Travel From craft beer to jet lag rooms: Here are the coolest new things about flying in 2020

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White Claw launched 3 new flavors, and we tried them

  White Claw launched 3 new flavors, and we tried them Hot off the heels of Truly’s glow up, hard seltzer market leader White Claw is launching three all-new flavors. After being highly requested by thousands of fans on social media, tangerine, watermelon and lemon White Claws are coming to a store near you. How Much a Six-Pack of Beer Cost the Year You Were Born Thanks to our friends at the brand, The Daily Meal was able to taste test the new White Claws prior to their official launch — and we loved them all. They’re cool and crisp with bright flavor and aromas. It almost feels like you’re drinking something that’s good for you. You can’t taste the alcohol at all. 1/16 SLIDES © istockphoto.

From jet lag cures and sushi counters to 600-thread count linen and new ways to score miles, airlines are pulling out the stops to win customers on the Airlines are constantly evolving to attract new customers and keep loyal travelers coming back. Here are some of the most interesting innovations

People crossing time zones may assume jet lag is something they have to endure—like airport But there are several ways travelers can prepare for and minimize jet lag ’s troubling effects, a sleep specialist says. Julianne Hough’s New Haircut Is Proof the Blunt Bob Will Still Be Trending in 2020 .

The next time you take to the skies, pay close attention. Airlines are constantly evolving to attract new customers and keep loyal travelers coming back.

a person lying on the ground: From live jazz to Australian © Provided by CNBC From live jazz to Australian

Here are some of the most interesting innovations coming to airports in the new year.

Lounges: Jet lag zones and barbecue decks

Airlines are upping the wow factor before travelers step foot on a plane.

Finnair's new Nordic-inspired Platinum Lounge in Helsinki counts a Finnish sauna among its amenities, while Cathay Pacific's The Pier lounge in Hong Kong offers The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga, a 700 square-foot area divided into two zones for yoga and meditation. The same lounge also features a tea house serving artisanal Chinese teas.

This is the best brewery in the world

  This is the best brewery in the world What’s the best brewery in the world? Well, if you ask RateBeer, the answer is clear: Hill Farmstead in Greensboro, Vermont. For an astonishing seventh year in a row, this artisanal brewery bested over 33,000 others to win the highly coveted title. 15 Reasons to Drink a Beer Every Day On Feb. 17, popular beer review site RateBeer revealed its annual list of the best breweries in the world, based on reviewers out in the beer marketplace and historical performance. Hill Farmstead, which was founded in 2010, specializes in expertly crafted beers named after brewer Shaun Hill’s ancestors, all of whom have roots in the Greensboro area.

1. Jet lag is caused by lack of sleep. “Sometimes it seems that way, “ says Heather Poole, a veteran “I know the best thing you can do is drink water, tons of water. Hydration is the key to looking and feeling 3. When flying from the U.S. to Europe, going to sleep when I get there helps fight jet lag .

Jet lag may be the worst part of traveling. And it hits many people harder traveling east than west. Why they feel this way is unclear. But when you travel across multiple time zones, like flying from New York to Moscow, those little pacemaker cells that thought they knew the routine scramble around

KLM's new Amsterdam Schiphol lounge features a sunset light wall designed to simulate the Dutch sky and help travelers adjust to the local time zone. Of course, they can get fresh air by visiting the alfresco plane-spotting deck too. Two virtual reality cabins help those who want to feel like they are somewhere else entirely.

a man sitting at a desk in front of a window: SAS's jet lag recovery room.© Provided by CNBC SAS's jet lag recovery room.

Scandinavian Airlines recently updated its Copenhagen flagship lounge to feature an innovative "Daylight Booster Zone" delivering light therapy meant to get passengers' circadian rhythms back on track. The lights are adjustable for stimulation or relaxation, based on how far passengers are traveling or how long they want to stay awake.

Qantas opened an outdoor barbecue deck in its Perth lounge, so passengers can catch some sun and fresh air before long-haul flights, like its 17-hour nonstop flight to London introduced last year.

The Best Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers

  The Best Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers Danna Windsor/Thrillist It wasn’t too long ago that the only available non-alcoholic beers on the market were seen as a sad afterthought of the big breweries. Usually, picking up a beer without booze in it left you with one or two options in the beer aisle and the quality of those products added insult to injury. Today, non-alcoholic beer is experiencing an unprecedented boom on the craft side of the market. The target audience has expanded beyond people in recovery. These days, it might also be for the expectant mothers who miss the refreshing taste of a cold beer.

Jet lag is a physical reaction to a rapid change in time zones. It affects most travelers, including seasoned flyers like flight attendants and pilots. Note that flying from, say, New York City to Santiago won’t produce jet lag in the true sense because both cities are in the same time zone—but the effects

Jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder people experience when they travel across time zones. While jet lag is extremely common, it’s also fairly Circadian rhythm is the body’s 24 hour cyclical regulation of wake and sleep which relies heavily on external environmental stimuli; light exposure in particular.

