Travel First they came for your shoes, then your water. Now TSA is coming for your snacks.

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  Nutty issue: Singapore Airlines stops serving peanuts Singapore Airlines said Monday it has stopped serving peanuts on its flights after a toddler suffered a severe allergic reaction, and following near-fatal cases on other carriers. The Singapore flag carrier joins other airlines including Qantas, Air New Zealand and British Airways who have stopped handing out peanuts as snacks to customers. The airline said in a statement it had stopped serving peanuts in all cabin classes in April, although other nuts -- including cashews, macadamias and almonds -- would still be given out in some classes.It did not give a reason for the move.

Now TSA is coming for your snacks . Air passengers heading to their departure gates enter TSA precheck before going through security screening at Orlando International Airport. They came for your laptops. And for your liquids, and your shoes .

… Your candy bar may be next! Although it’s okay to board an airplane with food, some Transportation Security Administration But while the TSA was implementing the procedure for screening personal electronic devices, some agents started directing travelers to remove their snacks

a group of people in a room© Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post They came for your laptops. And for your liquids, and your shoes. Now, the Transportation Security Administration is coming for your snacks.

Passengers at airports around the country — including all three of the Washington region’s major airports — are reporting that, increasingly, TSA agents are instructing them to remove their snacks and other food items from their carry-ons and place them in those ubiquitous plastic bins for separate screening.

It’s not part of agency’s standard policy, according to TSA spokesman Mike England. It’s simply a recommendation issued by the agency last year to help speed the bag-check process. Screening supervisors at airports have the discretion to decide whether, and when, to demand passengers proffer up their pretzel packs for a solo trip through the X-ray machine.

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But the “recommendation” appears to be gaining steam and moving rapidly into the territory of de-facto protocol, according to travelers who have received snack-related notices from their airlines, and who have been informed by rank-and-file TSA screeners that the snack checks are now standard practice.

“He was just like, ‘Sorry. This is a new policy. This is what we’re doing now,’” Anny Gaul, 33, said of her recent interaction with a TSA agent at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Gaul, a frequent traveler, had never heard such instructions before while waiting in an airport security line. But here she was last April, standing near the front of a long TSA line, with a bag screener shouting at the top of his lungs that all passengers would need to remove their food items and place them in a separate bin.

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Lindsay TigarJan 29. Even if you follow all the rules—removing your shoes , belt, and heavy jewelry—you might still worry about getting flagged by the TSA . You already know that TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration (or if you didn’t, now you do), but apart from the

Take your snacks out for TSA screening. Honestly, it is easier when it comes time to pass out the snacks , too. Have you recently heard instructions to remove your snacks when going through TSA screenings?

She started rifling through her carry-on to find the candy bar and the plastic baggy of trail mix that she knew were floating around somewhere inside. Other travelers, also visibly bewildered, started scrounging around in their bags for errant packs of Goldfish and squashed energy bars. The line, Gaul said, was moving noticeably slower than normal.

“It definitely caused a delay — not huge, but at least by like 5 or 10 minutes,” the Georgetown University PhD student said. “Mostly it was just bizarre and absurd.”

According to England, the snack removal recommendation is part of an effort to better detect explosives on planes, and to limit the number of bags that are flagged for special searches.

England said the concern is not that people may be hiding explosives or other illicit material inside of food. Rather, it’s that the food itself can look similar to the components of an explosive — therefore making it more likely that bags with snacks would be flagged for a time-consuming manual search. Officials thought it might be more efficient, in some cases, to have passengers remove the snacks from their bags ahead of time.

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  Popular light-up sneakers left boy with second-degree burns on feet, mom claims A New York mother has spoken out about the potential dangers of a popular light-up sneaker after her 9-year-old son reportedly was left with second-degree burns on his feet. Sherry Foster, who shared photos of her son Peyton’s injuries on Facebook, said that it happened after the sneakers got wet during water day at school.“When the sneakers got wet that caused them to release a chemical that burnt the bottom of his feet,” Foster told Metro.co.uk. “He did not complain to his teacher. He waited until the next day until he came home to tell us.

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“Some foods and some organic materials can bear a strong resemblance to explosive materials,” he said.

England said he could not provide specific information on how a pack of pretzels could resemble an explosive. He disputed the idea that the new attention on snacks might be an excessive screening measure.

