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TravelPrivate jet flight attendant shares her flying confessions

13:25  15 may  2019
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A flight attendant explains why you don't want to hear the phrase 'easy victor' on board a plane

A flight attendant explains why you don't want to hear the phrase 'easy victor' on board a plane You'll never hear the captain say it out of the blue without any warning.

Private jet flight attendants are a growing profession in the corporate and luxury travel worlds. More and more people are using private planes, as they Net Jets hires flight attendants to fly out of cities all over the United States, from Dallas to Palm Beach to New Jersey to Los Angeles, transporting

Flight Attendant Confessions . Packing everything you need, getting to the airport on time, and going Some of their other in- flight confessions might be a bit more surprising, though. Flying with Stratos Jet Charters is a luxury experience, so you’ll never have to worry about agents with an attitude.

Private jet flight attendant shares her flying confessions© Courtesy Four Seasons Interior of the Four Seasons private jet.

For many, the thought of catching a plane is far from luxurious: from spending countless hours lining up at security, to wrestling arm rests with other passengers as you face a crammed long-haul flight in economy.

But somewhere else in the sky on board a private jet, high fliers are having their every need attended to while they enjoy their very own cinema, bedroom and living room.

It's a travel privilege enjoyed by a lucky few -- from celebrities, royals, self-made entrepreneurs and oligarchs. But the smooth running of private jets depends, usually, on a select few. Among the most attentive are flight attendants who spend hours, often alone, tirelessly ensuring their passengers receive a premium, 5-star service.

United flyer faces up to 21 years in prison after being found guilty of assaulting flight attendant

United flyer faces up to 21 years in prison after being found guilty of assaulting flight attendant A United Airlines passenger is facing 21 years in federal prison after being found guilty of assaulting a crew member earlier this year. The incident occurred during a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles when Adau Akui Atem Mornyang, 24, who appeared to be intoxicated, began verbally and physically abusing the staff and other passengers, according to a press release from the Department of Justice. Evidence presented at trial indicated when a flight attendant approached Mornyang, she began to shout and then slapped him across the face.

I fly as a private jet flight attendant and I would never post on public forum who I fly for. This the PRIVATE jet world right? Privacy is what we practice I have a fulltime role for a Private Jet Flight attendant in Houston TX. You can email your resume to [email protected] if you would like to

She also chatted with us at Jet Set for even more exclusive scoop. Here's Reid, in her own words. She let one of the flight attendants wear her Krup diamond the entire flight ! And I wore Dionne Warwick's fur coat, except for during the meal service; it would not have been good to spill salad

Private jet flight attendant shares her flying confessions© Kimberley Benton Benton has worked in the industry for over nine years.

While life as a VIP air hostess comes with the perk of traveling the world, their jobs can be demanding and stressful.

They may serve their passengers every need, but the skills required by flight attendants are much more than that of a waitress -- they're cocktail mixologists, cleaners, personal assistants, caterers and even dog sitters.

Private jet flight attendant shares her flying confessions© Mary Kalymnou Kalymnou says she's flown for royal families, heads of states, CEOs and celebrities.

Flight attendant Kimberley Benton has been working in the industry for nine years. She says it was her love for traveling that drew her into the world, which has enabled her to embark on 14 world tours. During her lifetime, she's traveled to more than 130 countries and traveled on 27 different types of business jets.

United Threatens to Fire Flight Attendants for Fraud, Again

United Threatens to Fire Flight Attendants for Fraud, Again For at least the second time in a month, United Airlines is accusing its flight attendants of engaging in fraud. This time, the airline says a handful of its FAs are brokering deals to sell the best trips to international destinations to their coworkers, a practice prohibited by United. “Over the past few months, many …

Private Jet Airports. Where can you fly to and from? We therefore do not recruit pilots or flight attendants . Current career opportunities with PrivateFly are detailed below, but we are always keen to hear from talented people who are interested in joining our team.

Flight Attendants . Join the industry’s most experienced and dedicated aviators. We encourage you to browse the information below to become acquainted At NetJets, you will fly in the newest aircraft with the latest avionics. Every flight attendant has the ability to fly on any type of aircraft, but the focused

For her, being a VIP flight attendant is more than just delivering the best possible service to her clients, but about "creating an experience."

"They're expecting you to be a lot more personal," the 32-year-old told CNN Travel. "They expect you to know exactly what they want, when they want it and it could be something as little as as soon as they get on the plane they want a shot of a Nespresso, the foot rest up and their Sunday Times [newspaper] waiting for them."

She's held birthday parties in the sky, after-parties for pop stars who she's flown with for their concert tours, and even put on full banquets for her guests. It's a job that requires her to be constantly adaptable to whatever situation she's in.

