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Everything You Need to Know About Purple Shampoo

Monday  19:30,   17 july 2017

Purple shampoo is one of those magical beauty products that not everyone knows about, but should. If you’ve ever suffered from brassy hair, this can save you a trip to the salon. (function (d, t) { ...[...]

It's Official: We're Making the Case for Cheap Moisturizer

Saturday  00:35,   15 july 2017

Beauty products run the gamut when it comes to pricing. From $10 drugstore picks to $300 department-store ones (and everything in between), it’s hard to really know what’s worth the money. One product you should absolutely save on? Your face...[...]

Meryl's Obama Purse Is the Fashion Accessory You Need Right Now

Friday  21:45,   14 july 2017

Yes, we...[...]

I used Marilyn Monroe’s secret beauty weapon to see if it would heal my skin

Friday  20:06,   14 july 2017

My grandma and I did not have a perfect relationship, but there was one thing that brought us together. And that was…Whenever I would visit my grandparents’ house, I would excuse myself to the bathroom several times within the hour. But I wasn’t...[...]

Kate Middleton Was Just Spotted Wearing the Perfect Royal Accessory—Princess Diana’s Tiara

Friday  00:50,   14 july 2017

She may be chic, elegant, and the mother to the heir to the British throne, but Kate Middleton just proved she isn’t above a few hand-me-downs .In an Instagram photo that emerged yesterday of the Duchess of Cambridge at a state dinner at Buckingham...[...]

These Bed Sheets Are The Beauty Invention You Didn't Know You Needed

Friday  00:30,   14 july 2017

If you associate benzoyl peroxide with the mainstay acne treatments that lined the drugstore shelves of your pimple-faced adolescence, then you’ll also recall the way they bleachedyour parents’ bath towels.If you associate benzoyl peroxide with the...[...]

Plus-size jewelry is finally a thing — and it's about time, designers say

Thursday  23:35,   13 july 2017

First came clothing. Now, more designers are creating jewelry lines specifically for plus-size women. Plus-size clothing has finally become mainstream, and now designers are setting their sights on another aspect of the fashion industry that's long [...]

I Got A Lash Lift — & Surprisingly Didn't Hate It

Thursday  22:52,   13 july 2017

 I'm not blessed with strong brows or fluttery lashes so I fixed that.  Thanks to my Scottish heritage, I am very fair. I'm talking SPF-50-in-the-shade, burnt-after-10-minutes-in-the-sun fair. While this means summer is often a...[...]

4 Things Every Brunette Should Know About Dying Her Hair

Thursday  22:36,   13 july 2017

Feeling a bit bored with your brunette locks? There are endless options for switching things up.Feeling a bit bored with your brunette locks? There are endless options for switching things up—from subtle highlights to going full-on blonde. But...[...]

Gigi Hadid Debuts Short Hair for Stuart Weitzman Campaign

Wednesday  21:40,   12 july 2017

Gigi Hadid has proven many times before that she's a pro at unexpected hair makeovers. From faux bobs to rose gold wigs, she's pulled them all off flawlessly — and made us realize that while her signature long blonde waves totally work for her, [...]

Pippa Middleton wore the exact shade of green we want to wear this summer

Wednesday  20:55,   12 july 2017

Green is one of those colors we love but are always a little hesitant to wear. While we appreciate the shade, we’re…Ultimately, this is the perfect shade of mint green for anyone who’s anxious about wearing their nature...[...]

How to Pull Off Glossy Makeup

Wednesday  20:40,   12 july 2017

Three ways to shine this summer.If you grew up in the '90s, glossy makeup might trigger memories of middle school dances, summer camp, M.A.C Lipglass and hair glued to sticky lips. It's fair to say that gloss (and M.A.C Lipglass) have since come a...[...]

3 Ways to Remove and Prevent Yellow Nail Stains

Tuesday  23:20,   11 july 2017

It's good to go bare (on your nails, that is) every once in awhile. In fact, Julie Kandalec, celebrity manicurist and Paintbox creative director, recommends doing so at least once a month for polish manicures or after every third gel manicure....[...]

The Easiest Way to Paint Your Non-Dominant Hand

Tuesday  23:10,   11 july 2017

There’s nothing better than going to a salon for a manicure. Except maybe when you nail an at-home manicure all by yourself and there’s no charge waiting for you at the end. There’s nothing better than going to a salon for a manicure. Except...[...]

Sofia Vergara has a fresh haircut for her birthday — see her new look!

Tuesday  22:05,   11 july 2017

Sofia Vergara has bangs now. Check out her new hair!There's no doubt that Sofia Vergara is an ageless beauty. And she proved just that as she rung in her 45th birthday with a young new...[...]