouette that's even more versatile.
  • We think the Wool Piper may be the style to convert some yet-unconvinced shoppers, and possibly serve as a blueprint for the Allbirds x Adidas Stan Smith down the line.
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After years of perfecting unapologetically comfortable shoes that are now part of a Silicon Valley uniform, Allbirds has launched its most versatile and approachable style yet: the Wool Piper ($95).

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In its first two years, sneaker startup Allbirds sold more than a million pairs of shoes . Allbirds Makes a One -Way Flight to New York City. The San Francisco-based brand operates mostly online and only Allbirds may be the next big thing in anonymous luxury. Next in line for disruption: sneakers

Now, Amazon, through its in-house private label brand 206 Collective, has jumped on the Allbirds Once again, here is the company’s new 206 Collective shoe side by side with an Allbirds one That said, the shoe looks nice and it ’s , which is less than half the price of your standard pair of Allbirds .

As an adaptation of the classic cup sole sneaker, it's designed to be as much of an everyday sneaker choice as it is to fit in with Allbirds' reputation of being "the world's most comfortable shoes." The Wool Piper is made with the brand's signature sustainable materials — breathable merino wool and SweetFoam soles made from sugarcane — and comes in sizes 5-11 for women and 7-14 for men.

Currently, you can pick it up in four core colors (Natural White, Dapple Grey, Natural Black, True Black) and one seasonal hue (Garden Blue).

Like any Allbirds wool shoe, you can also machine wash these. You'll want to hand wash the insoles (which pop out easily), but you can throw the rest of the shoe inside the machine and then let them air dry.

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San Francisco-based shoe brand Allbirds has released a line of sneakers made from tree pulp. Revolutionary: The aptly-named Tree collection is And while it might be hard for some to see how trees can be turned into trendy footwear, the engineers at Allbirds explained that they worked hard to

The Allbirds brand has long been rooted in sustainability — the company is known Allbirds is also largely known for everyday, "athleisure" sneakers , rather than performance sports shoes . Adidas and Allbirds are aiming for between 2 and 3 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions in the

We tested the shoes ahead of the launch and came away impressed. The Wool Pipers will cost you the same amount as other cult-favorites like the original Wool Runners and the Tree Runners, but we'd actually recommend the Wool Piper first for most people. It's just as comfortable and low-maintenance as the original wool pairs, but you'll be able to wear the Wool Pipers more often. You can read our full thoughts below.

Women's Allbirds Wool Piper

a pair of shoes: The Wool Piper is casual and very similar to other cup sole sneakers I own, but the wool makes these a more comfortable choice. Mara Leighton/Business Insider © Mara Leighton/Business Insider The Wool Piper is casual and very similar to other cup sole sneakers I own, but the wool makes these a more comfortable choice. Mara Leighton/Business Insider

I've been wearing the Wool Runners, Tree Runners, Dashers, and Tree Breezer flats for the past few years, and while I hold the Dashers and Tree Runners in high esteem in the Allbirds canon, it's the Wool Pipers I'd now recommend for the average person.

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Our Analysis: Allbirds ’ nod to the classic high-top style, the Tree Toppers are for those who like the look of a retro basketball shoe . These are also available in lightweight Tencel, making them a hip and comfortable option for summer. What The Reviewers Are Saying: “ I bought these because I needed

Starting Friday through May 20, Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Allbirds will showcase five exclusive colors beyond the brand ’s full range of men and Olivia has added a wonderful touch to the collection and the curated space that embodies Allbirds vision, and we are thrilled to offer this to a new group

They're just as comfortable as the brand's other wool pairs, but this style is much more versatile. While I have friends who have resisted joining the Allbirds camp out of an argument for aesthetics, I think few can object to the Wool Piper. They look, in person, very similar to any other cup sole shoe at a glance. The wool makes them slightly wider on the feet than other cup sole shoes I own, but it's a conspicuous difference that I'd gladly take for the outsized comfort.

In a weekend, I wore the Wool Pipers to run errands, enjoy brunch outside, and to take a walk in the park with friends. Whenever I didn't know what to slip on or how long I'd be away from home, I defaulted to these for their ease; the classic style works with most of my closet, and the SweetFoam sole and breathable wool deliver the kind of all-day comfort that won't send me home early just so I can take them off.

However, I did experience some (but not to the level of a blister) irritation on my heels after two days of consistent wear right out of the box. With a bit more wear, I think the wool will loosen slightly to a more customized fit. — Mara Leighton, senior reporter

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Allbirds seeks to more than double its brick-and-mortar fleet, with plans to open 20 stores in 2020. Beginning its store expansion in 2018, Allbirds now has 12 locations around the world — from New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle in the United States to Auckland, New Zealand, and London abroad.

adidas is partnering "with Allbirds , as we seek answers on our joint mission to create a sports-performance shoe with the lowest carbon emissions." This is an admirable task, but is definitely worth a deeper dive. Allbirds is a company built on the mission of being a more sustainable option for footwear.

Men's Allbirds Wool Piper

a person standing on a sidewalk: Amir gravitated towards these Allbirds because they're most like the classic sneaker silhouettes that are more his style. Amir Ismael/Business Insider © Amir Ismael/Business Insider Amir gravitated towards these Allbirds because they're most like the classic sneaker silhouettes that are more his style. Amir Ismael/Business Insider

I got my first pair of Allbirds in 2017 and while I appreciated the sustainability of the brand and the quality of the Wool Runners, they ultimately weren't for me. As a sneaker collector and product reviewer, I already own and have access to a lot of shoes. While purging my shoe collection, I asked myself how often would I wear the Wool Runners and decided that they'd hardly ever be my first, second, or even third choice on a daily basis so I ended up donating them about a year later. It really came down to the aesthetic of the shoes and my personal preference.

I told myself that I would someday own another pair of Allbirds and, alas, the Wool Pipers were the first release to excite me since giving away my last pair. I gravitated towards the Wool Pipers because they're reminiscent of some of the most classic sneaker silhouettes, which is much more my style. The Wool Pipers still use the brand's signature merino wool on the upper and SweetFoam material on the midsole, so they're just as comfortable as other styles, but the silhouette itself is a lot different. It features a 6-eyelet lace-up upper and a flat cup sole, which gives it a much more casual look.

Silicon Valley-Loved Shoe Brand Allbirds Is Expanding into Fashion

  Silicon Valley-Loved Shoe Brand Allbirds Is Expanding into Fashion The shoe brand owned by countless celebs, great aunts, and legions of hot and productive people in San Fransisco is making its first foray into fashion. For the uninitiated, Allbirds launched a first-of-its-kind sneaker made from merino wool (a natural fiber) in 2016 and has sold over a million pairs since. The brand’s allure? An alchemy of simplicity, comfort, and transparency in—brace yourself, here comes fashion's equivalent of the word 'moist'—sustainability.When it comes to the ladder, Allbirds has, to their credit, been transparent in exactly how they source its materials since beginning.

I always felt like the Wool Runners were hard for me to pull off, especially since I have a rack full of tried and true performance running sneakers, but I didn't feel that way at all about the Wool Pipers. They're just as easy to style as a pair of low-top Converse Chuck Taylors or Vans. I could definitely see the Wool Piper being used as the blueprint for something like an Allbirds x Adidas Stan Smith down the line (an announcement we still haven't forgotten about). — Amir Ismael, reporter

The bottom line

The Wool Pipers deliver the same characteristic comfort and sustainability as previous Allbirds shoes, but the casual silhouette means the average person will likely get more wear out of this style than the Wool Runners. These may be our favorite Allbirds yet.

Shop the Allbirds Wool Pipers for men and women here.

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