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10:28  12 july  2018
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The trend of bare-bones ticket sales is spreading to transatlantic flights

  The trend of bare-bones ticket sales is spreading to transatlantic flights Over the last few years, Delta, American and United Airlines have been forced by ultra low-cost carriers to offer bare-bones fares to compete for price-conscious travelers. Now that trend is spreading across Europe. German airline Lufthansa has become the latest European carrier to announce the addition of stripped-down fares for transatlantic flights that can last the better part of a day, following similar moves by British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Finnair over the last few months.© Pacific Press/Sipa USA/TNS German airline Lufthansa has become the most recent European airline to announce stripped-down fares for transatlantic flights.

Delta Just Made Its Economy Seats Bigger . Lyndsey Matthews7.10.2018. Share this article.

Basic economy : Are those cheaper United, American and Delta fares right for you? Major airlines' cheapest fares don't allow big carry-on bags or seat PHOENIX -- Shopping for airline tickets just got more complicated. American Airlines, the world's largest carrier, has expanded its no-frills basic

In recent years, airplane seats have shrunk in a push to get as many passengers onto a plane as possible, squeezing more money out of each flight in the process. However, Delta recently announced that it has made the surprising, yet very welcome, decision to do the exact opposite and make economy seats wider on some of its planes.

As part of the fleet-wide interior renovation of its wide-body Boeing 777 aircraft that fly to mostly international destinations, Delta will only have nine seats across in its main cabin instead of the typical 10-across configuration, making each seat 18.5-inches wide.

Delta Just Made a Huge Announcement That Puts Other Airlines to Shame

  Delta Just Made a Huge Announcement That Puts Other Airlines to Shame This is a big surprise for passengers. I was sure my eyes were fibbing.Sometimes, they present sights that stun me into stupor so much that it takes me a while to ponder whether what I'm seeing can possibly be true.One of those moments happened last week, courtesy of Delta Air Lines.It slipped out an announcement that went so much against current airline attitudes that I was tempted to go outside and scream my joy to the coyotes lurking there. The announcement began with these words: "Delta emphasizes customer comfort.

Dubbed " Delta Premium" the new service will arrive in 2017 with the airline's new Airbus A350 fleet. This announcement came just a month after American Airlines' new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner entered service equipped with its own brand new So what's the big deal about premium economy seats ?

After United rolled out its basic economy fares (and lost a cool 0 million because customers didn't actually want a rock-bottom, you-can't- make -any-changes-or-have-any-perks ticket) the airline has decided to make a small change to its policy: It will let basic economy fliers pick their seats up to 24

In comparison, some of United’s 777 aircraft have economy seats as narrow as 16 inches, and you’ll have to pay for Premium Economy on an American Airlines’s 777 to get a 18.5-inch-wide seat. (American Airlines’s standard main cabin seats are anywhere between 17.1 and 18.1-inches wide, for reference.)

According to Delta, the new seats will be the widest main cabin seats in its international fleet, although it doesn’t appear that the wider seats also come with more legroom. Each flier will also have access to a personal power port and individual 11-inch-wide screens on each seatback.

The first renovated 777 is already flying between Detroit and Beijing every other day during July 2018 and will take over the Los Angeles to Sydney route starting March 2019. Delta expects all eight of its 777-200ER and its 10 777-200LR planes to be renovated in a similar fashion by the end of 2019.

Delta Air Lines Surprises Economy Class Passengers With More Good News (Well, Mostly Good News)

  Delta Air Lines Surprises Economy Class Passengers With More Good News (Well, Mostly Good News) It's odd when airlines make decisions that might delight their customers. Might. Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. These are odd times for airlines.Why, last week United Airlines announced second quarter results that were actually better than ugly financial types expected.INC. TODAY'S MUST READS: Want to Win? Write Stuff DownThat was peculiar and caused some cheering at United HQ.Then there's Delta Air Lines.A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Delta had done the perfectly unthinkable.

Delta economy seat map for its revamped 777s makes clear that many of its planes will have a more spacious cabin than If you’re flying economy for 12+ hours or more, chances are your seat will be bigger on Delta . It ’ s worse on American: Your economy seats could be just over 16 inches wide.

They will just refresh their current seats in economy with new upholstery. The Delta one product will cost and make more than its predecessor, and the decrease in seats means less awards and that’s Premium coach is a bigger seat that’s wider, not just more legroom as it was on the comfort plus.

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United Airlines will start charging more for some economy seats, and it's part of a costly trend that's plaguing the industry .
United Airlines announced a plan to begin charging an extra fee for passengers to reserve economy seats near the front of the plane. Separating the costs of various travel services into their own fee group is an industry practice known as "unbundling."United Airlines announced this week a plan to begin charging extra for passengers to reserve economy seats near the front of the plane, a reserve fee already practiced by others in the industry, notably American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

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