Private jet flight attendant shares her flying confessions© Mary Kalymnou Mary Kalymnou has been working as a flight attendant for 13 years.

"Pop bands, royalty, millionaires, billionaires, heiresses," Benton lists as people she's flown with. "I've [flown] a lot of people you see on TV and you can get a bit nervous, but when you fly these people you understand they're just like everyone else."

American Airlines flight attendant 'mortified' after spilling tray of drinks on CEO

American Airlines flight attendant 'mortified' after spilling tray of drinks on CEO An American Airlines flight attendant said she was “mortified” after a passenger bumped into her and she accidentally sprayed her company’s CEO with a tray full of drinks on a flight last week.

A: Being a private jet flight attendant is definitely more fun. You work on a one-on-one basis with the passengers, and you usually get to know them and It’s important that a flight attendant on a private jet be invisible, but at the same time be proactive and give the passengers what they want before they

Jet Set Aviation Professionals offers….. Corporate Flight Attendant training & certification. Hi, I am interested in your program to help me find a steady job as a corporate or private flight attendant . I believe I have all the prerequisites.

Private jet flight attendant shares her flying confessions© Mary Kalymnou Kalymnou's career has led to her running the luxury travel and lifestyle blog, Maryhop.

As for the parties, she says there's a need to make sure they "don't get out of control."

"You kind of need to be on the ball a little bit -- not letting them drink too much, but not spoil the fun and kind of having a balance," Benton says.

Private jet flight attendant shares her flying confessions© Kimberley Benton Benton says the biggest perk of her job is being able to meet new people and see new places.

"I've hosted a few parties in the sky before when I know they're going to have guests on board and they want all the champagne and ice ready to go," she adds. "You want to make sure they've got everything they want -- their favorite whiskies and scotch," she adds.

Private jet flight attendant shares her flying confessions© Mary KalymnouExotic parrots, guns and dead bodies

Mary Kalymnou has also worked as an flight attendant for 13 years, working for high-ranking international clientele such as royal families, heads of states, CEOs and celebrities.

She says she's worked on a variety of jets, including the long-range Gulfstream G550 and the Embraer Legacy which allows up to 14 passengers on board.

Woman with Down Syndrome to co-pilot flight with retired Southwest pilot

Woman with Down Syndrome to co-pilot flight with retired Southwest pilot Tracy Sharp is getting a second wish granted by her Southwest "fairy godmother" as she will ride alongside a retired captain later this week.

Anonymous, real-life flight attendants share their stories in our tell all list of crazy confessions and A former flight attendant on the site let’s his (or her) readers know “There is usually a lock Don’t worry, this former flight attendant assures us that flying is still completely safe, “Most of the time it’s

A private jet flight attendant career is not really possible for those who do not have integrity or high Private jet flight attendants are incredibly creative and self-motivated. When I went from being a Private jet flight attendants are required to keep secrets of who, what, and where they fly , but if

Private jet flight attendant shares her flying confessions© Mary Kalymnou Kalymnou has to organize catering for the flight, which can sometimes be challenging due to guest demands.

On board she's had guests bring exotic parrots, jewels, more than 20 bags of shopping and even guns. She says she's also had dead bodies.

"Three times in my career I had a deceased person on board -- a coffin in the cargo, made out of gold and expensive wood," she recalls.

"They were three very well-known men, [who] obviously traveled in luxury for the last time in their lives."

She says the job of a VIP flight attendant is demanding and one that "requires a lot of sacrifices."

"It requires a lot of patience, flexibility, and for sure -- high levels of self-esteem," Kalymnou explains. "The clients expect the best, the operators demand the highest so you must be willing and of course be able to offer the best of yourself."

Otherwise, she says, you could be easily replaced.

"Every girl could learn this job ... but only a few will eventually stand out. Being professional is not enough -- you must be unique," she says.

"You can easily be replaced by someone new, someone younger, someone prettier, someone smarter, someone prettier. So since day one, I knew I had to be like a sponge in order to survive in the industry."

American Airlines flight attendant fined after reportedly showing up drunk

American Airlines flight attendant fined after reportedly showing up drunk The flight attendant was reportedly four times over the legal limit to fly.

She reveals the private jet secrets and perks to MailOnline Travel, from exclusive amenities and Saskia Swann documented her experiences in a book titled Gulfstream Girl: Confessions of a The job is incredibly demanding. Flight attendants on private jets are required to provide tailored service

Private flight attendants earned average annual salaries of ,000 as of 2013, according to the job site Indeed. Some may have worked in the commercial industry before switching to private jet companies -- or individual clients. In the commercial industry, flight attendants must have at least

Kalymnou says in order to succeed a flight attendant needs to have "premium catering skills, creative thinking, great manners as well as an elegant and hospital attitude."

