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OPEX, Arno

Friday  18:30,   30 september 2022

© David Willem Arno's last lap during the recording of OPEX. Knowing himself condemned, the musician wanted to record a final album. He was released this Friday, September 30. When Arno entrusted her admiration for Mireille Mathieu, we didn't know... >>>

Iceland in shock after the announcement of the first thwarted attack project in its history

Monday  15:50,   26 september 2022

Wednesday, a vast operation led to the arrest of four Icelanders aged about twenty years © SYSPEO/SIPA A vast police operation took place in Iceland on Wednesday and led to the arrest of four people suspected of preparing a terrorist attack... >>>

Real estate credit: Good news for candidates for purchase from October 1

Sunday  05:20,   25 september 2022

© Adobe Stock Real estate credit: Good news for candidates for purchase from October 1st Requests for real estate credits presented in October should be more likely to pass with the revision of the wear rate. A breath of fresh air which... >>>

Love is in the meadow (spoiler): Noémie's flight, Gaël betrays, Roman already eliminated on M6?

Sunday  14:50,   18 september 2022

© supplied by all TV Noémie is perplexed as to the presence of its two contenders in Love is in Pré . Indeed, she does not know who to choose between Romain and Gaël . Completely lost, she called on her relatives, in the next issue, broadcast on... >>>

Knowledge: How long is a PCR test valid?

Saturday  22:10,   17 september 2022

With an Corona PCR test, a Corona disease can be reliably detected . The laboratory test has been valid for 48 hours since the summer 2021. That means: If the result is a day long, the hand -handed document with the test result only applies. ©... >>>

Federal Council is right about the abolition of the prepayment for flight tickets from

Friday  10:02,   16 september 2022

Hannover/Berlin. According to consumer advocates, the fact that flight tickets have to be paid for when booking no longer fits the time. The state of Lower Saxony is now demanding a departure in the Federal Council. © Marcus Brandt The head of the... >>>

LiveBlog: Business Night Rhineland started - "Cologne is a great location"

Wednesday  21:33,   14 september 2022

If you consider the entire Rhineland as a coherent space, it can definitely keep up with international metropolises such as Paris, London or Brussels. But the Rhineland is also fragmented. In addition to the Great Poland Cologne and Düsseldorf,... >>>

The Lausitzer Seenland as a hiking region

Wednesday  14:20,   14 september 2022

© provided by SZ - Sächsische Zeitung The Lausitzer Seenland as a hiking region Klein Partwitz. Anja Ittmann has been able to call herself for some time. Your company Lausitzer Seenland tours founded it in 2008. Her brother Andreas runs the... >>>

Lufthansa Group leads holiday airlines together

Wednesday  11:50,   14 september 2022

The Lufthansa Group brings together its two holiday airlines Edelweiss and Eurowings Discover closer. Although the airlines remain independent, but with the Edelweiss CEO Bernd Bauer on October 1, a common boss, as the group announced in Frankfurt... >>>

Cinquantenaire de la mort de Picasso: 42 exhibitions programmed in the world

Wednesday  11:40,   14 september 2022

An unprecedented "artistic" mobilization is organized for the fifty years of the death of Picasso, with more than forty exhibitions planned around the world. © supplied by Franceinfo of Prado at the Center Pompidou via the New York Met, 42... >>>

Julien Denormandie: HATVP issues reservations about the retraining of former Minister

Tuesday  12:10,   13 september 2022

© Aurelien Meunier / Getty Images Julien Denormandie: the HATVP issues reservations about the retraining of the former Minister The High Authority for the Transparency of Public life has issued a certain number of reservations concerning the... >>>

Russian card shows withdrawal from the troops from the Charkiw

Sunday  21:20,   11 september 2022

region A map of the East Ukrainian region of Charkiw published by Moscow shows a extensive withdrawal from Russian troops from the area. The map presented by the Russian Ministry of Defense on Sunday shows that the Russian army only controls a... >>>

Corsica: Associations ask for the limitation of stopovers of cruise ships

Saturday  19:10,   10 september 2022

© Pascal Pochard-Casabianca demonstration in Ajaccio against the stopovers of cruise liners, on September 10, 2022 of environmental activists asked for the establishment of quotas against The multiplication of cruising and mega-yachts stops in... >>>

Camping Tourism in Saxony in the upswing

Saturday  09:31,   10 september 2022

© provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung Camping Tourism in Saxony in the upswing Dresden. The hot summer of this year has rapidly rapidly skyrocketing the number of visitors at the campsites in Saxony. "It was a record season," said the Managing... >>>

EU complicates Visa procedure for Russians from Monday

Friday  21:30,   09 september 2022

Brussels (Reuters)-The suspension of a simplified visa award for Russian citizens will come into force on Monday. © Reuters/Dado Ruvic Archive: Illustration of EU and Russian flags by broken glass "This means that the application fee increases from >>>