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17:15  05 june  2021
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  20 Asian-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Now and Always One of the easiest ways to support the AAPI community is to put your money into it. With the influx of hate crimes directed toward AAPI people throughout COVID-19, and the systemic racism that has historically been present in the beauty industry, there is no better time than now to lend support to the community. In the case of the beauty industry, it's as simple as purchasing products from Asian-owned brands and businesses.

If you were to take a peek inside my bathroom cabinet right now, you'd see about 100 beauty products squished inside. (Yes, I actually counted.) That's not even including other beauty items that are stuffed under the sink, scattered on my shelves, or lined up in the shower.

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As a commerce writer, I go through hundreds of products a year thanks to my own personal spending habits, and giftings from brands. Since I'm able to test so many things, I've become pretty picky about what I consider "good" in the beauty realm. While my criteria varies from product to product, from its packaging to the texture (nobody likes sticky skincare), at the end of the day it all boils down to the results: Does it do what it promises? And more importantly, does it do it well?

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With that being said, only a few things I test actually end up with a permanent spot in my daily routine. Out of all the products I've tested so far this year, here are the 10 that I haven't been able to stop using:

  • Knours Double Duty Face Mist, $10–$36 at Amazon
  • Sol de Janeiro Rio Dio Aluminum Free Deodorant, $16 at Amazon
  • La Roche-Posay Double Repair Face Moisturizer, SPF 30, $20 at Amazon
  • Kopari Tropical Coconut Melt, $28 at Kopari
  • Avene Cleanance Concentrate Blemish Control Serum, $28 at Avene
  • Lapcos Dr. 14 Vital Care Biotin Shampoo, $32 at Amazon
  • Charlotte Tilbury Look of Love Matte Revolution Lipstick, $37 at Nordstrom
  • Aloisia Beauty Glow Exfoliating Soft Peel, $60 at Aloisia Beauty
  • Prima Night Magic Intensive CBD Face Oil, $88 at Nordstrom
  • True Botanicals Chebula Active Immunity Serum, $90 at Amazon
a close up of a bottle: From a super nourishing CBD face oil to a matte lipstick that actually lasts all day. © Courtesy From a super nourishing CBD face oil to a matte lipstick that actually lasts all day.

Prima Night Magic CBD Face Oil

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It's hard to pick a favorite out of a list of favorites, but Prima's face oil has got to be one of the best skincare products I've tried in a long time. I've been using it for a few months now, and it's definitely changed the suppleness of my skin. Made with 300 milligrams of CBD and a blend of oils and extracts like prickly pear seed, marula, squalane, and rose hip, it's incredibly soothing and nourishing. I use it at night as the last step in my skincare routine, and it's never failed to leave me glowing.

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Shop now: $88; nordstrom.com or prima.co

La Roche-Posay Face Repair Moisturizer

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I bought this last month when I was looking for something with SPF to replace my old morning moisturizer — and let me tell you, those 11,000 five-star ratings on Amazon did not steer me wrong. La Roche-Posay's moisturizer is a skin repairing multitasker that tackles tons of concerns (seriously, it kind of does everything), but it's especially great at hydrating and calming redness. My acne-prone skin hasn't experienced any trouble with it; it absorbs well and leaves a subtle dew.

Shop now: $20; amazon.com

Lapcos Dr. 14 Vital Care Biotin Shampoo

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I started using biotin shampoo during quarantine for a few reasons — other than wanting to see how long I could grow my hair out, I have fine strands, and wanted to make sure my hair was staying healthy and voluminous despite being in a constant state of stress. While I still love this $9 Amazon find, Lapcos' Dr. 14 Vital Care Shampoo has become my new favorite. It has a gentle formula packed with natural ingredients that help prevent hair loss and improve scalp health. I love that it has a relaxing, minty scent and a creamy, lightweight texture that leaves my hair super soft.

Clean Beauty Has a Misinformation Problem

  Clean Beauty Has a Misinformation Problem A lot of what you believe right now is completely false. We’re here to set the record straight.The clean beauty movement is new and evolving—and also complicated and confusing. Even the exact definition of “clean beauty” itself is still hotly debated by pretty much everyone in the community. And because the messaging around clean beauty products isn’t regulated either, a brand can claim anything it wants about its supposedly clean/green/sustainable products, and there’s no governing body to fact-check it. Not ideal.

Shop now: $32; amazon.com

True Botanicals Chebula Active Immunity Serum

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This is an anti-aging serum that addresses everything from roughness and dehydration to fine lines and hyperpigmentation. What makes it different from other serums on the market is its potent antioxidant formula of chebula, a fruit extract that stimulates collagen, as well as elderberry, ginger, and echinacea, which are anti-inflammatory, healing, and fight against environmental aggressors.

