Travel Cereal Agreement: The insoluble question of the safety of ships

03:10  01 november  2022
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Le cargo Laodicea, dans le détroit du Bosphore à Istanbul, en Turquie, le 7 juillet 2022 (photo d'illustration). © AP - Yoruk ISIK Le Cargo Laodicea, in the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey, July 7, 2022 (illustration photo).

The Russian and Turkish Defense Ministers, Sergei Choigou and Hulusi Akar, discussed on the phone on Monday October 31 of the suspension by Moscow of the agreement allowing the exports of Ukrainian cereals, of which Ankara is one of the guarantors. While diplomatic efforts are intensifying to unlock the situation, traffic continued on Monday October 31 on the Black Sea on Monday, October 31, along the humanitarian maritime corridor set up three months ago.

While the Turkish authorities and the General Secretariat of the United Nations try to convince Russia to return to the Cereal Agreement, the joint coordination center based in Istanbul strives to maintain the flow of ships in the Black Sea and To accelerate the inspections of those who have already embarrassed, for several weeks, Turkish waters off Istanbul, reports our correspondent in Istanbul, Anne Andlauer .

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These operations are maintained despite the withdrawal of the Russian delegation, which has participated since August in the inspections on board boats, alongside delegates from Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations. These last three parts have also coordinated to allow the departure, Sunday and Monday, of a dozen ships from Ukrainian ports, according to data compiled by the joint coordination center.

The maintenance of traffic in the maritime corridor, while Russia said it was in "the impossibility of guaranteeing the safety of navigation in these areas", implies that Turkey and the United Nations count on Moscow so as not to attack Boats on their way, from Ukraine. The Turkish president undertook on Monday "to continue his efforts" to defend the agreement, despite what he described as "hesitation" of Russia.

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"Safety of ships"

The Russian army, for its part, demanded on Monday commitments from Ukraine, in the fact of not using the corridor intended for cereal exports for purposes other than commercial. "It cannot be a question of guaranteeing the security of anything in this area until Ukraine will make additional commitments so as not to use this road for military purposes," said the Russian Defense Ministry Telegram.

kyiv is accused of using the corridors "to carry out operations". "Pending the clarification of the situation caused by the terrorist act committed by Ukraine on October 29 (an attack of Crimea drones which Moscow accuses kyiv of being partly responsible, and which served as a pretext for Russia for Withdrawing from the agreement, editor's note) The safety corridor is suspended, "confirmed the Russian army, whose ships have been escorting the cargoos so far.

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At a press conference on Monday, the Russian president hammered this message. "Ukraine must guarantee that there will be no threat to the safety of civilian ships," said Putin, accusing kyiv of having used the cereal corridor for the drone attack. “I spoke with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. I confirmed Ukraine's commitment to the cereal agreement, ”writes Mr. Zelensky on Twitter.

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"urgent imperative"

event still this Monday, the spokesperson for the American State Department Ned Price went there comment. On Moscow's requirements, "it looks either like a collective punishment or collective extortion," he told the press. “This is not a question that concerns only two countries on earth. It is an urgent imperative, "he recalled," particularly for low-income and intermediate income countries ".

The agreement signed in July under the UN and Turkey had enabled the export of millions of tonnes of cereals stuck in Ukrainian ports since the start of the war in late February. But after having denounced an attack under its fleet in Sebastopol's bay on Saturday, Russia "suspended", accusing not only the Ukrainians, but also the support of British experts in this operation.

Since then, Ukraine speaks of a "false pretext" brandished by Russia to make a withdrawal to which it was already rallied. As for the United Kingdom, also pointed out by the Russians in the North Stream affair, it denied all participation in the sabotage of Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, as in this Crimea Crimea attack annexed Branded by Russia since this weekend.

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