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Anna Wintour Reveals Her WFH Outfit

Monday  23:06,   23 march 2020

In a new Vogue post on Instagram.In the photo, shared on Vogue’s website and Instagram account, Wintour addresses the coronavirus pandemic while sitting in what seems to be her sunny Hamptons home on the Vogue equivalent of a La-Z-Boy chair. She’s... >>>

14 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas That Are Actually Cute

Monday  23:05,   23 march 2020

Unsure what to wear when it rains? Here are 14 rainy day outfit ideas to try during a storm or when it's drizzling out.RELATED: If Spring's Top Shoe Trends Look Familiar, That's Because They're From the... >>>

What to Wear for Zoom Meetings? Turtlenecks, of Course

Monday  22:30,   23 march 2020

It’s really that... >>>

Baggy Jeans Are Back and the Perfect Comfy Style For Chill Outfits

Monday  16:55,   23 march 2020

Baggy jeans are kind of like the junk food of... >>>

How to Cut Your Own Bangs at Home — and Not Regret It

Monday  16:55,   23 march 2020

"Cut your bangs! Cut your bangs! Cut your bangs!"“For all my ladies out there who have been wanting bangs but have been too afraid to get them 'cause they are worried they're going to look stupid or something... Now is the perfect time to get them.... >>>

What's in for Spring: The 5 Biggest Trends to Shop

Monday  16:42,   23 march 2020

What's in for Spring: The 5 Biggest Trends to... >>>

Carrot-Leg Jeans Are the Latest Denim Trend to Add Your Closet

Friday  23:25,   20 march 2020

You might want to add carrot-leg jeans to your wardrobe. Here's why it's the best denim trend of spring 2020.Despite its trendy and new-sounding name, this cut is actually a throwback to the 1980s. It's high-waisted, and sometimes includes... >>>

Platforms Are the Nostalgic Shoe Trend We're So Excited to Wear in 2020

Friday  22:40,   20 march 2020

We can't get enough of nostalgic '90s trends right now, and platform shoes are a throwback accessory we're super excited about for... >>>

The 9 Best Fashion, Makeup, Skin Care Books to Read Now, According to Allure Editors

Friday  17:05,   20 march 2020

They all can be downloaded on an e-reader,... >>>

The 7 Best Tricks For Fixing a Broken Nail

Friday  17:05,   20 march 2020

From tea bags to silk wraps, we've got you... >>>

How to DIY Hand Sanitizer in 15 Minutes

Thursday  23:45,   19 march 2020

How to DIY Hand Sanitizer in 15... >>>

10 Photos of Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights to Inspire Your Summer Hair Color

Thursday  22:05,   19 march 2020

Caramel highlights on dark brown hair is one of the most versatile hair color ideas for brunettes. See how stars like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, and more wear caramel highlights on their dark brown... >>>

Emily Ratajkowski Is Officially Bringing Back This “Ugly” Sandal From the 2000s

Thursday  21:50,   19 march 2020

Emily Ratajkowski wore a midriff-baring Bevza dress with comfortable toe-loop sandals. Shop the celeb-approved spring shoe trend at Nordstrom.EmRata strutted around NYC in a midriff-baring Bevza dress that’s as unique as it is sexy, but the cherry... >>>

J-Lo’s Tie-Dye Leggings & Neon Nike Sneakers Are the Epitome of Spring Athleisure

Thursday  17:15,   19 march 2020

The star has been wearing these kicks for years.Lopez’s fiancé, former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, yesterday posted a video to his Instagram Stories of his wife-to-be in a... >>>

The Most Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Women And How To Treat Them

Thursday  17:15,   19 march 2020

Hair often plays a critical role in forming a woman’s identity, so it should come as no surprise that female hair loss can have a major effect on self esteem, mood and confidence. It can even result in increased stress, anxiety and clinical... >>>