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Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free, and Unscented: How to Tell If There's Truly No Fragrance in Your Skincare

Monday  16:50,   16 march 2020

These three terms can mean entirely different things. But here's the thing: It's not always easy to tell if a product does contain fragrance. A few keywords are used to depict whether a formula is potentially irritating (enter hypoallergenic,... >>>

17 Hot Hair Colors That'll Make You Want to Dye Your Hair for Spring

Saturday  00:10,   14 march 2020

Now is the... >>>

Six Tricks to Minimize Fine Lines and Crow's Feet

Friday  23:40,   13 march 2020

A celebrity makeup artist shares his best tips. Related: How to Support Your Sensitive Skin as You Age First things first: Look wide awake with redness-reducing drops.Make your eyes the focal point of your face—not your crow's feet. To do this? "One >>>

Marsai Martin’s Makeup Artist Reveals the Hands-Down Best Blush for Dark Skin Tones

Friday  22:40,   13 march 2020

When you listen to Marsai Martin talk, spot her on the red carpet, or watch one of her videos on TikTok (because of course, she's on it), you can just feel her fun, care-free attitude and... >>>

We're Ignoring Everything but These 7 Spring Hairstyle Trends From Here on Out

Friday  17:50,   13 march 2020

There's enough stress in the world right now over Tom Hanks and toilet paper and the fact that we all need an iPhone app to remember to drink enough water in a day, so when it comes to hairstyles to wear this season, there should be zero... >>>

Yellow-Tinted Sunglass Lenses Are Secretly Making Every Celeb Cool as Hell

Thursday  22:15,   12 march 2020

Um, you and all ya need is 10 bucks to test out the... >>>

How to Style Black Cargo Pants and Not Look Like You're Stuck in the Past

Thursday  22:15,   12 march 2020

Cargo pants often get a rep for too tricky to wear, and I don't blame people from shying... >>>

Jennifer Lopez Paired Her Chanel With $26 Flip-Flops

Thursday  17:35,   12 march 2020

While out in Miami, Jennifer Lopez wore $26 Havaianas flip-flops with Chanel accessories. Shop her affordable flip-flops at Nordstrom.Flip-flops have been around for literally forever. Their first existence is actually traced back to 4000 BC. But... >>>

The Secret to Nailing Reese Witherspoon's Style

Thursday  16:50,   12 march 2020

Reese Witherspoon's street style outfits are so bright, they'll put a smile on your... >>>

We're Reinventing Spring Wardrobe Essentials With These 6 Fresh Trends

Thursday  16:50,   12 march 2020

There are trends, and then there are... >>>

What Every Woman Needs to Know Before Shaving Her Face

Wednesday  21:55,   11 march 2020

Marilyn Monroe shaved her peach fuzz — here's why you should too.Dermaplaning (the clinical term for using a straight-edge-like facial razor on skin to mechanically — not chemically — exfoliate it) has many beautiful benefits, as Monroe and... >>>

10 Hairstyles You Can Do In Literally 10 Seconds

Wednesday  18:10,   11 march 2020

Welcome to your week of really great hair... >>>

Selena Gomez’s Latest Haircut Was Inspired By “The Rachel”

Wednesday  17:05,   11 march 2020

To say that Selena Gomez is a Jennifer Aniston fan is an understatement. In a recent episode of The Ellen Show, Aniston acted as a stand-in host for DeGeneres to interview Gomez about her new album, Rare. The conversation quickly turned to the... >>>

This Eyeliner Trend is Taking Over Instagram

Wednesday  17:05,   11 march 2020

Inspired by Gigi Hadid and Patrick Ta. Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see influencers to celebrities alike, moving away from the lash line toward new experimental frontiers with eyeliner.Just last week at Paris Fashion Week, Gigi Hadid and... >>>

23 of the best maternity outfits celebrities have worn

Wednesday  04:20,   11 march 2020

Katy Perry recently wore a form-fitting maternity dress just days after announcing that she's... >>>