Style Cyber ​​attacks in France: "The threat believes, the greater world is safe"

10:30  11 june  2021
10:30  11 june  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

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L’état des lieux sur la menace cyber est alarmant. © West-France The state of play on the cyber threat is alarming.

On the occasion of its 2020 balance sheet, the National Information Systems Safety Agency (ANSSI) reports a growing threat. But confidently says in his ability to cope.

The situation is not good. The threat believes. Greater world is immune, said Guillaume Poudard, Managing Director of ANSSI , Thursday, June 10, at a press conference. But, despite this alarmist tone, the director at the head of 610 agents is confident. We will succeed in dealing with this threat.

in 2020, more than 2,287 reports have been reassembled at the agency. 759 incidents were declared including seven major incidents. No sector of activity seems spared by cyber attacks. Nevertheless, the victims of rankongicials are mainly local authorities, health facilities and industry companies, says ANSSI.

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Rennes becomes a strong place of cybersecurity

An antenna of the ANSSI , will see the day in the neighborhood La Courrouze , in Rennes. It will open end 2022-early 2023 specifies Emmanuel Naëgelen, the Deputy Director General. Of 4,000 m2, 200 agents will be welcomed. Three activities are on the program: improve knowledge of the threat, process Cyber ​​ data and strengthen our technical decision-making capacity. Building on the general direction of the armies present in Rennes.

Why in the Breton capital? There is already an ecosystem around cybersecurity: start-ups, research programs, large companies ... detailed the Assistant Director General of ANSLI.

This location will also allow for the planned growth of the agency of the coming years. A Cyber ​​campus that will include a Information Systems Security Training Center will open in a Defense Tower in Paris at the end of 2021.

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of the town halls to hospitals, strengthen their safety

their attacks have made one this year. They were thought out of reach, this is no longer the case, recognizes Guillaume Poupard. In the plan of France revive, a component of 136 million euros concerns cybersecurity. Its objective is to strengthen the level of cybersecurity of the administrations, local authorities and health facilities. A cyberscore is being deployed. Note of A + to D-, it consists of drawing out an inventory of the cyber threat after an audit and to set goals, explains Gwenaëlle Martinet, France's project leadership raised to the ANSSI.

of the concerns to be for the elections

a few days from the departmental and regional elections , the ANSLI reassures on the threat of a computer attack that would put the mess in the polls. The systems to go up the results to the Ministry of the Interior are very secure, "Guillaume Poupard provided.

Weakness can come from the candidates themselves. Mailboxes with passwords not strong enough or using computer systems not sufficiently protected can be attacked. We will not be able to prevent these attacks but candidates can be made aware of this risk of attack ". The objective of the ANSSI is also to secure by 2022 the dematerialized vote of the French abroad.

The role to play insurance

pay or not the ransom during a rank attack. That's all the debate. It is fueling the crime, has sliced ​​Guillaume Poupard. Insurance is pointing to the finger because some contracts would guarantee the payment of a ransom in case of attack. Insurers have an important role to play in Cyber ​​fight. I dream of the day when insurers will refuse to ensure a business because its level of security is too low.

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