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I’m 5’2”—These Are the Best Summer Dresses I’ve Found For Petite Women

  I’m 5’2”—These Are the Best Summer Dresses I’ve Found For Petite Women One 5’2” editor shares her finds for the best petite summer dresses—no tailor required.I used to think I couldn’t wear long maxi dresses, but they have now become my everyday uniform. If shopping online, the trick is to always check the garment’s “length” measurements to ensure it will fit your frame before checking out. (I look for dresses with a length of 51 inches and under, but the sweet spot is 40-45 inches.) I promise it will save you a headache from having to return it afterward. If you’re shopping at a retailer with an actual petite section, rejoice! They are far and few between, but labels like Reformation are making it easier to shop for petite sizes.

Mothers of the bride and groom will have similar wedding day outfits. While it's encouraged to stay away from anything that looks white (unless approved by the bride), almost anything that aligns with the dress code is appropriate. The best mother of the groom dresses are those that make you feel You'll find options for every type of wedding, from elegant maxi dresses to casual minis. A lace midi is always a great option for moms. This modest design has pretty cap sleeves and a scalloped skirt—and if you want to stick to your budget, rent it for just four days. Catherine Deane Miya lace dress in Blue

Traditionally, the mother of the bride would buy her dress first, and then consult with the mother of the groom who’d buy something to complement the chosen gown. Now , the rules are a little less strict – but we’d still recommend you confer before the big day! It’s elegant , chic and, as you'll see from the selection below, there are so many lovely black or monochrome mother of the groom dresses out there. As long as the couple are happy with your colour choice, there’s nothing to say you can’t choose a black outfit.

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Chow mein vs. lo mein: What is the difference?

Both of these noodle dishes are Chinese in origin and made with egg noodles (plus a combination of vegetables and sometimes meat or seafood), but their similarities stop there. Chow mein, or chāu-mèn, translates to stir-fried noodles. Lo mein, lāo miàn, means stirred noodles. So, the biggest difference is in how they’re cooked.

What type of noodles are used in each dish?

Chow mein and lo mein are both made with egg noodles, which contain wheat flour and eggs, just like Italian pasta. Lo mein is best made with fresh noodles, and chow mein can be made with either fresh or dried noodles. The noodles are usually about an eighth of an inch thick (slightly thicker than spaghetti) and have a smooth surface and toothsome texture.

Unique wedding cake toppers for every couple

  Unique wedding cake toppers for every couple These unique wedding cake toppers can upgrade any type of wedding cake.It may seem like a wedding cake topper is a staple that has been around since the inception of weddings themselves, but they really only gained popularity in the U.S. during the 1950s. That said, in recent years, the cake decoration has caught on and has become more unique and modernized for today’s couples.

Browse these beautiful elegant groom mother dresses to get the perfect attire for girls. Most elegant groom mother dresses are created of natural fibers such as cotton, which makes Many of the elegant groom mother dresses available on our site are super stylish, low cost and varying

18 Long Length Mother of the Bride and Groom Dresses - WeddingInclude. When it comes to the wedding dresses , the brides always have so many inspirations to work on, from the texture to the length or design. While of course bride is the most important person to consider, but you should also take the This short A line modest knee length white dress is perfect for mother of the groom or another formal occasion. This lace with pebble dress has wide sleeveless tank straps and also includes a matching scalloped hemline 3/4 length sleeve lace bolero jacket, which is embellished with glitter.

How is chow mein prepared?

Because it’s stir-fried, chow mein is prepared in a wok. First, the noodles are par-boiled or soaked in hot water to soften slightly—however, they’re not fully cooked at this stage. Meat (such as chicken, pork or beef) or tofu or shrimp are stir-fried in the sizzling wok, along with aromatics like onion and celery, and beans sprouts or other vegetables. The par-cooked noodles are added to the wok to finish cooking. The end result is a slightly soft noodle dish with crisp-tender vegetables. (Chow mein is more about the noodles than the vegetables.)

How is lo mein prepared?

Different from chow mein, lo mein noodles are cooked separately from the remaining ingredients in the dish, so they’re fully cooked instead of par-boiled. Meanwhile, vegetables and meat or seafood are stir-fried, then everything gets tossed together with a sauce before serving. (That’s another distinction between chow mein and lo mein: Lo mein is a saucy dish, while chow mein is typically drier or less liquid-y.) The final dish is soft and coated in sauce.

Finally, it’s important to note is that both chow mein and lo mein have been heavily influenced and modified by the western populations that have adopted them. When you order either dish from an American Chinese restaurant, they’re usually very different from traditional Chinese cuisine, because they’ve been altered to appeal to western tastes.

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