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22:50  13 december  2019
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Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date

  Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date Surviving holiday travel is quite the ordeal — you’d probably welcome any and all advice for how to make it easier. You know to avoid the worst days of the year to fly, such as the Friday before Christmas, but do you know exactly what day you’ll arrive? You really want to make those plans as soon as you can. The sooner you get your tickets, the cheaper they’ll be — but wait too long and there’s a point of no return. After a certain date, ticket prices for the holidays go way up.

It can be easy to be rude without even realizing it, especially in an environment that’s stressful and confusing, like an airport. There are plenty of etiquette mistakes you can make while navigating the TSA line, dashing through the terminals and grabbing a quick cup of coffee or bite to eat while you wait for your flight to board. But there’s one surprisingly common airport etiquette mistake that is not only inconsiderate of your fellow passengers but can also delay your flight.

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Oh yeah. We’re talking about all those people who crowd the boarding area long before their boarding group is called.

Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date

  Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date For us mere mortals getting the window seat on a flight seems like a luxury, but that’s nothing compared to some of the perks of flying like a royal. Buzz60’s Susana Victoria Perez has more.

If you’ve traveled by air anytime in the last decade or so, you’ve seen this behavior. About 15 minutes before a flight starts to board, impatient passengers will gather their belongings, get up from their seat in the waiting area and start lurking right behind the queuing area where the boarding pass is scanned.

Whether they do this because they think it will expedite the process, because they want to get settled as soon as possible or because they’re worried they will need to gate-check a carry-on bag, this behavior leads to crowding and confusion. It can also slow down the boarding process as people in an earlier boarding group have to weave through the crowd and ask the lurkers whether or not they’re in line or just standing there.

Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date

  Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date Here’s a list of “dangerous” places that you actually might want to visit. Buzz60’s Natasha Abellard has the story.

The basic rules of etiquette, no matter where you are, boil down to having respect for the time, space and needs of those around you. Yes, this even applies in line for boarding a flight. If you have purchased a seat on the plane, you’re going to get on board, and the first person who gets on the plane will arrive at their final destination at the exact same time as the final passenger. So, seriously, just sit in the waiting area at your gate until your boarding group is called, it’s the polite thing to do. And while you’re at it, brush up on these other rules of airport etiquette.

This US airport has the most flight cancellations .
You’ve planned your trip months — maybe even years — in advance. You have your ticket. You’re on the way to the airport. You’ve gone through security and are navigating the airport maze to get to your gate. You finally arrive and … you see that one word every traveler loathes: canceled. What to Do When Your Flight Is Canceled You may think “Of course. This only happens to me.” But, in actuality, it’s pretty common for flights to get canceled. And there is one airport in the United States where it occurs the most. That airport also happens to be in the busiest and most populated metropolis in the country: New York City.

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