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hairstyle trends in autumn: 3 trendy haircuts that require zero styling effort

 hairstyle trends in autumn: 3 trendy haircuts that require zero styling effort would have to put the hairstyle trends of the new season to the point, it would probably be the casualness that connects them. Because: accurate, edgy lines and elaborate stylings were yesterday - much more growing in autumn and winter 2021 after a much more relaxed look, which does not have to be processed for hours with hair dryer and smoothing iron, wonderfully casual, in soft, flowing transitions over the Shoulders falls and thus does not have to be constantly being tailored.

a person holding a donut shop: A Help Wanted sign hangs in the window of a restaurant in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York, Tuesday, May 4, 2021. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer © AP Photo/Mary Altaffer A Help Wanted sign hangs in the window of a restaurant in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York, Tuesday, May 4, 2021. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer
  • US employers are desperate for workers, sometimes hiring employees without a full vetting.
  • Recently, some new hires are showing up just long enough to get paid before disappearing.
  • One source called the practice "ghosting coasting," according to the Federal Reserve of Atlanta.
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Vanished. Left on read. Stood up. Ghosted.

It has become a fact of modern social life that someone will - at some point - leave you hanging without any explanation. Odds are you've done the same to someone else.

Second-Largest Coffee Chain Launching 4 Beers

  Second-Largest Coffee Chain Launching 4 Beers Two well-known beverage brands have been brewing a bold flavor mashup that you can find in beer outlets, and one restaurant chain, very soon.No wonder Dunkin' was the first out of the gate with their fall coffee menu—they had more seasonal news up their sleeves! For the fourth year in a row, Dunkin' and Harpoon Brewery have partnered to release limited-time, fall-themed beers. "Our collaborations with Dunkin' are highly anticipated by our fans each fall," said Dan Kenary, Harpoon Brewery founder and CEO. Brian Gilbert, Dunkin' vice president of retail business development, added: "Beer, matcha, coffee and donuts—we can't think of a better combination.

Now, that social disappearing act has arrived in the workplace in a new way as US employers scramble to find staff - sometimes hiring candidates without a full vetting of their qualifications.

Ghosting has become such an issue for employers that none other than the Federal Reserve of Atlanta made mention of it in the Fed's latest roundup of economic trends from across its 12 districts.

"Retention continued to be a growing problem for firms," the Atlanta Fed reported. "Restauranteurs noted concerns over 'ghosting coasting,' where a new hire works for a few days and moves on to the next restaurant without notice before they are let go due to lack of skills."

The trend can be even more costly when employers offer up-front bonuses and incentives like free food and discounts to simply apply or accept a job.

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  15 Modern Decor Ideas to Welcome Fall Into Your Home Even if you’re not ready to let go of summer, fall is right around the corner. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited to decorate for the season while sipping on a good, old-fashioned pumpkin spice latte and busting out my favorite cozy sweaters. However, if you’ve been on the hunt for sophisticated autumnal decor but are coming up short, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite modern fall home decor setups that are super simple to replicate in your own space. Best of all: there are absolutely no cursive “gather” signs or plastic pumpkins here—we promise.

Disruptive as the trend may be for employers, Adrienne Slack, the regional executive for the New Orleans Branch of the Atlanta Fed, would give workers the benefit of the doubt here.

"The restaurant industry in particular, it can be a tough place to work," she told NPR's Robert Smith and Adrian Ma on the "Planet Money" podcast. "It's very demanding. And as individuals that haven't necessarily worked in that industry before realize that, they realize they may not want to work in that particular job for very long."

"I'm hearing this from multiple contacts," she added, "not just in the restaurant industry, but I hear it in manufacturing as well."

Turnover and retention rates have long been a significant fact of life in the fast-food business especially. Two years ago, the average monthly turnover rate in the industry was 135%, which basically meant that four people were hired each month for every three who remained on staff. This summer, the turnover rate ticked up to 144%.

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  The Six Fall Trends to Know, According to Celebrities Should you want to dress like a Hollywood A-lister, here’s how.Turns out, a bevy of celebrities have all been rocking the same fall trends worth pinning onto your seasonal mood board. Six trends in particular are early contenders for the breakout of the season. Big, baggy jeans and boxy blazers are a favorite of stars like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, while sky-high platforms and itty-bitty bags are being embraced by Zoë Kravitz and Lady Gaga. There’s also a rockstar-approved silhouette, and a surprising preppy piece that’s taking over.

Additionally, US Labor Department data show restaurant workers are quitting their jobs at the highest rate in two decades. Within the accommodation and food services sector, the quit rate was 5.7% in June 2021, more than double the national average quit rate of 2.7%.

"What that has the restaurants and the manufacturers thinking about is, how do we make our industries more attractive for the workforce? How do we address the reasons behind this ghosting coasting? So it's really about retention," Slack said.

If you are a worker who has ghosted an employer, or an employer who has been ghosted, please get in touch with Dominick Reuter via email. Responses to this story will be kept confidential.

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