Travel "We make the most of it!" : no, the holidays are not over for everyone

10:25  24 august  2020
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Green tea: an ally against food allergies?

 Green tea: an ally against food allergies? © wenn A new study suggests that drinking green tea may help people with food allergies. Researchers at the University of Shinshu in Japan have found that certain gut microbes can affect the way the immune system responds to certain allergens, and found that the number of flavonoids, a diverse group of phytonutrients, can positively improve bacteria. in the intestine.

Si de nombreux Français reprennent le travail cette semaine, d'autres profitent de la fin du mois d'août pour partir en vacances. Europe 1 est allée à la rencontre de ces touristes de la dernière heure près de Marseille, au parc national des Calanques, qui n'ont qu'un seul objectif : repousser au maximum leur rentrée. © AFP If many French people are going back to work this week, others are taking advantage of the end of August to go on vacation. Europe 1 went to meet these last-minute tourists near Marseille, at the Calanques national park, who have only one goal: to delay their return to school as much as possible.

For many French people, this Monday August 24 is synonymous with the return to school and the resumption of the office path. A more than special return to school due to the still active circulation of the coronavirus in many regions. But some have just taken advantage of this slack period to go on holiday off the beaten path, far from the crowds. For example, in the Calanques, near Marseille in the Bouches-du-Rhône, many tourists are still taking it easy.

Eva Longoria Does Intense Weight Training And Yoga Sessions On The Reg

  Eva Longoria Does Intense Weight Training And Yoga Sessions On The Reg #balance Eva Longoria brings passion and high energy to everything she does—from her activism to acting—so it should come as no surprise that her gym persona is not so different. But if there was ever any doubt, the former Desperate Housewives star offers plenty of proof by means of regularly posting videos of her workouts on her social media—both Eva and her trainer, Grant Roberts, post her workout sessions on Instagram, After giving birth to her son, Santiago, in 2018, Eva took some time to ease back into her fitness routine in order to give her body enough time to properly heal. "It created a human life, so I really wasn't too hard (on myself) about getting back into shape," Eva told US Weekly. But about a year and a half ago, she started to amp up her workouts by incorporating serious strength training sessions (which, if you peeped on Instagram, are pretty intense!). In addition to doing weighted exercises, Eva also likes to add variety to her workouts. "I do a lot. I'm a runner, I do yoga, I do pilates. I do SoulCycle, and I'm just constantly mixing it up," she told People in 2017. So how does she do it all? "Everybody thinks there's some kind of secret to looking good, but it's not a secret. It's diet and exercise," Eva told People. Other than that: "It’s honestly just being committed to a goal," she told US Weekly. Here's how Eva's stay so freaking fit at 45.

Teleworking to extend the summer (a little)

"It feels good, the water is very cool", explains at the microphone of Europe 1 Ugo, a young Parisian student who has just jumped into the water of National Park. "We don't have that in Paris, so we make the most of it," he slips. For him, the start of the school year on its campus and the alternation between lectures and tutorials are still far away.

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Same story for Pascal and Daniel, two Lyonnais who have come down to enjoy the sun in Marseille. Sneakers in hand, they look for the ideal spot between the sharp rocks. "We have the impression of no longer being in Marseille and finding ourselves in an idyllic place. We are quite satisfied to have left at the end of August," they explain. They too are in no hurry to return to their offices: to extend their summer by a few days, they have decided to telecommute from the south.

The Most Common Ways COVID-19 Will Spread During The Holidays .
The COVID-19 pandemic is now at its worst point in the U.S., with daily new coronavirus cases exceeding 150,000, a figure that’s double the — already very high — number of daily cases over the summer. Because the events associated with major holidays are stacked at the end of the year, there is a high chance that the pandemic will get worse before it gets better, especially if we don’t follow mitigation measures during the festive season. Cameron Wolfe, an infectious disease physician at Duke University School of Medicine, said the holidays will increase the spread of COVID-19.

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