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The 17 Best Winter Coats for Men, According to Thousands of Customer Reviews

  The 17 Best Winter Coats for Men, According to Thousands of Customer Reviews Add one to your cold-weather wardrobe before the temperatures start to drop. Unfortunately, many of us have learned the hard way that many winter coats are not as warm or durable as they claim to be, so to help you decide which piece of outerwear is right for you, we turned to reviews from shoppers who have bought and worn these winter coats themselves. Along with thousands of five-star ratings between them, the options outlined below also have countless rave reviews detailing how well they withstood frigid temperatures and blizzard-like conditions.

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We know what we like , and can pick and choose which trends are best suited for our respective wardrobes (we assume the same for you ). That said, there are a select few individuals who have a bit more, say, influence over how we view our wardrobes.

If you have trouble snoozing, investing in an adjustable bed could be just the thing to help you feel more comfortable for a restful sleep. No longer just for the sick or injured, adjustable beds have become mainstream for anyone to use at home. Even popular mattress brands are selling their own adjustable bases!

a close up of a table: The best adjustable beds and mattresses that give you personalized comfort with a variety of prices and available features, including beds from Sleep Number, Lucid, Saatva and Casper. © Amazon The best adjustable beds and mattresses that give you personalized comfort with a variety of prices and available features, including beds from Sleep Number, Lucid, Saatva and Casper.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab tests bedding of all kinds, like mattresses, toppers, sheets, pillows and more. The adjustable beds ahead are from our top-rated mattress brands, include unique features with excellent value, and have rave reviews online from real users. But first, here are things to keep in mind as you shop for adjustable beds and mattresses:

The Hair Trends That Will Define 2021

  The Hair Trends That Will Define 2021 The hair colors, shapes, and styles you can expect to see once spring officially arrives.

Doing closet sales has been SO rough for such a long time for me and I hope ya’ll take advantage of Poshmark’s super easy selling (and buying) process! When you use one of these links it helps me to earn a percentage of any purchase you may make on that site.

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  • Adjustable beds are usually associated with a motorized bases that can move into different positions by raising the head and foot of the bed. Some also have other features like built-in massagers and lighting.
  • Adjustable mattresses, which change in firmness through constructions like air chambers or interchangeable springs, are perfect if you’re just looking to switch up your comfort levels instead of the bed’s position.

Can I use a regular mattress on an adjustable bed?

Most of the time, yes! The majority of adjustable beds are compatible with both foam and innerspring mattresses, though foam tends to work better because it’s more flexible to move between different positions.

Some brands sell the mattress and base together, which is your best bet if you want to make sure they’re compatible. Otherwise it’s best to check with the adjustable base brand before you buy it if you’re planning to use a separate mattress. Some do have restrictions on which mattress you can use, so it’ll save you a headache if you confirm beforehand. And when it comes to adjustable mattresses with different firmness levels, you don’t need a special base to get the benefits.

Kate Middleton Dressed Down Rose Trousers in a Playful Fall Look

  Kate Middleton Dressed Down Rose Trousers in a Playful Fall Look She paired the outfit with her favorite white sneakers.The Duchess chose this playful fall outfit to meet with families in London's Battersea Park. There, she spoke to both parents and peer supporters about the importance of parent-powered support programs. These sorts of initiatives are being used to help parent wellbeing, especially during a time as difficult as the COVID-19 pandemic. At the park, Kate also smiled and played with the small children a few of the parents brought along.

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How do I choose an adjustable bed?

  • Consider your budget. If you’re looking to invest in an entirely new bed, you may benefit from a full sleep system that has both an adjustable base and an adjustable mattress. If you’re just looking to customize your comfort level, you may be better off buying an adjustable mattress or an adjustable base that changes your head and feet positioning.
  • Features like sleep tracking, massaging, lights, USB ports, and more can be great bonuses. Also consider if you want to want to use with a remote control or even your smart phone.
  • Head-raising capability: You can program some beds to raise your head when it’s time to wake up. Not only do you get to customize your sleep position for personalized comfort, but the head elevation helps if you or your partner snore, or even if you want to raise your head to read or watch TV. Plus, an adjustable head means you can get into what the brands refer to as “zero gravity” position, meaning you feel weightless because your head and legs are both elevated. You get the comfort of sleeping in a recliner in your own bed.

