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19:15  13 june  2018
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Pilot dumps 30 tons of fuel mid-flight to save passenger's life

  Pilot dumps 30 tons of fuel mid-flight to save passenger's life The plane made an emergency landing at an Alaskan airport.The air crew onboard tried to help the woman and transferred her from economy to business class to better perform first aid, The Straits Times reported. There the woman started slipping into a state of unconsciousness, according to the publication.

Many people have at least a slight apprehension about flying, looking at each takeoff as a crap shoot in the game of life . Knowing these 7 things could save your life should you be one of the unfortunate 1 in 10.64 million people to experience an airplane crash.

All the aeroplane features that are secretly saving your life . But there are a tonne of features you probably never even noticed, but that are secretly keeping you safe. Next time you see one of these, you can feel a little bit more at ease.

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If you’ve ever been in a window seat near the center of an airplane, you might have noticed a little yellow hook on the wing and wondered why it was there. In fact, here are all the hidden airplane features you never knew about. But not all of them can actually be key to helping you in an emergency.

Airplane wings are built to be as smooth and aerodynamic as possible. While this is necessary during flights, it can become quite a detriment if a plane has to make an emergency landing in the water, creating a slippery surface for passengers exiting from doors located above the wings. In a video, airline pilot and YouTuber Captain Joe explained that passengers using the inflatable escape slides, which can come out in the event of an emergency landing, must step out onto the wings to get to the slides. The hooks are used to secure “escape ropes” from the surface of the wing to the plane’s door, where passengers can hold on to them to prevent them from falling off the wing in wet and dangerous conditions.

How to Pick the Most Comfortable, Spacious Seats on an Airplane

  How to Pick the Most Comfortable, Spacious Seats on an Airplane If there is someone who knows how to make a plane ride more comfortable, it’s the pilot. That plane is their office, and they know all its secrets. Here are some tips from a professional flier on how to make the skies a little more friendly—for you. Metro.uk spoke with Jonny Knowlson, who has become rather famous on social media as Jonny the Pilot. He blogs about traveling, of course, and flies for a commercial airline. Though he’s based in the United Kingdom, flying through the air in a metal tube is pretty much the same over every country.

Secret plane features revealed – these hidden buttons and 'holes' could save your life . MOST travellers know about oxygen masks and life jackets, but here are four onboard features they don’t tell you about.

Each airplane wing is designed to be as smooth as possible to make the aircraft fly efficiently. If passengers must also wait on life rafts for rescue, crew can use the ropes and emergency hooks to tether the rafts to the plane .

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a man and a woman posing for a picture: Even frequent travelers don't know everything that goes on behind the scenes in an airplane. And this doesn't even apply to the plane mechanics that make flight possible. Basically, flight attendants understand the ins and outs of air travel on a whole different level, and they act accordingly. For instance, you'll never see a flight attendant running around the cabin shoe-less. According to them, no one should take their shoes off on a plane. Ever.To learn more, INSIDER spoke with Kara, who blogs atThe Flight Attendant Life, where she shares amazing advice for fellow flight attendants and passengers alike. In addition, we rounded up some responses from flight attendants on Reddit who have seen it all. When you fly for a living, you're bound to pick up on some truths about air travel that would shock the average person in coach. Read on to learn some facts that will change the way you fly the friendly skies. 6 unexpected facts about flying, according to flight attendants If you don’t see the hooks on your plane, don’t worry—they’re only necessary for planes with emergency exits over the wings. Before your next flight, though, brush up on these potentially life-saving airplane safety tips, and remember these facts that will help you stay calm on your flight.

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Virginia girl, 3, uses FaceTime to save father's life after he suffers stroke .
A 3-year-old Winchester, Virginia girl has been hailed a hero when she used FaceTime to call her mother after he father suffered a stroke last week. On July 4, while Trevor McCabe was home with his daughter, Molly, McCabe “heard a loud humming noise in his ears and felt like he was going to lose his balance,” his wife, Devon, told Fox News.Moments later, McCabe, 27, was on the ground and “felt like he was dying,” he said, according to his wife. © Fox News That’s when Molly, who has not yet learned the alphabet, used the FaceTime feature on her father’s iPhone to call her mom.

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