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Here’s why you should use conditioner before shampoo

Thursday  03:46,   30 march 2017

Washing your hair is part of your normal beauty routine—and it’s something most of us do almost every day. Sure, once in…Shampoo cleanses hair, removing dirt and oil, while conditioner smoothes and detangles it. It’s a two-step process that’s been...[...]

FYI: You’re Probably Using The Wrong Hairbrush

Thursday  03:30,   30 march 2017

Just like with your bra, you've probably got the wrong hair brush. Yes, really. Turns out, hairbrushes are not a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. You need a brush designed for the particular needs of your hair type, whether that's thin...[...]

I tried the snail mucus mask and it was even grosser than expected

Monday  22:45,   27 march 2017

When I heard Drew Barrymore raving over the trendy snail mucus mask, I had to give it a try.So, why would anyone put slimy goo on their face? The idea dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks, according to Jessica Jeong of the popular Korean...[...]

What Sia looks like without her wig

Saturday  01:10,   25 march 2017


The 1 Thing You Should Never Say to a Woman Over 30

Saturday  00:50,   25 march 2017

Image Source: Giafrese Last week, I struck up a conversation with my Uber driver. As the conversation continued around politics, he made an assumption that we were close in age, saying as someone in her late twenties/early thirties, surely I could...[...]

Khloé Kardashian shared her go-to color for feeling confident

Friday  22:22,   24 march 2017

In order to stand out from the pack, everyone has their special thing — whether it’s applying bold makeup, sparkly jewelry, or…Can you guess? ORANGE-RED! “Nothing feels more empowering than rocking this punchy hue in a sea of LBDs,” she wrote. “Try...[...]

Ivanka Trump Jewelry Pivots From $10,000-Plus Items to Pieces Under $100

Wednesday  18:37,   22 march 2017

Sales of the Ivanka Trump fashion and accessories brand have fluctuated wildly over the course of her father Donald J. Trump's campaign and presidency. It was just last month that the brand saw itself dropped from several retailers after...[...]

I Did My Grandmother's Beauty Routine for a Week–and Here's What Happened

Wednesday  01:30,   22 march 2017

I'll never forget how my paternal grandmother smelled like yellow Dial soap, or how she always (even up into her 80s) wore bright blue eyeshadow to bring out her eyes, and, perhaps most miraculously of all, how she had a perfectly coifed perm at [...]

Beyoncé Just Made the Color Pink Look the Best It Ever Has

Monday  17:06,   20 march 2017

If there were ever a time to take a break from dressing up, it’d most certainly be during pregnancy: Stilettos and swollen ankles do not get along, so it's only natural to prefer wearing leggings rather than pants. And hey, maybe Beyoncé does...[...]

Duchess Kate Middleton dons coat by Princess Diana's favorite designer for St. Patrick's Day

Friday  17:20,   17 march 2017

Amid reports that Kate Middleton is "less than pleased" with Prince William's ski trip antics, the couple stepped out as expected for the Irish Guards St Patrick's Day Parade in London on Friday. After missing the event last year, Kate...[...]

This 1 kitchen item will turn your curly hair from frizzy to fabulous

Wednesday  00:51,   15 march 2017

Want to know how to style curly hair? This is easiest way to tame the frizz.But what if we told you that you could have frizz-free, luscious curls every day (even during the high-humidity months)? Now wouldn't that be music to our...[...]

How to get a manicure that doesn't chip (secrets experts really use!)

Wednesday  00:50,   15 march 2017

We rounded up our favorite nail artists to share their most useful secrets for getting the most of our manicure.But have you ever noticed that some manicures last longer than others? (OK, fine, it's always the at-home manicures that chip...[...]

Going Out Tops of the Early 2000s Are Officially Back Now, Too

Monday  17:45,   13 march 2017

If the Fall 2017 runways made you feel a little déjà vu, that's because early 2000s style is back in a big way. We've seen it all before: Juicy Couture tracksuits, super cropped crop tops, camouflage pants, bedazzled headbands and chokers,...[...]

How the Queen uses her handbag to send secret signals to her staff

Friday  19:40,   10 march 2017

If she switches her bag from one arm to the other, watch out.Back in 2012, Smith revealed that the Queen always keeps a mirror, lipstick, a pen, some mint lozenges and reading glasses on hand. And on Sundays she brings a few small bills "precisely...[...]

Here’s how often you should ACTUALLY wash your jeans

Friday  19:37,   10 march 2017

If you’re like us, jeans are one of those clothing items we should wash more, but often don’t. But here’s how often…Business Insider suggests washing them when they smell, which depends on factors such as how much you sweat to how often you wear...[...]