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Travel 11 Travel Trends of 2020 That Will Awaken Your Wanderlust

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Airline Flights as Low as $19, but You Have to Move Fast

Airline Flights as Low as $19, but You Have to Move Fast If you're planning a trip this fall, check out these bargain flights. But move fast because the purchase window closes fast.

Here, 11 major travel trends that will hit 2020 faster than you can say “Iceland.” RELATED: Cyprus Is the New Greece (but Way More The Japanese metropolis of Tokyo is probably already high on your travel bucket list anyway, but in summer 2020 , the Summer Olympics will bring a new energy to town.

Here you find 12 travel trends for the travel industry for 2020 . So, take advantage and start impressing your guests and outpace your competitors. Businesses who identify key travel trends and take advantage of them will be uniquely positioned to thrive in this dynamic environment.

As you sit in traffic, wait in line at your local TSA checkpoint, or however you idle on your way over the river and through the woods this Thanksgiving to your mother’s house, remember that it’s in everyone’s interest that the day and weekend go as smoothly as possible. That doesn’t mean it’s only up to your parents to make sure the turkey get out of the oven in time. You’re a part of this family, too. And as an adult child there is a different set of expectations your mother might have of you when you’re home for the holidays. How do we know? We asked our moms.

a man and a woman sitting at a table: Real talk, and real tips, from real moms on making the holiday go as smoothly as possible. © lisegagne - Getty Images Real talk, and real tips, from real moms on making the holiday go as smoothly as possible.

The doyennes of our respective Thanksgivings were all too forthcoming with tips on how to be a good son this week. Employ them at your discretion. She’ll love you, still, no matter what.

New Report Reveals Fastest Growing Travel Destinations in the US

New Report Reveals Fastest Growing Travel Destinations in the US Upgraded Points highlights emerging travel trends based on a review of 2018 flight data.

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There are quite a few travel quotes that inspire me to travel more and to explore more. This Travel Tuesday I thought I'd share some of my favourite I hope these will awaken your wanderlust and I hope it makes for a lighthearted enjoyable read. “ Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you


“What does a mom want from her kids at Thanksgiving? To come for Thanksgiving! If the plane tickets weren’t so damn expensive.” –Cathryne Goulet; Harbor Beach, MI (Mother of Matt Goulet; Senior Associate Editor)


“Make mommy a drink. That’s always a good thing. A strong drink. All holiday weekend. Let’s say you’re coming home. You know that dad is going have the bar set up. And let’s say you have a drink you like to make, like an old-fashioned. So, say, ‘Here I’m gonna make you a an old-fashioned.’ And just give it to me. Why wouldn’t I drink it?”—C.G.


“Be nice to the obscure relative or new-to-town acquaintance that mom invited. Engage them in conversation. Your mom will be so proud and grateful to you.” —Peg Aston; Grapevine, TX (Mother of Ross McCammon; Special Projects Editor)

These Are 2020's Hottest Travel Destinations, According to Airbnb

  These Are 2020's Hottest Travel Destinations, According to Airbnb Courtesy of Airbnb An unexpected trip can be the most exciting kind of vacation to take. 

A Wanderlust Traveller is what I am. I thrive on new experiences, cultures and ways of life. Travel broadens the mind, allows you to get out of the daily grind and escape to the unknown. A Wanderlust Traveller . Travel and escape to amazing places…

Cross-Generational travel . Nature lodges. Here's what every traveler will be talking about this year. Here's our go-to list of 2019 travel trends , to fulfil all your wanderlust dreams in the New Year 16 Hairstyles Everyone Will Be Wanting In 2019. 15 Holiday Destinations You Need To Visit In 2020 .


“I want you to go out on bar night on Wednesday. In fact, I’d like it for your old friends to come by before you went to the bar, just so I could see them. If you’re going to get loaded, that’s fine. Just know that I don’t want you to get sick and I want you to be up to be a part of things. Don’t sleep until 1 o’clock when company’s coming over at 3 o’clock.” –C.G.


“Your mom works hard to make the day special, so show her you appreciate the effort by being punctual and polit. Tell happy stories and help carry dishes. That will let her know you are thankful for her presence in your life." – Rebecca Schrodt; Miami, FL (Mother of Paul Schrodt, Culture Editor)


Just don’t bring home any one awful. What I say, it will take one Yoko Ono to ruin the family. It’s true! Who broke up The Beatles?! It only takes one! –C.G.


Make sure you find out who brought what and praise it to that person. They are proud of their version of green bean casserole even if it’s taken from the can of fried onions. Don’t tell them about the one you read that features 3 kinds of wild mushroom and bechamel sauce. And be sure to tell your Mom afterwards that her recipe for the same dish is way better. —P.A.

Travelers in 2020 will be making more sustainable choices

  Travelers in 2020 will be making more sustainable choices In 2020, over half (54%) of world travelers claim to want to reduce the impact of mass tourism, while 51% will opt for a lesser-known destination in order to lessen their carbon footprint. According to's annual trend report, the first year of the next decade's big travel trend will all about sustainability. While "flight-shame" marked 2019 in the world of tourism, 2020 will be the occasion for travelers to prove their conviction while they continue to explore the world.

This January 18th, 2020 at Sun Devil Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s time for you to be part of the Jesus awakening that is shifting HISTORY. Open the door and enter into a new era, a new decade, of revival that is bringing a movement of signs and wonders, healing of the sick, and preaching of the

Meeting locals, travelling real and sharing true yet raw experiences are what he is known for. His videos act like travel guides that will teach and show you With her followers constantly appreciating her content Kirsten Alana is surely one of that will make you fall in love with destinations and her work!


“It’s fun to look at old videos, sure. But keep it limited so in-laws don’t think, Well, this is boring. Because I remember going to Grandma and Grandpa’s and looking at slides and…Man, it’d be a snoozefest. Go easy on the photos and the old family videos.” –C.G.


“Other people, they get drunk, they start arguing, and they bring out the carving set and they go at each other. Know who you’re with. Maybe you have to avoid political conversations, unless you want to be a real [jerk] and want to get people going.” C.G.

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This Is the Worst Time to Leave When Traveling for Thanksgiving .
Hitting the road for Thanksgiving travel? GoogleMaps found that during Thanksgiving, people are searching for ham stores, outlet malls, tree farms, and electronic stores. If you want to avoid the crowds at each, here's how to do it: First, go to the outlet mall, which reaches peak popularity on Black Friday at noon. Then, head to the tree farm, which gets busy also on Black Friday. The electronics store starts getting customers throughout the Thanksgiving holiday but hits a lull the night before T-Day (or also that morning). Finally, go to the ham store on the morning of Thanksgiving if you can pull this one off (make sure it's open first).

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