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Travel Why Cruising Solo to Antarctica May Be the Best Way to See It

18:05  21 november  2019
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Say “Hello” to the World’s Most Luxurious Expedition Ship A first look at the “Scenic Eclipse,” the newly launched mega-yacht with polar cruising capabilities, supersized suites, helicopters, and a submarine onboard.

Going solo on an Antarctica cruise may be the best way to visit the continent, whether you thrive in the silence or still want to meet other passengers. About 10 percent of Hurtigruten’s Antarctica cruise itineraries consist of solo travelers and that segment is growing. Ekelund notes that most solo

Cruising solo to Antarctica means you can actually have the best of both worlds. In a place where contemplative solitude is offered on a silver Antarctica cruises are the epitome ‘group tours’, and you’ll never have to worry about sitting at a dining table all alone, feeling like the loser with no friends.

a man riding a wave on top of Austfonna © Karsten Bidstrup/Courtesy Hurtigruten

Antarctica has been on my bucket list since I first became a travel writer in my early twenties. I’ve managed to hit all the continents—some, like Africa, dozens of times—but Antarctica always escaped me. It’s not an easy place to reach—the cost and travel time needed for such a trip kept the destination at bay for many years.

This year I had the opportunity to explore the great white continent on an Antarctica cruise. And while I often travel with my husband or one of my boys, ages eight and 10, the three-week journey, along the fjords of Chile before crossing the Drake Passage into Antarctica, wasn’t conducive to taking a family member. I couldn’t pull the kids from school for that long, and even if my husband could take that time off from work, we couldn’t find weeks of overnight childcare. So I embarked on my once-in-a-lifetime trip alone.

Airbnb Wants to Pay for You to Take a Research Sabbatical in Antarctica

  Airbnb Wants to Pay for You to Take a Research Sabbatical in Antarctica Five lucky people will get to live and work alongside scientists on an all-expenses-paid sabbatical in Antarctica.When Airbnb hosted its first sabbatical program in the Italian village of Grottole this summer, it received more than 280,000 applications. Now Airbnb is looking for five more intrepid volunteers to join a month-long scientific research expedition to Antarctica this November and December.

Eighteen things you might not know about cruising to Antarctica such as the temperature, how If you are planning a cruise to Antarctica , it 's good to start with some basic knowledge of Antarctic cruises . Everyone loves penguins, and Antarctica is the only place you can see them in the snow.

Antarctica cruises attracted roughly 37,000 people visited the great white continent in 2010 and that list is growing constantly each year. Since we are cheap skates and want to save our wallets the cheapest cruises are the itineraries with 10-11 days. Make sure to look for a triple cabin to save the

Here’s the thing: Antarctica, it turns out, is made for solo travel. I discovered daily situations where being on my own was ideal for the destination—and in conversations with some of the staff on my cruise ship, learned that interest—and bookings—among a varied demographic of solo travelers is on the rise. Here’s why you might want to consider taking your trip to Antarctica without a plus-one.

a group of people riding skis on a snowy mountain © Karsten Bidstrup/Courtesy Hurtigruten

The onboard spaces are designed for smaller groups

My trip was aboard the new MS Roald Amundsen, the world’s first hybrid expedition cruise ship, from Norway-based cruise line Hurtigruten. In order for a ship to land in Antarctica, it can’t have more than 500 passengers—which is the size of this ship. I found out quickly that the ship's size meant I was in an “alone, together” situation, which I really enjoyed.

The Cruise Debate: Is It Really the Best Bang for Your Vacation Buck?

  The Cruise Debate: Is It Really the Best Bang for Your Vacation Buck? From pricey drink packages and excursions to who you travel with and what you get to see, we vet out both sides of the argument.Cruise food and drink packages are a major sticking point when it comes to the cruise debate. For years, cruises got a bad rap for food (thank you, Norovirus) and still, the food served in main dining rooms is more about quantity than quality. Luckily, times are changing! Celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri, Jamie Oliver, and Thomas Keller have cruise restaurants, and newer ships have poolside burger joints, sushi, fine-dining, steakhouses, wine bars, dinner theater, and even room service.

Antarctica may seem like a synonym for isolation — and our skillfully charted itinerary meant we scarcely saw another ship for the duration of our voyage — but we "There's a temptation to think it 's a bit gimmicky that Lindblad invites scientists along as a way to entice guests," Durban remarked.