Everytime I use it, it feels like a therapeutic, spa-like experience thanks to its beautiful herbal scent, juicy texture, and super nourishing ingredients. It always leaves my skin feeling really good — just overall soft, calm, and glowing. Olivia Wilde and Laura Dern are also fans; in fact, it works so well that it's sold out multiple times.

Shop now: $90; amazon.com

Knours Double Duty Face Mist

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I have a bone to pick with face mists, which is that so many advertise to be "soothing" and "refreshing," and so many just aren't. Thank goodness for Knours' Double Duty Face Mist, which has ended my search for a moisturizing face mist once and for all. This mist feels so good on your face thanks to emollient ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera, and it's the perfect way to prep your skin before applying serums. I follow up with the brand's Bubble Burst Serum, which is formulated with rosewater and hyaluronic acid, for an extra dose of moisture.

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Shop now: $10–$36; amazon.com

Sol de Janeiro Rio Dio Deodorant

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If you've been keeping up with my favorite Amazon buys, you probably know that I'm a huge Sol De Janeiro fan. The brand recently launched a few new products, including an aluminum-free deodorant that smells exactly like its popular Bum Bum Cream (AKA a tropical vacation in a tube). I know aluminum-free sounds scary, but I'm impressed with how dry this deodorant actually leaves me. Not only that, but it's moisturizing, and even helps fight ingrown hairs. The scent is pretty strong (but not overwhelming) and lasts all day, which is impressive.

Shop now: $16; amazon.com

Kopari Tropical Coconut Melt

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Speaking of tropical, Kopari's island-inspired, piña colada-scented Coconut Melt is back for the summer. The body moisturizer is made with 100 percent cold-pressed coconut oil, and smells just like a day at the beach. I love slathering this on right after I shave my legs while my skin is still a bit damp — it leaves me feeling so soft and smooth. And thanks to coconut oil's fatty acids and vitamin E content, it's also great to use on stretch marks.

Shop now: $28; kopari.com

Charlotte Tilbury Look of Love Lipstick

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If you love Charlotte Tilbury's iconic Pillow Talk lipstick, you'll love the brand's newest lipstick launch. The Look of Love collection is full of flushed pink and peachy tones that have non-drying, matte finishes. It's the perfect subtle lipstick that works for daily wear or a night out. My go-to is the Mrs. Kisses shade, which is a rosy peach. The best part, other than the super flattering colors, is that this lipstick seriously lasts all day. I've worn it through eating several meals and under a mask, and it's barely rubbed off by the end of the day. It also comes in a refillable tube, which is convenient.

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  These 56 Memorial Day Beauty Sales Are So. Freakin'. Good. All the makeup, skincare, and hair product promo codes you could ever want.And even though you’ve got a hot sec before Memorial Day is officially here, a lot of Memorial Day beauty sales have actually already started, which means you can load up your carts now with some very excellent discounts and deals. Keep scrolling for all of the beset MDW beauty sales, below.

Shop now: $37; nordstorm.com

Aloisia Glow Exfoliating Soft Peel

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Aloisia Beauty is one of those under-the-radar Korean beauty brands that should very much be on your radar. While I hadn't heard of the brand's exfoliating gel peel until Kate Hudson posted about it on her Instagram Stories, I'm not really sure how I've lived without it after using it. If you're looking for something that will leave you with baby soft skin, this stuff is it. Made with papaya fruit enzymes, green tea, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid, the peel gently buffs away dead skin while simultaneously soothing and plumping it too. I use it twice a week (along with Aloisia's aloe gel mist), and it's made my complexion so much brighter.

Shop now: $60; aloisiabeauty.com

Avene Cleanance Blemish Control Serum

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A few months ago, I basically replaced all my daily skincare with Avene products. My skin was going through a period of being super irritated and bumpy, and I knew I needed to stick to a gentle, non-comedogenic routine to get it back to normal. The French skincare brand uses soothing thermal spring water in all of its products, and after about a month of using items from the Antirougers and Cleanance collections, my skin completely calmed down.

Now, I'm completely devoted to its Blemish Control Serum, which is formulated with plant-based extracts like milk thistle to reduce oil and the appearance of blemishes. It's actually pretty moisturizing — unlike acne-fighting products made with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, it won't irritate or dry out your skin. Ever since I've been using it, any breakouts I do get are much more manageable.

Shop now: $28; aveneus.com

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