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18:35  13 may  2021
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If anyone knows how to live their best life during the summer, it's Amanda Batula. As the star of Bravo's Summer House, the reality series about a group of young professionals who spend their weekends partying in the Hamptons, the 29-year-old has spent the last five seasons entertaining viewers with a peek into the shenanigan-filled lives of her and her friends. There's been drama, sure, but fans have also watched as Batula and her fiancé, Kyle Cooke, fell in love and built a business together (Loverboy, a line of sparkling hard teas and canned cocktails so delicious I keep them stocked in my fridge at all times).

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In short, Amanda Batula literally gets paid to have fun. And as the world starts opening up thanks to the vaccine rollout, we'll need people like her to remind us about the lost art of the party pregame ritual. To that end, the reality star recently partnered with Skintimate to share curated playlists and cocktail recipes for your next getting-ready experience.

But what else does Batula recommend to have the Best Summer Ever? Read on for our latest installment of Your Fave's Faves.

How I approach my style for the show

Planning my outfits for Summer House is a little chaotic. I have to lay everything out. I buy so many clothes, and I try everything on because I'm a terrible shopper. Well, not a terrible shopper, but I love a lot of clothing and trends that don't necessarily flatter my body. I tend to buy things that I have to try on to see if I can make them work. So I frantically shop, and then I try everything on—even the clothes I currently have. This way I'm not bringing anything into the summer that I'm going to put on and be like, “Oh wait, I don't like this.” I always overpack—it's my biggest pet peeve—so I need to visually lay everything out first. Kyle packs, like, the night before. But it takes me two weeks from start to finish.

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My summer essentials

I could go all summer with just a bathing suit, a good razor, and shaving cream. My favorite swimsuit brand is called Somerfield Swim. I randomly found it on Instagram, and at the time it was one of the only brands I could find that had underwire in their suits. The model was like, super skinny with big boobs and wearing a small in a lot of her images, so that meant that even the small would fit around my chest but I'd be able to fill up the cups. I've been buying their bathing suits for, like, three years now.

For my razor and shaving cream, I've used Skintimate for years—I can't go a whole summer with bad razor burn and hairy legs. I need to be at my ultimate prime and smooth as possible. The cream makes all the difference because then you don't have to shave as often—you're already silky smooth as you get out of the shower. It just makes the whole shower experience better. It makes me feel like more of an adult when I'm actually taking the time and treating myself to a good shave and shower experience.

How to Stop Impulse Buying

  How to Stop Impulse Buying "My eye is constantly sensing pain."

diagram © Provided by Glamour

Skintimate Spark Shave Gel

$3.00, Walmart

diagram © Provided by Glamour

Skintimate Spark Razor (2-Count)

$8.00, Target


The beauty products I can't live without

A good face oil is key. Because we're in the sun all the time [on the show], I need to moisturize the skin. And, obviously, sunscreen is super important. A lot of my moisturizers, makeup, and beauty products have SPF in them, including my favorite CC+ cream.

  What Summer House Star Amanda Batula Is Buying This Season © Provided by Glamour

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Face Oil

$80.00, Sunday Riley

  What Summer House Star Amanda Batula Is Buying This Season © Provided by Glamour

It Cosmetics CC+ Cream With SPF 50+

$40.00, It Cosmetics


How I style my hair

We always do our own hair and makeup for the show. People assume that we get it done, and they'll make comments. They also assume we have stylists and will make comments about who's dressing us. I's like, um, I'm dressing me!

I'm an artistic person, I went to school for graphic design, so I've always loved to play around with makeup. But I always do the same look essentially, which is very natural. There's a tutorial every five minutes on Instagram so I don't even have to look for it. It just shows up and I'm like, “Hmm, maybe I'll try that next time.”

What American kids need this summer

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I did have to learn how to do my hair a little bit more [for the show]. I had to figure out what products look good, how to get more volume, how to get my hair to keep a curl in. I like anything that is volumizing. I try out different ones, whether it's, like, a spray that you do after the shower or one the powders that you tap in when your hair is dry. Any volumizing dry shampoo is just a lifesaver, and Batiste is one of my favorites.

text, whiteboard © Provided by Glamour

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original

$9.00, Batiste


The one thing every pet owner should have

I grew up with dogs, and I wanted one so badly, so I convinced Kyle to foster with me. I went kind of crazy buying everything that I was targeted for on Instagram. There were a lot of returns after I realized, “You don't actually need this. The dog is going to go somewhere else.” But a cute leash and matching poop bag holder is a game changer, especially being in the city. If you don't have a good poop bag holder that's easy to rip off the bags—it sounds funny, but at least if it looks cute on your leash, it's alright. I have one from Wild One.

My favorite thing in my closet

Recently, I bought these pair of bubblegum pink jeans from Zara, and I am so excited to wear them. I'm such a basics person, but these…I don't know why, but I just keep wearing them around the apartment. I can't wait to style them and go out. I feel like it's my childhood coming back, when we all had colorful jeans from Oshkosh B'gosh. I'm really excited to play around with them.

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a woman posing for a picture © Provided by Glamour

Zara Wide Leg Jeans in Bubble Gum

$50.00, Zara


The last thing I bought

I bought some really cute sunglasses off of Amazon. That's my go-to place for sunglasses, because I feel like the trends are always changing and I'm always losing them. So, I had a little sunglass haul on Amazon and bought whatever it kept recommending for me to buy.

a close up of sunglasses © Provided by Glamour

YDAOWKN Classic Vintage Aviator Sunglasses

$13.98.00, Amazon

logo © Provided by Glamour

FEISEDY Classic Women Sunglasses

$13.99.00, Amazon


What I'm eyeing for this summer

For me, a good sandal—like a flat, comfortable sandal—is essential in the summer. They help dress up or dress down an outfit, and I just love having those really comfortable, clunky-looking sandals. Since I own a lot of staple pieces, I feel like I can always change up my outfits with a fun pair of shoes. So I recently purchased a bunch of sandals. I'm looking forward to wearing them outside of my apartment.

a pair of sneakers © Provided by Glamour

Zara Rubberized Low Heel Sandals

$50.00, Zara

a close up of a footwear © Provided by Glamour

Arizona Love Trekky Black Bandana

$188.00, Shopbop

  What Summer House Star Amanda Batula Is Buying This Season © Provided by Glamour

Demmy Leather & Cork Sandal

$98.00, Schutz


I've also been stalking different websites for handbags, trying to convince myself to splurge because I haven't been going anywhere where you need a purse. The other night, I actually went out for the first time and forgot my wallet. I brought a purse, but I only put my keys in my bag, because I'm not used to using fun purses. So purses and shoes I'm excited to start buying again.

Anna Moeslein is the senior entertainment editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @annamoeslein.

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