Antarctica may be just one continent but it offers avid explorers a nearly endless array of experiences. Why ? Because the way we see it , our planet’s last remaining truly pristine continent should be within everyone’s reach. February is considered the best Antarctica cruising month if

While I love talking to people, I can’t interact all day without feeling exhausted, so I often took my laptop to the massive Explorer Lounge on deck 10, with full-length windows to take in the amazing scenery, while sitting next to the German couple playing cards, or the Norwegian group, binoculars in hand, talking about birds. I was always invited to join in with other people—and I often made small talk at the water-bottle filling station and the coffee line.

Yet as people dispersed between their cabins, the three restaurants, the Explorer Lounge, the large sauna, and the outdoor hot tubs and pools, the ship never felt crowded or overly full. I never felt lonely because I was surrounded by other people, and I ate most of my meals with others and did all excursions with the group.

Solo travel is on the rise

Antarctica is like no other place I’ve visited, and lack of over-stimulation—the absence of noise—meant seeing it on a solo journey felt right. The miles upon miles of just white (ice, snow, icebergs) really put me in an introspective mood. Thomas Westergaard, senior vice president of hotel operation and product development for Hurtigruten, says that the solo travel market is an important one. “It’s especially prevalent on trips to places like Antarctica that are bucket-list worthy, and people don’t want to put it off,” he says.

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Keen to travel to Antarctica ? Mention the words “ Antarctica expedition” to some people and they Well , just as soon as we appease their fears and convince them that no, we won’t be making the Antarctica cruises still boast a phenomenal safety record yet safety precautions and drills are held to

Why might you prefer travelling on a smaller cruise ship? Probably the most straight-forward way to see Antarctica is from above. You can book yourself on a sightseeing flight over Antarctica which enables you to Unanswered Questions. What is the best way to go from Pakistan to Antarctica ?

About 10 percent of Hurtigruten’s Antarctica cruise itineraries consist of solo travelers and that segment is growing. Ekelund notes that most solo travelers come from strong economic backgrounds, are well-traveled, well-educated, and they don’t want the lack of a partner to stop them from traveling. Some are divorced, some widowed, and some, like Francis Goulder from Atlanta, are single and simply don’t want to wait around for a friend to join them on a trip this big. “This has always been my dream, and while friends kept telling me they wanted to join, they couldn’t commit either because of money or timing,” she says. “So I decided to go ahead and book it on my own.”

a group of people riding skis on a snowy mountain © Karsten Bidstrup/Courtesy Hurtigruten

It's easy to find companionship

Ekelund notes that some solo travelers like being alone and don’t necessarily want to sit with a group at dinner or be around people constantly, while others appreciate the communal camaraderie. He suggests that solo travelers talk to the restaurant manager and tell them their preference when it comes to navigating meal times.

You can travel without money―here’s how

  You can travel without money―here’s how Don’t think you have the necessary funds to travel? Think again! If you’re willing to make a few compromises—like giving up some creature comforts—there’s nothing stopping you from embarking on a globetrotting adventure. Here are 20 tips for traveling cheap.

Why visit Antarctica ? A trip to Antarctica is the best thing you could ever do travel-wise. This might be the tonic you need to escape your mundane life and get out and see the world. Antarctica cruises are full of absolutely breathtaking experiences. You just sit back and relax on a boat and get

Antarctica may not be the cheapest place you could visit from Australia but there are actually a few ways you can mitigate costs, with the help of some Given the array of fantastic flight deals between Australia and South America, it ’s easy to see that even the longest and most expensive cruise from

I did a combination of solo meals and joining other people. I found that I liked having breakfast and lunch—which were buffet-style—on my own. I enjoyed taking in the passing scenery of icebergs and fjords while I sipped my coffee. For dinners—which were plated—I asked to join other solo travelers or couples that I clicked with. I especially enjoyed the company of one couple from the U.S., and they were nice enough to invite me to join them several times throughout the cruise.

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There's no better way to see the continent

Usually I’m travel with my husband and boys, and there’s lots of chatter. But in this environment, the quiet felt most appropriate. Walking among the chinstrap penguins, or taking a scenic zodiac ride where the Gentoo penguins were diving in the water, cruising around massive icebergs, snowshoeing up a hill to get amazing views of humpback whales—it felt so peaceful, so fitting that I was alone.

There were also moments of wonderful camaraderie, like when I shared a two-person kayak with someone I had met on the trip. We talked as we took in the glaciers, the penguins, the seals. I appreciated the company that much more, because I didn’t have it all day, every day. Traveling solo made my interactions with people—and our shared experiences—take on a new, heightened quality.

On our last zodiac ride to the continent, I felt drunk on the experience of seeing penguins, whales, seals, and icebergs so close. I was surrounded by my fellow passengers, having an amazing experience, but the memories were all mine.

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