Japan Airlines' renewed first class lounges at Tokyo's Narita and Haneda airports feature live sushi counters with rolls made to order. The airline has also launched halal-certified cuisine in its lounges and now serves yuzu and salt-flavored ramen from famed ramen shop Afuri.

a kitchen with a sink and a mirror: Japan Airlines sushi counter.© Provided by CNBC Japan Airlines sushi counter.

Turkish Airlines' new lounge in Istanbul showcases 38 pieces of modern art from the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art; it will be updated three times a year.

And to celebrate Belgian pralines, Brussels Airlines' flagship lounge, The Loft, has a Neuhaus master chocolatier making customized pralines for travelers in Brussels to enjoy or take along as gifts.

Flights: Craft beer and farm-to-table meals

Wine has always been a priority in premium cabins, but craft beer is having an in-flight moment.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines now serves more than a dozen types of craft beer from Copenhagen microbrewery Mikkeller. The beer is designed exclusively for flights, with high elevation and cabin conditions — such as pressure, oxygen and humidity — in mind. Cathay Pacific offers its own craft brew called Betsy Beer, which was created for high altitudes as well.

What Is Jet Lag and How Can You Really Cure It?

  What Is Jet Lag and How Can You Really Cure It? Jet lag is actually a real, temporary disorder. Here's why it happens, and what you can do to cure it.Traveling can make anyone tired, though it affects some people more than others. This phenomenon is known as jet lag and it’s actually a real, temporary disorder rather than just a traveler’s myth.

Passengers flying east should go to bed earlier for a few days before trip. Quinoa, lemon and Goji berries advised to combat jet lag symptoms. Emirates Vice President UK, Laurie Berryman, tells MailOnline Travel that avoiding jet lag can be as simple Welcome in 2020 like royalty: The grand

Jet lag occurs when our body’s internal clock and the real world disagree on what time of day it’s supposed to be . “But it can actually make things worse if you’re flying from, say, Hong Editorial Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer

a group of people standing in front of a building: Singapore Airlines' AeroFarm facility.© Provided by CNBC Singapore Airlines' AeroFarm facility.

Singapore Airlines is working with the vertical farming company AeroFarms to bring farm-to-table ingredients onboard. A facility near Newark airport creates the equivalent of 390 acres of fresh produce to support the airline's Newark to Singapore flight.

Grown aeroponically, the produce is grown in a matter of days with 95% less water and a fraction of the fertilizers of conventional farming, according to AeroFarms.

When it comes to sleep, Cathay Pacific first-class passengers can choose from a pillow menu while enjoying new bedding with 600-thread count linens. Business class passengers can sleep more soundly with a new mattress pad and two-piece duvet.

Cathay Pacific luxury bedding.© Provided by CNBC Cathay Pacific luxury bedding.

Air New Zealand passengers flying to and from Chicago can enjoy a special cooling pillow with Outlast technology — the same material NASA uses in astronaut gloves to keep hands cool.

In a first for a U.S. carrier, Hawaiian Airlines is using technology to give scientists real-time access to pollution levels over vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean. And on the plane, Hawaiian is airing an in-flight video to educate visitors on the impact of sunscreen on Hawaii's coral reefs.

You can now wash your hair with beer shampoo, and dermatologists have mixed reviews

  You can now wash your hair with beer shampoo, and dermatologists have mixed reviews While some of the ingredients in beer may help make hair soft and shiny, there's no proof the products will treat any conditions like hair loss.A company called Broo is selling shampoo, conditioner, and other personal-care products made with barley, hops, water, and yeast - also known as the four essential ingredients in beer.

Airports: Jazz bands and first-class seats up for bids

United fliers have a new way to exchange currencies and score bonus miles. In connection with Travelex, passengers can earn miles for currency exchanges — both in the airport or online — so they can arrive in a foreign country with local currency in hand.

a group of people standing in a room: Live jazz at New Orleans' new airport.© Provided by CNBC Live jazz at New Orleans' new airport.

At the new Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, travelers are welcomed via a "jazz garden" with live bands performing in the baggage claim area. Travelers can also avoid long lines in the city by stopping for Café du Monde's famous beignets in the terminal.

Etihad Airways is trialing autonomous wheelchairs in Abu Dhabi which will eliminate the need for porters; the wheelchairs feature sensors to detect obstructions.

a person sitting in front of a window: Etihad's autonomous wheelchairs.© Provided by CNBC Etihad's autonomous wheelchairs.

TAP Air Portugal is making it easier to score a business class seat for less. Travelers can bid on business class upgrades within 24 hours of a flight and up until departure via the SeatBoost app.

Bidders can follow the auction live and make a last-minute bid at the gate to get a first-class upgrade for as low as $200.

This System Can Serve the Same Beer at Different ABVs .
"Alcohol By Choice" combines a non-alcoholic beer base with any amount of flavorless alcohol. BrewVo by Sustainable Beverage Technologies has been testing a system called “Alcohol By Choice,” allowing breweries to create “world-class craft beers available either with or without the alcohol.” According to The Colorado Sun, this “ABC” system starts by brewing a concentrated non-alcoholic beer using BrewVo’s patented process. This N/A beer concentrate is then packaged alongside a packet of neutral-flavored alcohol, and then poured through a “NexDraft Tap System” which also adds carbonated water.

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