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Everlane just released their first-ever slippers — and both pairs look so cozy. Looking to keep your feet warm and cozy as the temperatures drop? Everlane ’ s first-ever foray into Both pairs of slippers are part of Everlane ’ s popular ReNew line, which means they ’re made of 100% recycled material.

But as working from home and staying indoors become the new normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, spring ’20’ s most in-demand silhouettes are bound to look quite different than what With a growing demand for supportive footwear, slippers are now at the top of many customers’ wish lists.

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  • Working from home has meant not wearing shoes all day, and walking on hardwood without support was making my feet ache.
  • Everlane's ReNew Slippers have become my go-to house shoe - the soles offer just enough support for my feet and the interior doesn't get sweaty like classic shearling slippers.
  • They're not only my favorites, they also have a top spot in our guide to the best women's slippers.
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After working from home for months, I can safely say that not commuting into an office has its own set of benefits and challenges. The pros include being able to wear leggings to my meetings and having my favorite snacks on hand. But the big con for me is foot pain caused by not wearing supportive shoes during the day.

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Sharing all of my pre-summer clothing picks from Everlane in today' s video. This Video is sponsored by Everlane #AD # everlane #treadforward @ everlane

You might want to give your working - from - home uniform – sweatpants on the bottom, Zoom-appropriate on top, slippers on feet – a tweak. An expert has warned against wearing slippers day-in, day-out while working from home , suggesting your indoor shoes could damage your posture

I'm typically not a slipper person, so I spent the majority of early quarantine padding around my apartment in socks. When my feet started to ache, my doctor suggested I actually put some kind of shoe on - even if it was just a slipper.

Enter: The Everlane ReNew Slippers. I was initially drawn to these because of how decidedly un-fuzzy they looked. The brand calls them a duvet for your feet, and I have to agree with that description. Instead of a shearling lining that makes me sweat just from looking at it, Everlane's slippers have a low-pile lining made from recycled polyester. It's soft and warm but doesn't overheat your feet as other slippers do. And after a few months of wear, the lining hasn't matted down much. Instead, it has molded to my feet, making the slippers even comfier.

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Slippers with arch and metatarsal support will provide comfort and reduce strain on the feet and legs. Specialized fabrics will breathe, and keep feet Top-quality slippers are produced from high-quality materials including leather, sheepskin, and cotton. People with cold feet may also start wearing these

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Senior reporter Mara Leighton, who is also a fan of these slippers, shares my feelings. "The lining is soft, but not so plush that it feels like you've just stepped into a mushy, hot fur pocket," she says.

The outer shell is made from quilted nylon, which gives makes them easier to take care of. If I accidentally splash something on the slippers while cooking or cleaning, they're easy to spot-clean. Just a little soap on a damp cloth does the trick, and these slippers look good as new.

Everlane's ReNew Slippers also have a sturdy outsole that's made of recycled rubber. And while I wouldn't suggest running errands in these shoes, the soles can stand up for a trip to the mailbox, or the occasional outing to the coffee shop around the corner.

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The slippers fit true-to-size, but if you want to mitigate the breaking-in period, or you prefer to wear them with socks, you might want to order a size up. Mara also suggests ordering your size, even though they feel like a close fit to begin with.

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A working from home uniform should be the ultimate excuse to don your most cosy apparel. Slippers are the perfect finishing touch and, as an The Snug Leaves Ladies' Deluxe Fluffy Memory Foam Slippers are an ideal way to keep your feet pampered and warm while adding a touch of

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Cons to consider

As great as these slippers are, they have their drawbacks. The trim doesn't have any stretch to it, so if you have a high instep (like yours truly) it might take a couple of wears for it to break in enough to not feel constricting over the top of your foot. I dealt with this by wearing the slippers with socks one day, which provided enough stretch to make them comfortable.

The color range is also limited. I ordered these when Everlane offered multiple shades, including the sage green I own. But after its recent stock changeup, Everlane is now only making the slippers in black or cream.

Leighton also mentions the fact that they're not machine-washable as a con. "Because I've worn only these shoes for months, they smell awful now," she says. "I plan to wash the lining by hand, which should be easy, but I'll give an update once I have."

a person standing in front of shoes: Maria Del Russo / Business Insider © Maria Del Russo / Business Insider Maria Del Russo / Business Insider

The bottom line

I'm not overexaggerating when I say I wear these slippers every single day. Their cool design also helps me feel put-together while working from home. I especially love to wear them with a sweatsuit, or with an oversized sweater and a pair of wide-legged pants.

I would never call slippers life-changing, but the Everlane ReNew Slippers are as close to the moniker as I've ever experienced. They've turned me into a slipper convert, and now I can drape myself in soft clothes from my top to my toes.

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