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18:25  23 february  2017
18:25  23 february  2017 Source:   travelpulse.com

AA attendants want 'full recall' of new uniforms

  AA attendants want 'full recall' of new uniforms American Airlines rolled out new uniforms to more than 70,000 of its frontline workers in September. Complaints about itching, rashes, headaches and hives surfaced within the first few weeks of the uniform roll-out. American launched an investigation, initially saying that it thought the issues were isolated – possibly some sort of wool allergy.

Aeroflot has denied discriminating against female cabin crew. The flight attendants claimed that Aeroflot had moved staff off international routes onto local flights But this week the group, which called itself, STS, a Russian abbreviation for “ old , fat, ugly ”, had its case thrown out of a Moscow court.

A group of female flight attendants who say they were discriminated against after being deemed “ old , fat and ugly ” by Russia’s flagship A Moscow court this week rejected a sex discrimination claim by Irina Ierusalimskaya against national carrier, Aeroflot , the BBC reported on Thursday.

Aeroflot Airbus A330 © Flickr Aeroflot Airbus A330 When running an airline, it’s important to treat your flight attendants with class, sophistication and decency. Or, you could always do what Aeroflot just purportedly did.

The Sun (h/t The Toronto Sun) fields some seriously troubling charges from attendant Yevgenia Magurina who states, “They told us all that only the young and thin will fly abroad for Aeroflot.”

Those deemed too old or too big will be relegated to domestic flights only, losing out on the lucrative compensation that comes with International flights.

Magurina continues, “We were all photographed en masse and measured—some were even weighed.”

Delta Beefs Up Diversity Training for Flight Crews (Correct)

  Delta Beefs Up Diversity Training for Flight Crews (Correct) (Bloomberg) -- Delta Air Lines Inc. will begin new, dedicated diversity training for all of its flight crews after at least two widely publicized incidents where passengers said they were discriminated against or treated uncivilly on its flights. Chief Executive Officer Ed Bastian banned a passenger for life in November after the man was videotaped yelling in support of Donald Trump. A few weeks earlier, the carrier had apologized to a black doctor who volunteered to help a sick passenger and was rebuffed by a flight attendant.

Despite Aeroflot 's denials, the flight attendants feel they were discriminated against for being too " old , fat and ugly " which has led to them adopting the insult into a name for their One of the flight attendants filing a suit against the airline, Evgeniya Magurina, said that the airline had been quietly

A group of female flight attendants who say they were discriminated against after being deemed “ old , fat and ugly ” by Russia’s flagship airline Other crew members deemed too old or overweight were also moved, Ms Magurina claimed In the recent court case, an Aeroflot official said every extra

Another attendant, under anonymity, echoes that charge saying that attendants were weighed, “like cows.”

Magurina, who has been working in the industry for 15 years, states that the explanation for such drastic measures was all about branding: “This was done under the pretext of company rebranding and ordering new uniforms for staff.”

By now, your jaw is somewhere around your feet. We suggest picking it up and carrying on because there are even more astounding items in the report.

According to The Sun, the number of affected attendants, those that are now forced to stay home, effectively, rests at about 400.

As to some tangible figures, Magurina states there was more than just an apparent visual assessment: “They stopped putting anyone on international flights if they are older than 40 or take more than a (Russian) size 48 (UK – 16).”

Russia’s Aeroflot named world’s most powerful airline brand

  Russia’s Aeroflot named world’s most powerful airline brand Aeroflot has been named the most powerful airline brand in the world by leading valuation and strategy consultancy, Brand Finance, with the Russian company “surprisingly” leaving reputable American and Gulf carriers behind.The young fleet's excellent safety record and sponsorship of football giant Manchester United, as well as successful marketing in Asia put Aeroflot ahead among nine global AAA airline brands, Brand Finance said in a press-release earlier this week.“The news may come as a surprise to those in Europe and North America more familiar with Western or Gulf flag carriers,” the consultancy said.

A disgruntled FA is claimed Aeroflot FAs are are reassigned off prime routes because they are fat. Read Aeroflot 's rebuttal and decide for But today, allegations have emerged from a disgruntled group of FAs that the Russian carrier is banning flight attendants deemed “ old , fat and ugly ” from

“ OLD , fat and ugly ” is what Yevgeniya Magurina jokingly calls a group of flight attendants of Russia’s flagship airline Aeroflot who she claims have been sidelined in an apparent drive to Aeroflot flight attendant Yevgeniya Magurinas with her uniform. Picture: Alexander Zemlianichenko/APSource:AP.

Magurina states that she now has to deal with an itinerary based solely on domestic locations, including the hardships that come with flying to Siberia.

The attendant explains, “When I asked what’s going on, they told me these are the new rules of the game and that I was removed from international flights because of my clothes size — it mustn’t be more than a 46, and I’m a 48.”

Aeroflot, for its part, refutes these claims. The report also publishes a statement from the airline: “Aeroflot therefore robustly denies these baseless allegations. Aeroflot does not place geographical restrictions on where its cabin staff may fly and it does not restrict flight time for members of staff based on age or any other physical attributes, such as appearance.”

The statement then specifically calls out Ms. Magurina and her accusations, citing specifics that counter the charge: “Evgenia Magurina, serves passengers on international and domestic flights, including to the US (for which she has a valid visa). Aeroflot has thoroughly investigated Ms Magurina’s claims and has found no evidence to support her allegation. Hundreds of Aeroflot’s cabin crew are aged over 40 and regularly work on international flights to destinations in North America, Europe, Japan, China and elsewhere. The claim that the expert medical commission has been instructed to remove ‘old and ugly’ cabin crew from flight duties is untrue. In 2016, only four members of cabin crew aged between 56 and 60 failed mandatory medical examinations allowing them to fly, while 98 passed and continue to serve on flights both internationally and within Russia.”

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Russian airline Aeroflot is allegedly banning ‘ old , fat and ugly ’ crew. Picture: Clay Gilliland Source: FlickrSource:Flickr. Calling themselves STS — the Russian abbreviation for “ old , fat, ugly ” — these flight attendants claim they are being prevented from flying on international routes, and instead given

Aeroflot said it was happy with the court decision, noting that the company did not discriminate against employees on the bases of age, gender, race or other attributes. Magurina and a group of other Aeroflot employees unsuccessfully sued Aeroflot earlier this year after they said company officials

The accusations have now made their way to Vladimir Putin, but there is no mention as to whether there will be an investigation launched to verify the veracity of the claims.

If true, we would like to remind Aeroflot that age, according to the timeless wisdom that is Aaliyah, ain’t nothing but a number.

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