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I Dry Brushed My Skin Every Day For A Month—Here's What Happened

Monday  22:26,   19 june 2017

About a year ago, I chucked ten years worth of beauty and skincare products acquired during my years working as a beauty editor. Then I completely Marie Kondo-ed my routine down to only the all-natural essentials: rose water, a cold pressed serum,... >>>

4 Style Secrets I Learned From a Globe-Trotting Retail Pro

Monday  21:25,   19 june 2017

The first rule of fashion is there are no rules about... >>>

These Sneakers Cost More Than Your Car

Friday  20:36,   16 june 2017

Self-lacing sneakers might seem like they're too good to be true, but they're real — and they just sold for a whopping $52,500. Inspired by Back to the Future II, these Nikes were sold in a public auction, according to a release by Heritage... >>>

Why You Definitely Shouldn't Pick At That Pimple, According to Dermatologists

Friday  19:26,   16 june 2017

Pimple popping feels freaking great but you know it’s not good for your skin.“When performed properly, extractions can clear certain types of pimples. However, bad techniques combined with attempts to pick non-pickable pimples can be a recipe for... >>>

Bye Forever, Itchy Scalp: Dandruff Products Are Chic Now

Thursday  20:46,   15 june 2017

For so long, products for itchy scalps and dandruff were a one-to-one operation.No more.But, no longer! With more info than ever about the importance of crown health (and horror stories about dry shampoo's dark side), scalp products are stepping up... >>>

Kate Moss’s Secret Facial Remedy Is Already in Your Freezer

Thursday  20:35,   15 june 2017

While there’s no time like the present to cool off, according to top facialists, ice cubes are a year-round skincare hero. Jumpstart a Healthy... >>>

Pippa Middleton Stuns At Yet Another Wedding

Wednesday  01:05,   14 june 2017

Newlyweds Pippa Middleton and James Matthews are positively owning wedding season style. The duo touched down in Europe to attend a friend’s nuptials in Sweden on Saturday after their epic honeymoon abroad. Pippa rocked a floor-length floral gown... >>>

We tried on white t-shirts from 5 popular stores and figured out the only brand worth buying

Wednesday  00:50,   14 june 2017

We went on a quest to find the best white t-shirt at the best value. The winning garment might surprise you.The INSIDER... >>>

Zoe Kravitz Matches Her Makeup and Outfit at 'Rough Night' Premiere

Tuesday  21:37,   13 june 2017

Last night (June 12), Zoe Kravitz brought old Hollywood glam to the red carpet premiere of her new film Rough Night.  Last night (June 12), Zoe Kravitz brought old Hollywood glam to the red carpet premiere of her new film Rough... >>>

6 Skin Care Techniques Derms Say to Never Try at Home

Tuesday  21:25,   13 june 2017

We all definitely do skin care things we shouldn’t. Not in the “whoops, I didn’t wash my face” way, either—in the “oh, no, I’ve made a horrible mistake” way, when you accidentally destine yourself to long-lasting disaster. Two very different... >>>

Mandy Moore Wore the Same Dress as Kate Middleton and Looked Every Bit a Princess

Tuesday  21:21,   13 june 2017

Who wore it better? Irrelevant, they both slayed.Moore wore the dress in royal blue-apt-while Middleton rocked the look in a bright red...and busted out a massive diamond... >>>

How to Take Care of Your Skin While Flying, According to 6 Top Facialists

Tuesday  20:21,   13 june 2017

As any traveler knows, flying can destroy your skin. Cleanse, Don’t... >>>

Salma Hayek Is Selling A Beauty Product You'd NEVER Expect

Monday  21:57,   12 june 2017

Salma Hayek has added yet another unexpected gig to her repertoire: co-creator of Juice Generation's brand-new subscription service.'Triple threat' doesn't even begin to describe powerhouse Salma Hayek. Not only has the... >>>

Why it’s so hard for women to figure out what to wear to work in 2017

Monday  21:37,   12 june 2017

In 1985, Donna Karan launched a collection centered on what she called her seven easy pieces. It offered working women a stylish, flattering capsule wardrobe…The “easy” part was very much the point. In US offices, the suit, or at least a button-up... >>>

Korean Beauty Trends We Love

Monday  21:22,   12 june 2017

A sheet mask for your hair and a "magic stone"? Sign us up.If you think the Korean beauty craze is a passing fad, think again. Korea is still at the top of its game when it comes to clever - and effective - beauty products. Just check out these... >>>