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14:40  28 november  2019
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If you find yourself in need of an escape from reality, consider booking a stay at Unique Garden Hotel and Spa, one of Brazil’s most exceptional and tranquil properties. Located an hour outside of Sao Paulo, Unique Garden boasts around 81 acres of land in the Cantareira State Park.

a large mountain in the background: Villas in the hills of Cantareira State Park © Unique Garden Villas in the hills of Cantareira State Park

A stay at Unique Garden is an all-encompassing experience, one that caters to all of one’s senses.

While this may seem to be an exaggeration, it’s not. The founder of the property designed it to be a sanctuary for his daughter who lost her sight at an early age. Its purpose was, and continues to be, to explore the wonders of nature in an oasis made to be stimulating in all forms.

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How exactly does it “touch” all senses?

When it comes to sight, the property is situated in dense forestry and is home to sprawling gardens, blossoming flowers year-round, areas for hiking and nature walks and beautiful views of the lush grounds which can be seen from most of the property’s 27 rooms and chalets. Throughout Unique Garden you can find countless meditation areas where you can be at peace with yourself and the nature that surrounds you.

As for smell, Unique Garden boasts some of the freshest air in the world. Protected by UNESCO, it’s known for its exceptionally clean air, giving the lungs of guests coming from heavily populated cities a well-deserved break.

In addition, guests are greeted each morning with the sounds of the countless wild birds that are housed in Unique Garden’s bird sanctuary, which acts as a safe house to the Brazilian bird species that have been rescued from poachers and traffickers.

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Unique Garden also offers an array of true farm-to-table cuisine to satisfy any palate. Most of the ingredients used comes straight from its culinary gardens, of which guests are welcome to explore and taste from first hand. Guests will notice and appreciate the fresh taste of the produce that is served.

The aspect of touch, however, is what really makes a stay here special—at least if you’re a dog lover! If you’re one of the many people who don’t have the time, space or money to own a dog of your own, Unique Garden has just the solution to make your stay extra special.

Dog adoption!

That’s right, in addition to Unique Garden having a bird and wild animal sanctuary, it’s has a dog sanctuary that rescues strays off the streets of Sao Paulo. It offers shelter, food and protection to around 200-240 dogs at any given time. Even better, the property allows guests the chance to either temporarily adopt a dog for their stay or adopt one permanently if it’s the right fit. About 100 lucky dogs get adopted each year.

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Using a matchmaking service, guests are matched to their furry companion based on preferences such as deposition and size. Unique Garden has a Vet Team that helps the pairing process and ensures that the dog is healthy and ready to hang out with the guest during their stay.

If that’s too much of a commitment, you can also take a dog for a walk or spend the afternoon with one.

Either way having the chance to spend time with a new buddy only enhances a stay at this magical property!

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