“There’s a very good reason for everything we do. Nothing is arbitrary,” England said.

He said there are no immediate plans to standardize the practice at every airport across the country, but the procedure is employed at times when supervisors think it might speed things up.

“It’s not a requirement. It’s a recommendation,” England said. “But you might see them recommending a little louder during busy times of the day.”

It remains unclear whether the snack removal protocol is actually effective in reducing wait times — whether the decrease in bags flagged for special screenings makes up for the disruption for passengers as they perform a last-second hunt for the food stuffed in their bags.

England acknowledged that there might be “isolated incidents” where asking passengers to remove food from their bags might slow things down, though he pointed out that, nationally, 96 percent of standard passengers have a wait that is 20 minutes or less.

Halle Berry Shared Even More Of Her Fave Keto Snacks

  Halle Berry Shared Even More Of Her Fave Keto Snacks Further solidifying her title of keto kween. Halle Berry shares a few more of her "favorite #keto low-calorie snacks" on Instagram Stories Friday. The actress, 51, follows the keto diet to stay slim and keep her diabetes under control. Halle also recently revealed that she does intermittent fasting on the keto diet, saying she typically skips breakfast.Oscar-winning actress and ageless icon Halle Berry has the body of a 25-year-old, thanks to a killer fitness routine and the ketogenic diet-which she has said helps her stay slim and keep her diabetes in check.

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You’ve taken off your shoes and removed your laptop from your carry-on bag to go through airport security screening. But confusion appears to have set in as the TSA adopted new, unrelated procedures last year for screening electronic devices, the TSA official said.

Christina Saull, spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, said that, so far, the new procedure has not led to longer wait times at either Reagan National or Dulles International airports.

That hasn’t stopped the complaints on social media.

“Of all the TSA rules, the arbitrarily enforced ‘dig every snack out of your bags’ is the dumbest,” tweeted Anne Keller, after she encountered the snack screening at National.

And passengers aren’t just noticing in Washington. Travelers have complained about the practice being used at Dallas Love Field, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles International, Newark Liberty, and Hartsfield — Jackson Atlanta International. The recommendation is gaining traction at smaller airports, too — in Boise, Idaho; Greenville, S.C. and Manchester, N.H.

“How bizarre,” tweeted Cindy Armstrong at Redmond Municipal Airport in Oregon.

“Some terrorist is making bombs out of Frito-Lay,” mused a passenger waiting at Orlando International Airport.

“It is a nationwide policy . . . making all parents stand in line longer with kids who have to pee,” quipped a traveler who encountered the practice at San Jose International Airport.

“TSA asked me to take my snacks out of my bag and I feel personally victimized,” tweeted Thea Neal, of Kansas City, Mo.

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When Neal, a 29-year-old social media manager for a greeting card company, was asked to remove her snacks, she immediately panicked. Had she missed a memo about new security protocol? And, more importantly, was TSA going to confiscate her food?

“I had a whole bunch of crazy snacks in my bag that I was really excited to eat,” she recalled.

Happily, her snacks were returned after getting X-rayed in their separate bin. Still, she remains uncomfortable with the idea that this may become standard practice for every trip through airport security. The procedure doesn’t make her feel safer — “It seemed, honestly, completely pointless,” she said — and there are sanitary considerations to boot.

“I was lucky that everything I brought was prepackaged. But if it was fruit or something . .. ” she said, shuddering to think about her food items rolling around in a plastic bin. “Those things are pretty disgusting. People put their shoes and their money in there.”

Lauren Rosenberg, a 20-year-old college student from Houston, questions whether the practice will help the security lines proceed any faster. When it happened to her last Monday at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the process of hunting down the granola and Luna bars stuffed in her bag ended up holding up the whole line.

And Rosenberg started asking questions. Why did they need to look at her snacks? Was this a permanent new policy? The TSA agent in her line didn’t know. “I just need you to take out your snacks, your Doritos, and your M&M’s,” she recalled him saying.

Rosenberg said she worries that this is more than just another inconvenience foisted upon travelers. It’s a slippery slope. Rosenberg, a college junior, is young enough that she hardly remembers a time when liquids larger than 3.4 ounces weren’t banned from planes.

“The next thing they’re going to make us take out of our bags is medicine,” she said. “And that would be a real invasion of privacy.”


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