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22:05  27 october  2021
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Kenneth Ize Brings Lagos To Paris Fashion Week

  Kenneth Ize Brings Lagos To Paris Fashion Week The Lagos-born designer presents his Spring 2022 collection.In addition, stripes are always present on a Kenneth Ize runway and have become one of his signatures. We can definitely identify an Ize stripe when I see one. The pattern combinations may seem unusual because they are, but part of Ize's talent is blending them seamlessly and showing things that are assumed to not work together, actually can.

Outside of Alàra © Vogue Outside of Alàra

Lagos always feels busy. People walk without purpose, the roads are filled with traffic and impatient drivers, and even the air seems to remind you that there is much to do in the vibrant metropolis—especially during late October when Lagos Fashion Week rolls into focus and celebrated editors, buyers, and fashion enthusiasts congregate in Nigeria’s commercial capital.

There is never a lack of inspiring places to go in Lagos, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. So let us narrow it down: from the restaurant that offers the best amala to the bars with the most idyllic seaside views in the city, here are the places you shouldn’t miss when in Lagos.

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Where to Eat

Nok by Alara

Nok by Alara stands out in the Lagos restaurant scene when it comes to both the aesthetics and the menu. The bright red walls pop against almost any outfit, making it a perfect backdrop for an Instagram, and the dishes on offer include some of the best jollof rice and amala, as well as options with Northern Nigerian influences. Try the jollof rice with beef dambu nama and beef suya.

Nok by Alára © Photo: Courtesy of Nok by Alara Nok by Alára

Atmosphere Rooftop

Situated on the popular Admiralty Way, Atmosphere Rooftop is an open-roof restaurant that strikes a rare balance between a fine-dining restaurant experience and the casual feel you would expect from a Nigerian bar off the street. The dark green and black decor conjures a sense of luxury, the service is excellent (ask the wait staff for advice on what to order), and you’ll likely find the general manager seated next to you. Order the spicy goat meat or their Egusi soup with assorted beef if you are committed to having a good time.

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  Where to Eat, Party, and See Art in Lagos During Fashion Week © Photo: Courtesy of Atmosphere Rooftop


If standby Nigerian dishes (things like jollof, suya, and amala) seem too predictable for your taste buds, Ìtàn is your best bet. A bit more pricey than anywhere else on this list, the reservations-only restaurant on Moor Road in Ikoyi on Lagos Island is worth every penny. The meals are served on earthenware clay plates made in the South Western part of Nigeria, and all feature Ìtàn head chef, Michael Elégbèdé’s, innovative takes on popular Nigerian meals. The egusi croutons, a take on a classic staple Nigerian stew, are simply divine.

Ìtàn © Photo: Courtesy of Ìtàn Ìtàn

Where to Party

South Social House

It takes a fifteen-minute drive from Federal Palace Hotel, the location of Lagos Fashion Week this year, to get to South Social House. The one-story building is fitted with a well-stocked bar and attendants that famously make some of the best Long Island Iced Tea in Lagos. Every other Friday, dubbed “South Fridays,” the venue throws parties that include a happy hour with discounted drinks, a DJ shuffling between the most popular afrobeat jams of today, and a steady flow of the Lagos creative community arriving until the early hours of the morning. It’s the perfect place to party surrounded by creatives and veterans of the Lagos fashion industry.

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South Social House © Photo: Courtesy of South Social House South Social House


A glitzy, bright space with lines that can go across the street on certain days, Cubana is easily the most famous club in Lagos and maybe Nigeria. Step in on a Friday night, order a beer and their famous grilled fish brought to your table, and enjoy the very best the Lagos clubbing scene has to offer.

Cubana © Vogue Cubana


Simply put: If you and your friends want to enjoy great cocktails, run into a Nigerian celebrity, and stare at the ocean, WBar is the place to go. It is quintessential Lagos on multiple levels: loud, rhythmic, and filled with good cheer.

WBar © Photo: Courtesy of WBar WBar

Where to Visit

Nike Art Gallery

Looking to bask in the work of Nigerian and international artists while in Lagos for Lagos Fashion Week? Then look no further than Nike Art Gallery. Located in a five-story tall building in Lekki, a suburban area on Lagos Island, it features thousands of artworks, making it one of the largest gallery collections in West Africa. It is a favorite in Lagos for art lovers and those seeking a place to meet fellow enthusiasts.

The New Wave of Wedding Dressing

  The New Wave of Wedding Dressing Post-pandemic, the only rule is to wear what you love. That personal approach to celebration parlays naturally into fashion. Now more than ever, couples are shedding the old expectations around proper wedding attire and wearing what feels best to them, whether it's a pair of matching suits or a red tulle gown. The only rule is to express your own style. Ahead, our favorite looks of the season to help you get inspired.

Nike Art Gallery © Photo: Courtesy of Nike Art Gallery Nike Art Gallery


Located in the same building as Nok, Alara is a concept store that has become earmarked as simply the best place to shop in Lagos. The store stocks several famous and beloved designers like Maki Oh, making it perfect for a fashion or art appreciator dropping in from Lagos Fashion Week looking to do a bit of shopping.

Alára © Photo: Courtesy of Alara Alára

Kalakuta Museum

For a bit of history and culture, head down to Kalakuta Museum, located in the building that once housed the legendary king of afrobeat himself, Fela Kuti. It is also the compound Fela had declared as the Kalakuta Republic, an independent state away from Nigeria. While a bit far from all the other spots on this list, it is definitely worth the trip for a greater understanding of Lagos's past.

Kalakuta Museum © Photo: Courtesy of Kalakuta Museum Kalakuta Museum

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