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8 things that you should banish from your dining room

Saturday  19:20,   03 december 2022

9 is the dining room full of unnecessary things, then it looks less cozy. Therefore, remove the following © iStockphoto dining room ISTOCKPHOTO A shelf with an incredible amount of small stuff, an additional chest of drawers for the supposedly... >>>

Le Temps Thursday: often cloudy, many morning fogs in the southwest

Thursday  01:20,   01 december 2022

© Christof Stache / AFP The time will often be cloudy this Thursday on a large part of the country. Some waves will fall on the edge of the Mediterranean. In the morning, the low clouds will sometimes double fogs and a few flakes could be visible... >>>

New York: The "Phantom of the Opera" is haunted a little longer

Wednesday  03:50,   30 november 2022

Actually, the end of the "Phantom of the Opera" was decided at the New York Broadway. But now the fans flock to the ideas - and it doesn't look like it was actually over in February. © Evan Agostini/ AP/ dpa The "Phantom of the Opera" is the... >>>

Disneyland in Shanghai closed again because of Corona because of the strict corona measures in China, the Disneyland in Shanghai has to close its goals for visitors. How long the closure would last is still unclear, the amusement park said.

Tuesday  12:40,   29 november 2022

© Stringer/EPA/DPA-TMN Because of the strict corona measures in China, the Disneyland in Shanghai has to close again. The park had only reopened a few days ago after a Corona closure. Due to the strict guidelines of the government, the Disneyland... >>>

Criticism of traffic lights - Merz speaks economic competence and expertise from

Tuesday  07:50,   29 november 2022

Union faction boss Friedrich Merz attacks Minister of Economics Robert Habeck sharply than ever. The Green politician lacks expertise. He demands a restart in economic policy from the government. © FOCUS Online/dpa Friedrich Merz (CDU) criticizes... >>>

Moscow summons the Norwegian ambassador after the arrest of Russians as part of illegal drone flights.

Tuesday  01:20,   29 november 2022

© supplied by News 360 Archives - Norway Flag - Sport Press Photo / Zuma Press / Contactophoto The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned Norway ambassador on Moscow on Monday following the arrest of Russian citizens Accused of illegally deploying... >>>

Business: Mies

Thursday  18:20,   24 november 2022

is mood in the Rhenish company The mood in the region in the region is as bad as it was rarely before. The Rhenish economy strain on energy bottlenecks and rising prices. The current business situation is still mostly positive, but it has clouded... >>>

Media: British airports create fluid rules from

Thursday  15:20,   24 november 2022

The British airports want to abolish the rules for the amount of liquids in hand luggage within the next two years. As the BBC now reported, the British government wants to introduce new 3D scanners by mid-2024, the security forces allow a clearer... >>>

Limoges: A woman sentenced to having encouraged her ex-companion to commit suicide

Thursday  00:30,   24 november 2022

she received three years in prison, two of which were suspended © Medhu Fedouach The Limoges court. (Illustration) justice - She received three years in prison, two of which were suspended three years of prison , two of which were suspended. It was >>>

A work of street art coming from Angers is hiding in the middle of Antarctica, here is its story

Wednesday  21:20,   23 november 2022

© Cex A work by Fast Freak, Street Angevin artist, was embarked at the South Pole by a researcher. Fast Freak, Street Artist from Angers (Maine-et-Loire), exhibits in an improbable place: Antarctica. A small head evoking a figurine of the Playmobil >>>

Tips for travel lovers

Wednesday  04:50,   23 november 2022

© provided by Zeitjung Afresh 17 You have decided to get involved with a new adventure and look forward to booking your trip to the place that has been on your wish list for a long time? The nice thing about traveling is that you don't need to know >>>

Sale of ITA Airways: Lufthansa again in the race

Tuesday  17:10,   22 november 2022

in the struggle for the sale of Italy's state airline ITA Airways, Deutsche Lufthansa has again received access to the company data. «The dataroom is open. Lufthansa is interested, »said the Italian finance minister, Giancarlo Giortetti, on Tuesday >>>

record for the Hamburg cruise year 2022

Tuesday  06:10,   22 november 2022

The cruise industry now seems to have overcome the Corona-Delle. Many people book vacation on the ship again. Accordingly, the large passenger ships have also created in Hamburg. On Tuesday (10 a.m.) the Cruise Gate Hamburg (CGH) wants to take... >>>

Airbnb: The boss of the platform rents a room in his own house

Sunday  12:50,   20 november 2022

Brian Chesky promises to welcome in person the future tenants of the © Patrick Semansky/AP/SIPA The Airbnb logo. Rental - Brian Chesky promises to welcome in person the future tenants of room is a somewhat special host who arrives on Airbnb . The... >>>

Immobilier: Only 6% of rental advertisements comply with law

Friday  13:40,   18 november 2022

based on a study, the consumption, housing association and living environment Pins the online rental ad sites. According to her, only 6% of them would comply with the rules in force. thunderclap in the world of rental. According to a study by the... >>>