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Tip : Try a valid symbol or a specific company name for relevant results. Whether you travel early in the pregnancy to faraway destinations or stay closer to home as your due date approaches, these 30 destinations should be on your babymoon bucket list.

Babymoons have become almost as popular as honeymoons, with many resorts and spas offering packages or amenities for expecting moms and their traveling partners. Some moms-to-be plan romantic babymoons with their spouse or significant other while others opt to book a girls getaway or

Memo to U.S. travelers: you’re leaving money on the table when it comes to filing claims with airlines.

a close up of a traffic light: Airport flight status board© phive2015 / iStock / Getty Images Plus Airport flight status board

A newly released study from AirHelp reveals that the vast majority of U.S. travelers remain completely unaware of their rights when flying.

In fact, while more Americans understand their rights than in previous years, the new study found that a staggering 81 percent of travelers remain uninformed and often leave hundreds of dollars each year in the hands of airlines.

Under European law EC 261, airlines are required to inform travelers of their rights and are obligated to pay passengers compensation of up to $700 for many types of air travel disruptions, AirHelp explained.

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Need babymoon ideas ? Check out our list of the 8 best babymoon destinations in the U.S. and abroad (all are Zika-free!). Think of a babymoon as the calm before the storm. This is your chance to connect with your partner, get some much-needed relaxation and pamper yourself before you embark

The 10 Best Babymoon Destinations for You and Your Hubby. It’s set along 30 acres of shoreline and offers a peaceful retreat with indoor and outdoor pools, hiking, fishing, boating and more. If your idea of a babymoon is to be tucked away with your main squeeze, consider Scottsdale, Arizona for

But despite airlines‘ legal obligation to properly communicate rights to travelers, Americans’ lack of awareness continues to be a major issue, the company said. Here are some key points:

—Only 55 percent of Americans who have been on a disrupted flight and thought their flight disruption was eligible have gone through the process of filing for compensation, making U.S. passengers 22 percent less likely than European flyers to file claims.

AirHelp said this disparity is not surprising given that air passengers have better protections in the EU than in the United States.

—Nearly half (45 percent) of Americans who think they’re eligible for compensation never file claims.

“Air passengers across the globe are constantly being mistreated by the airlines, and most travelers are not even aware of how they can fight back and be compensated when they are taken advantage of,” said Christian Nielsen, AirHelp’s chief legal officer.

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Before researching babymoon ideas , check with your doctor: the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists discourages air travel after Plus, no expectant mom wants to be eight time zones and three layovers away from her Ob-Gyn! Read on for the best babymoon destinations that will

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Here’s another tip for travelers everywhere, courtesy of AirHelp: accepting a voucher or cash offer from an airline when a problem occurs is not necessarily the best course of action.

“Taking vouchers may seem easier, however, these can often have expiration dates or terms that make them less valuable than the compensation they are eligible to claim,” says the new AirHelp study. “Furthermore, the cash passengers are entitled to is almost always of a higher value than the voucher.”

Regardless, nearly one quarter (24 percent) of Americans have fallen prey to this and accepted an airline's offer of vouchers or food instead of getting the cash they are owed, said AirHelp.

The majority of travelers who do not file claims (60 percent) have not done so because they’re unaware of their rights.

Another 42 percent have not filed claims because they don’t think the airline would listen, and 48 percent did not believe they were entitled, showing that Americans‘ trust in the airlines is extremely weak and that the airline industry must work harder to make travelers better informed and more trusting.

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See more ideas about Babymoon , Babymoon destinations , Perfect destination . There are hundreds of perfect destinations for those, who want to enjoy this precious period of life. Calm atmosphere, peaceful nature, and fresh air will favorably influence a mother and a child.

Here are 10 babymoon destinations to consider! If your idea of a babymoon is to be tucked away with your main squeeze, consider Scottsdale, Arizona for your babymoon . Included is breakfast, an hour-long prenatal in-room massage, a 30 -minute maternity photo shoot, along with a teddy bear and

“We are glad to see that more travelers are aware of their rights in the United States than in 2018, but the airline industry has a responsibility to better treat the travelers that are keeping it in business,“ said Nielsen. “We have seen countless problems in the airline industry over this past year from airlines going belly up and leaving passengers stranded, to creating unsafe aircraft and even delaying flights for more than 24 hours. EC 261 is extremely valuable in protecting travelers, and we must continue to educate travelers and help them exercise their rights.”

While 92 percent of Americans have traveled by air, about half (55 percent) of travelers have not had an airline communicate their rights to them during the flight disruption, according to AirHelp.

In general, 67 percent of travelers were never informed about their rights by an airline.

So what are your rights as an air traveler?

Under European law EC 261, passengers may be entitled to financial compensation of up to $700 per person in the case of flight disruptions, cancellations or denied boarding.

And to be clear, this covers passengers on flights to the EU on an EU airline or out of the EU. It’s also worth noting that you have up to three years after an incident to file a claim.

“Airlines are only exempt from this obligation if the disruption was caused by an extraordinary circumstance such as weather, political unrest, or air traffic control issues,” said the AirHelp study.

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