Style Dylan Dreyer reveals favorite necklace is made from her breast milk

02:50  23 april  2021
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Dylan Dreyer reveals she pumps breastmilk WHILE filming the Today show from her New York apartment - using a wireless device that is hidden in her bra. Dylan , 38, had her wireless breast pumps hidden under her drapey fuchsia cardigan on Thursday as she filmed the third hour of the show remotely. Craig Melvin, 41, couldn't believe that he brought it up live on the show, saying he doesn't 'know if America's ready for that,' but Al was admittedly fascinated by the technology. 'I have to pump. Mama's gotta make some milk !' said Dylan , who shares two young sons — Calvin, three, and Oliver

Dylan Dreyer , meteorologist and 3rd hour of TODAY co-host, revealed she had mastitis right before her husband, Brian Fichera, had the coronavirus. Dylan , 38, feared she was coming down with the coronavirus herself in late March. But it turned out to be a nasty case of mastitis, an inflammation of breast tissue. "I woke up one night with a 102 degree fever, chills, the works," she told People. "I felt absolutely awful. But then I went on antibiotics, and I was totally fine."

There is one impulse purchase Dylan Dreyer doesn't regret.

The TODAY meteorologist revealed in a Thursday interview on Katherine Schwarzenegger's BDA (Before, During, & After) Baby Instagram series that the necklace she always wears is made from her breast milk.

a person smiling for the camera: Dylan Dreyer wears a necklace with a breast milk pendant that resembles a dainty pearl. (Dylan Dreyer) © Dylan Dreyer Dylan Dreyer wears a necklace with a breast milk pendant that resembles a dainty pearl. (Dylan Dreyer)

"I love my necklace ... I never take it off," Dylan told TODAY Parents of the custom jewelry, which features a circular-shaped white bubble on an elegant chain. "That and two other necklaces, one with each of the boys' profile."

Dylan said the necklace was an emotional purchase, but she feels blessed to have it.

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Multitasking mom Dylan Dreyer revealed that she pumped breast milk while airing the Today show live from her home on Thursday – and viewers wouldn’t have been wiser if her co-star Al Roker hadn’t pointed it out. The 38-year-old meteorologist’s wireless pumps were hidden under her drapey fuchsia vest as she filmed the movie third hour from the morning show remotely from her New York City apartment, but Al was so surprised he couldn’t resist talking about it. “One of us is doing something while doing this work,” he said, surprising Dylan and their fellow hosts, who just laughed uncomfortably.

Dylan Dreyer captioned a Friday Instagram photo of her breast milk in paper cups. If new moms like Dylan Dreyer know one thing, it’s that being able to act in a snap is critical. “When you forget bottles to pump into, you improvise,” the Today show meteorologist captioned a Friday photo of her breast -pump nozzles resting inside two paper cups, alongside a bottle of water and one of hand sanitizer.

"It really was the only thing that helped me come to terms with stopping breastfeeding," she said.

Related: “I feel an ache in my heart and my stomach,” she wrote.

Made by Milk and Honey, the necklace required only a small amount of breast milk from Dylan to create her pendant.

"They turn it into a powder and make the jewelry from that," she explained. "They actually keep it on file so I could make more if I wanted to!"

The 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host and mom of two revealed that after her struggles with infertility and miscarriage, the necklace is symbolic.

"No one really knows what it is, because people who don’t understand might think it’s gross, but it’s something I’ll always cherish for what it is and what it represents," she shared.

In the same 30-minute interview, the mom of Calvin, 4, and Oliver, 1, discussed the secondary infertility complications she faced, as well as the miscarriage she experienced between the births of her sons.

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Dylan Dreyer is ready to make her way back to the Today show three months after she gave birth to her baby boy Calvin. The 35-year-old NBC News meteorologist took to Twitter on Monday morning to announce that her maternity leave has come to an end. Celebration: Dylan Dreyer shared a precious clip of herself waving her baby boy Calvin in the air to announce her return to the Today show. The Boomerang video sees Dylan donning a floral tank top and a navy leggings as she raises her son over her head and waves him back and forth in the air.

NBC New's Dylan Dreyer and her husband Brian Fichera use a giant balloon filled helium to make their voices squeaky and then sig a song together in this adorable Instagram video.

It's not the first time Dylan has opened up about the struggles she faced to conceive in an effort to remove any stigmas surrounding sensitive topics. Even Dylan's husband, Brian Fichera, has been candid about the emotional toll.

"Secondary infertility is very real. We had a false sense of security after we have our first child," Fichera wrote in a 2019 essay for TODAY Parents. "My advice to anyone whose partner has gone through the ringer trying to have their second child or even their first is to please talk with each other. Please be each other’s advocate."

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