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TravelA Passengers' Guide to Surviving Airline Strike Season

07:45  05 september  2019
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EVA Air attendants strike halts flights for 1,000s in Taiwan

EVA Air attendants strike halts flights for 1,000s in Taiwan TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — A strike by flight attendants at EVA Air, Taiwan's second-largest airline, has left thousands of passengers scrambling for alternative transport. 

Strikes are a rising drawback: employees from Ryanair and British Airways have additionally been on strike , and in line with information sources, extra are 1. Look forward to airways to behave. When airline employees decides to go on strike , it is vitally seldom that airline authorities will cancel flights

Try to avoid airlines from countries that are lightly regulated, as their mechanics, controllers and inspectors are not likely to be as well funded. You get what you pay for in aviation and people who pay the low fares have to understand that cheap tickets mean that airline is undercutting – they have to

For those who are planning a vacation anytime soon, be warned, your flight could be affected by strikes.

A Passengers' Guide to Surviving Airline Strike Season© iStock / Getty Images Plus / den-belitsky Airplane and road with motion blur effect at sunset

Just today, Ryanair pilots union announced it will strike for another seven days in September. British Airways pilots are also set to go on strike on September 9 and September 10 and then again on September 27 potentially impacting travel for thousands of passengers.

All of this comes after a massive pilot strike at SAS in April and May left more than 370,000 passengers stranded at airports.

“We see many staff strikes every year, even among the world’s major airlines,” says Christian Nielsen, chief legal officer at AirHelp, an organization specializing in air passenger rights.

BA strike: British Airways cancels nearly all flights as pilots go on strike

BA strike: British Airways cancels nearly all flights as pilots go on strike British Airways says it was forced to cancel "nearly 100 per cent" of flights for Monday and Tuesday after the British pilots union went ahead with a strike. © Dan Kitwood/Getty Images A British Airways plane lands at Heathrow Airport on March 19, 2010 in London. The strike was called for by the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) amid a heated dispute over pay with the airline. BALPA said Sunday on Twitter that it put forward a proposal to the carrier's management Wednesday, but had yet to receive a reply.

One crewmember and two passengers survived . TAAG Angola Airlines Flight 462 left wing struck the ground, crashed and exploded on 8 November 1983 Kenya Airways Flight 507 - The night of 5 May 2007, shortly after takeoff from Douala International Airport a Boeing 737-800 suddenly banked

Whenever a strike is looming at an airline , passenger anxiety naturally increases. The uncertainty not only is among passengers but extends to airline employees as well. In effect, if you call an airline even hours before a possible strike you are likely to be told that the company line is business as usual.

Given the frequency of such labor actions, AirHelp has just released its step-by-step passenger guide to surviving airline strikes.

Among the key takeaways? Read up on your rights before embarking on a holiday. Here’s a look at the other top tips from AirHelp.

Wait for Airlines to Act

When airline staff decides to go on strike, it is very seldom that airline authorities will cancel flights right away.

Often, the airline will still try to get flights operating by actively negotiating with unions or even involving legal action to settle the dispute. As a consequence, many travelers do not know whether to reschedule their itinerary or not.

“If an airline does not cancel a flight 14 days before the originally scheduled departure, it is very likely that the airline is strongly pursuing negotiation with unions and might wait to cancel the flight until the very last minute,” said AirHelp. “In such cases, passengers should not cancel the original flight before the airline confirms the flight cancellation, because airlines can refuse to pay for a refund and leave passengers paying for two tickets in the end.”

How to Deal With Flight Cancellations Due to Strikes

How to Deal With Flight Cancellations Due to Strikes Flight cancellations due to labor strikes can happen many times per year, but travelers do have options.

A Singapore Airlines flight takes off from Singapore to Newark, N.J. Video: Singapore Airlines . After more than 15 hours, the passengers in the back of the airplane are family-road-trip restless: Are we there yet?

All 157 passengers as well as six crew members survived the accident. A few of the passengers suffered One passenger reported that people had already started cheering for a safe landing when the plan began The pilot of the Caribbean Airlines jet had been flying into this airport for 25 years.

Stay Calm and Know Your Rights

Not having the ability to plan ahead could make you feel helpless, but that’s why the European Flight Compensation Regulation (EC261) has a comprehensive scheme to compensate travelers’ losses.

“The first thing travelers need to know about is their right to care, under which they can claim compensation for meals, refreshments, and two free phone calls, emails, or fax,” said AirHelp.

When travelers arrive at the airport waiting for the announcement of strike-incited cancellations, they can demand that the airline provide refreshments when a delay reaches two hours for a flight under 1500 kilometers, three hours for a flight between 1500 and 3500 kilometers, or four hours for a flight beyond 3500 kilometers.

It is also possible for travelers to purchase meals in proportion to the waiting period, and claim reimbursement from the airline later, said AirHelp

American Travelers Still Don't Know Their Rights When Flying

  American Travelers Still Don't Know Their Rights When Flying New study finds 81 percent of American travelers remain uninformed about the compensation they may be entitled to when a flight disruption occurs.A newly released study from AirHelp reveals that the vast majority of U.S. travelers remain completely unaware of their rights when flying.

I am traveling to Europe this summer and am worried that airline strikes might impact my trip. Or they’re announced well in advance, so airlines have time to rebook their passengers . • Stick with airlines that have alliance partners. If your carrier is affected by a strike , it will be better positioned to

> Passengers are encouraged to check with their airline for baggage allowances, as they vary by carrier. Airlines offer multiple options for passengers to obtain a boarding pass. Once you check in online, a boarding pass can be printed, or downloaded to your phone, either by email or through the

“Passengers should keep all receipts to claim reimbursement later,” said AirHelp.

Once the airline confirms the flight cancellation, passengers can choose from three actions: refund, rebooking to the next available flight or rebooking to a later suitable flight.

If the newly scheduled flight requires passengers to stay overnight at the airport, passengers can demand that the airline provides accommodation and transportation to and forth free of charge.

Get Rightful Compensation for Losses

Most importantly, after all these hassles, if you were traveling to or from the EU then you may be entitled to up to $700 in compensation - no matter if the airline cancels the flight and refunds the ticket, or provides a replacement flight to the original destination.

As long as it is a last-minute cancellation or a flight delay of more than three hours, passengers can claim this compensation in addition to the other things that airlines provide during strikes.

It’s also important to note that airlines will often reject passengers’ claims for compensation by arguing that strikes are beyond the airline’s control and that airlines are thus not responsible for paying for compensation.

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But first, you have to survive that Ryanair flight and get where you’re going without being hit with all kinds of hidden add-on fees the airline is notorious for charging. 9. Be prepared to squeeze yourself into uncomfortable positions as Ryanair has some of the smallest seats in the airline industry.

both fatalities and survivors found that passengers seated in the rear cabin (behind the wings) had a 69 percent chance of survival , compared with just 49 …Is to brace yourself (literally). In a 2015 crash simulation, Boeing found that passengers who both wore their seat belts and assumed a brace

“AirHelp would like to raise broader awareness and reiterate that, a flight disruption caused by airline staff strike is definitely eligible despite what the airline states,” said the company. “Backed up by the latest decision from the highest European legal entity, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), airline staff strikes are a consequence of deteriorating relations between airline industry employers and employees. Even if a strike is a wildcat, the ECJ assures that passengers are still owed compensation for their losses during a strike.”

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