Read on to learn more about our top picks for adjustable mattresses, bases, and more, which offer something for everyone.

This Packable Puffer Jacket Is Perfect for Travel — and It Comes in 14 Colors

  This Packable Puffer Jacket Is Perfect for Travel — and It Comes in 14 Colors The lightweight essential is only $40. Since the jacket is designed to be packed into itself, it saves on space and can even double as a comfortable travel pillow while you’re on the way to your next adventure. It’s also designed with four pockets so you have plenty of space to store your essentials. “It keeps me warm, but not too hot,” another shopper wrote. “I live in Southern Virginia and it does get below freezing sometimes, but not every day. On extra cold days I just wear a sweatshirt or hoodie under it and I'm perfectly warm. I also love how it balls up into the little bag.

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Best Adjustable Mattress

Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed

a living room: Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed © Sleep Number Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed

Shop Now

This adjustable mattress is a top performer in our Textiles Lab’s review and has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, along with the seven other smart mattresses from Sleep Number. Perfect for couples (especially ones that don't agree on firmness), the mattress is filled with adjustable air chambers so each side of the bed can be customized to whatever firmness level you choose. Plus, there are biometric sensors in the mattress so if you’ve switched positions, the mattress will automatically adjust so you stay at your preferred setting throughout the night. The mattress also comes with sleep tracking capabilities and gives you feedback on your smart phone.

This mattress is pricey, but it comes with a 100-night trial period and when we tested it and surveyed our panel, users gave the mattress high scores for comfort, support and sleep quality. One commented, “I was initially hesitant because of the cost, but as soon as I laid on it, it changed my mind,” while another told us “I wish we would have purchased this brand sooner.”

Allbirds Now Makes Super Soft Tees Made From Crab Shells

  Allbirds Now Makes Super Soft Tees Made From Crab Shells The brand's new clothing line is as comfortable as their mega-popular sneakers.Over the past years, I've seen how Allbirds has been able to distinguish itself from most other clothing brands in the market today—and any guy who’s worn a pair of Wool Runners or Tree Dashers understands why they've become so popular. While competitors hop on the hamster wheel of limited-edition, trend-driven, overly-hyped-up releases for the compulsive shopper to forget about in a month’s time, Allbirds’ offerings are classic, ageless, and thoughtful for both the consumer and the environment.

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You’ll get additional features if you get any of the three matching bases, too; all have head-raising capabilities and under-bed lighting in case you get up when it’s dark, but the pricier models come with added features like feet elevation and even feet warming for those with cold toes.

Available sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King and Califnoria King

Trial period: 100 days for the mattress, minus the cost of return shipping or a $199 pick-up fee. Adjustable bases are final sale.

Best Value Adjustable Mattress

Saatva Solaire Mattress

a living room: Saatva Solaire Mattress © Saatva Saatva Solaire Mattress

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Saatva is perfect for anyone who hates shopping for a mattress in stores. The online-only company gives you competitive pricing and free white glove delivery service, meaning a team will set up the mattress and remove your old one if you want to get rid of it. It also offers a 120-day trial to make sure you love it.

This adjustable model has built-in air chambers that inflate to 50 different firmness levels via a remote. It also has an organic cotton pillow top and layers of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and Oeko-Tex certified latex (meaning they’re free of harmful levels of chemicals), so you get the comfort and support of a traditional mattress.

The brand’s Lineal Adjustable Base gives you the added benefits of head and feet elevation, under-bed lighting, wall-hugging features, and full-body massage capabilities. This base also works with the traditional Saatva mattresses.

These Customized Mugs With Mini Portraits of Each Family Member Are the Perfect Gift For Parents

  These Customized Mugs With Mini Portraits of Each Family Member Are the Perfect Gift For Parents They won't know how they lived without.

Available sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King

Trial period: 180 days for the mattress, minus a $99 return pick-up fee. The adjustable base is final sale.

Best Adjustable Bed Base

Legget & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Base

a close up of furniture: Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Base © Amazon Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Base

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If you already have a mattress you love and are looking for a top-notch adjustable base, this one from Leggett and Platt is designed to work with most mattresses and even has a MicroHook system (i.e. Velcro-like strips) to keep the mattress in place when the bed changes positions.

