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13:40  02 july  2021
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The #1 Worst Order at Costco's Food Court

  The #1 Worst Order at Costco's Food Court Some Costco members are celebrating the food court's return with a pizza discovery that borders between indulgent and downright reckless. Though this meat-lovers dream come true is going viral, it might be one of the last things that your heart needs. © Provided by Eat This, Not That! costco food court Part of Costco's power is the sense of community membership provides, and social media lends itself seamlessly to that. Reddit's Costco community loves to share their latest finds both on the aisles of the warehouse and the menu at the food court.

  Das passiert heute in den Soaps © TVNow / Julia Feldhagen 14:10 clock, the first: red roses

Thomas has unbearable pain in the arm, but absolutely wants to moderate the quiz. So he can be prescribed by Hendrik another syringe. The Sara tired by the night service administered Thomas the injection - then Thomas breaks unconscious in the treatment room. Mona is worried about Jens - since his almost crash he is different, was not full of the fire brigade. But Jens wants to hear nothing of it.

15:10, the first: storm of love

video: "Oh my god, what happened?": These were Lady Diana's last words (Sat.1)

Rosalie is in a press release to the allegations against Christoph addressed and deviates the question. But the journalist represents her statement as if she is guilty of Christoph. This requires a public clarification, but Rosalie rejects. Erik is happy that Ariane accepts his request and forget about it quickly to hesitate. When it turns out that the registry office for a few months rewards appointments, Erik is disappointed.

This happens today in the SOAPs

 This happens today in the SOAPs 14:10 clock, the first: red roses © tvnow / rolf baumgartner merles cooperation with "energy green" is running and is praised by "Heideecho" excited. She just seems to do everything right. Britta is disappointed that Hendrik wants to accept the job offer from Hamburg. The offer is balm for his hoped ego. When he asks Britta to dismiss him immediately from his contract, she gives him a professional cancellation.

17:30, RTL: Under us

Jacob feels increasingly struggling by Monika's repellent behavior. In order not to set your friendship with Jacob, Monika finally meets a decision. Easy and Ringo advised in an educational zwickmühle when they finished out of Julius's birthday that her son has built crap.

19:05, RTL: Everything that counts

Chiara is desperate, for her knee still hurts. In her need, Chiara makes himself a stupidity. Malu is stunned when Justus calls for the cancellation of her marriage because Malu was in love with her wedding in Finn. Does justus have right with this reproach? Leyla is surprised by her friends with a birthday party.

19:40, RTL: Good times, bad times

Laura continues to approach Felix. She crosses her way with the doctor she treated then. When this inquires after pregnancy, Nazan is irritated. Emily's invite has become victims of extinguishing work. Destroyed on the ground, Emily Peach wants to pay financially to responsibility, but Peach is not decent insured. Emily's existence seems destroyed, there is a light strip on the horizon thanks to Kate.

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