Her career eventually led to her running the luxury travel and lifestyle blog and Instagram, Maryhop, which has gained over 23,000 followers and inspires others to pursue a career in aviation. She also provides one-on-one consulting to help others improve their customer service.

Travel the world for $119,000

Benton now works as a freelance flight attendant for TAG Aviation and various other operators that provide private and business aviation services.

But previously, Benton worked on board the Four Seasons' state-of-the-art luxury private jet. The Toronto-based luxury accomodation brand leased its very own Boeing 757 to fly up to 52 guests on global tours, setting back passengers $119,000 for a 24-day nine-destination trip.

"It's a private jet experience because the guests are on this aircraft for their full tour, it could be for four to five weeks and It's their aircraft, there's no one else getting on the plane," Benton explains.

Each journey includes air travel, bespoke excursions, meals, drink and accommodation, she said.

"A lot of these guests are repeat guests and sometimes they do request the same crew on their next trip," Benton said, adding that eight attendants usually worked on board.

However unlike on the Four Seasons flights, when Benton's operating smaller, more exclusive jets, she often works alone.

Before each flight, both Kalymnou and Benton have to organize catering for the flight -- which can sometimes be challenging.

Man Removed From Flight for Harassing Attendant

Man Removed From Flight for Harassing Attendant The plane was delayed over 90 minutes following the incident.

Flight attendants or cabin crew (also known as stewards/stewardesses, air hosts/hostesses, cabin attendants ) are members of an aircrew employed by airlines primarily to ensure the safety and

Flight attendants are known for always looking put together. But their standards are way stricter than putting on lipstick and tucking in their shirts. From restrictions on body hair to nail color and even to eating in public, flight attendants have to deal 9. "Marital Status: Unmarried" — Jet Airways (Note

"You could have a very low maintenance owner that doesn't want much, maybe just beans on toast and some might want a full banquet, family dinner and a five star service," Benton said says.

While Kalymnou once received a last minute order from her client who requested a shark's fin soup on a flight out of London. The rare dish, which usually needs to be ordered 48 hours in advance, led Kalymnou to scramble.

"That was a difficult challenge as this was mainly forbidden in the UK and only certified suppliers and restaurants could actually deliver the order," she said.

"Having great connections in the UK, I managed to get the request on board just a few minutes before the passengers arrived," Kalymnou says. But after all the stress that she went through to get it on board, once she offered the menu to her guests they decided they wanted to carry on eating the burgers they had bought on the way to the airport instead.

"This is a typical example of our daily lives as VIP flight attendants. We strive for the best, even if it's not needed," she explained.

Fendi toilet seats and silk carpets

Once, Benton says, she worked on board a plane that was decorated with silk carpets throughout, and toilet seats made by the Italian luxury fashion house, Fendi.

"It was 100% pure silk carpet so you'd have to be aware of all the engineers coming on in their big boots. You'd be like 'oh god, please take your shoes off ... don't touch anything!'," she laughs.

There was also a Formula One driver whose private jet had most things made out of carbon fiber.

"It was really expensive and he had all that and black leather," she remembers.

Benton says while some large commercial airlines provide private rooms to customers if they want a more luxurious experience, it still can't compete with the exclusiveness of a private jet.

"You still haven't got the ability to change the schedule and that's what makes private so much more bespoke and tailored in comparison to commercial."

While there isn't a set universal uniform for VIP flight attendants, Benton says that she has known some who have been required to wear platform high heels that have been bought for them by the jet owner.

"I do know people who have to wear Louboutins in and outside the cabin," Benton reveals. But usually, she says, owners just like them to look presentable -- with simple hair and makeup.

Living life on 'permanent standby'

Life as a flight attendant is a job that can put Benton on "permanent standby," where you may not know where you'll end up in 48 hours or even two weeks.

"Sometimes you don't always get the opportunity to fully have a day off," Benton adds.

She says as a freelancer, flight attendants can earn anywhere from £150 ($195) to £450 ($587) a day, depending on your experience and what you can negotiate with the operator.

"There's no set salary," she adds. "Everyone's got their own little deal going on."

Benton says while they don't usually receive tips, she has received gifts such as expensive handbags from those she's flown for. And while she admits it is a perk, she says the best part of her job is having the opportunity to meet new people and visit new places -- such as the Maldives, Japan, Easter Island and Bali.

"One of the massive perks is part of the job. It's going to all these different places and being able to say this is your job," she said. "You travel for a living and you're doing what you love."

Drunk Passenger Breaks Flight Attendant’s Leg After Being Told to Put Out Cigarette.
Drunk Passenger Breaks Flight Attendant’s Leg After Being Told to Put Out Cigarette

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