It comes with a remote, but the base can also be controlled with an app through Apple or Android devices. Through the app you can use the massage features, set an alarm so it’ll gently wake you up, and control the under-bed lighting.

The legs are adjustable so you can customize your bed’s height and it uses Wallhugger engineering, which means it doesn’t pull your whole body away from the nightstand as it raises your head. It also comes with eight different USB ports to charge your phone, tablets, or whatever device you keep in your room.

Available sizes: Queen or Split King

Trial period: not offered

Best Value Adjustable Bed Base

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

a living room: Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base © Amazon Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

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This pick is ideal for someone who wants an adjustable base but isn't ready to spend an arm and a leg on it. But don’t let the price fool you; it still has all the bells and whistles: it can raise your head and feet and there’s a wireless remote that you can use to pre-program your ideal position. It even has built-in USB ports for charging your phone or other devices.

9 face masks you can wear to formal occasions — from reusable silk masks to sleek disposables

  9 face masks you can wear to formal occasions — from reusable silk masks to sleek disposables If you're planning on attending a formal function over the next few months, you'll need a good mask to match. Here are nine picks we recommend.

The brand says it takes just five minutes to set up and you can do it on your own – i.e. no scheduling or waiting around for a delivery service to do it for you — not to mention, it’s an Amazon best-seller with hundreds of five-star reviews. There are also mattresses from the brand that you can buy with the base as a set.

Available sizes: Twin XL, Full, and Queen

Trial period: not offered

Best Customizable Adjustable Bed

Reverie 8Q Adjustable Base

a chair sitting in front of a desk: Reverie 8Q-Series Adjustable Bed Base © Reverie Reverie 8Q-Series Adjustable Bed Base

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Reverie stands out because there 11 different bases to choose from depending on what type of features you'll need. The simplest model just raises your head, but others give you more adjustable options and unique capabilities like wireless phone-charging.

This 8Q base offers both head and feet elevation and full-body massage features with 10 different intensity levels. You can also pre-program your favorite position on the remote. Plus, it has adjustable legs so you can change the height of your bed.

The brand's customized mattresses are filled with individual pods that have varying firmness levels (called “Dreamcells”) so you get a personalized configuration. You can switch these pods out yourself if you need certain areas to be softer or firmer.

Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split Queen, and Split King

Trial period: not offered. However, you have the option to purchase a Mattress Return Option for $99 if you buy a mattress, which lets you get a refund during the first year, minus a 25% return pick-up fee.

Best All-Inclusive Adjustable Bed

Casper The Adjustable Pro

a living room with a wooden floor: Casper The Adjustable Pro © Casper Casper The Adjustable Pro

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If you’re starting from scratch, Casper has everything you need, from the adjustable bed, mattress and mattress protector to the sheets, pillows and duvet. And the brand is super popular for a reason: its products consistently do well in our Lab’s tests. Not to mention, it has a 100-day bedding trial so you can sleep on these items at home and get a full refund if you don’t love them. The trial is only 30 days for the adjustable base, but that's more lenient than other brands that don’t accept returns at all.

The Adjustable Pro base has all the features you’d expect in a luxury bed, like full-body adjustability, head and feet massage features, USB ports for charging your devices, under-bed lights and the option to save your favorite positions on the wireless remotes. It’s pricey, but there’s a lower-priced version that’s just missing a few of the bonus features like the massage, lighting, and wall-hugging. The base comes with free at-home set up and it works with any foam mattress, including all of Casper’s models. Plus, you get 20% off the cost of the base if you buy it with a mattress.

Available sizes: Twin XL, Queen, Split King, and California King

Trial period: 30 days for the adjustable base; 100 days for the mattresses, pillows and other bedding

Are adjustable beds worth it?

It’s a matter of personal preference, but users who have an adjustable bed swear by it. That said, they don't come cheap: Adjustable beds can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. If you’re willing and able to splurge on a top-of-the-line mattress with an adjustable base that has smart technology, it can cost you well over $3,000, but you can find a simple yet good-quality adjustable base that raises your head and feet for under $1,000.

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