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13:25  25 october  2020
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Related: How Ryan Lochte Finds Positivity In 2020 Olympics Cancellation. Lochte : "Going into 2020, this whole year, I was ready . I was seeing times in practice that I haven't seen since I was at It is hard at times because my son, he ' s three, he loves playing with daddy. News: How did the Rio robbery scandal change your life and what would it mean to you to compete in the 2021 Tokyo games?

How far has Lochte swum in pursuit of Olympic excellence? How many miles has he logged since Decorated Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps joins SVP to discuss what it will be like for the athletes He can get ready for a Games better than anybody. So this extra year could really really benefit him .

a person swimming in the water: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Ryan Lochte © Provided by Travel + Leisure Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte may have been devastated that the 2020 Olympics were canceled earlier this year due to COVID-19, but months after what was slated to be a major comeback for the swimming icon, he's looking on the bright side as he trains for the rescheduled games less than a year away.

"It was like someone took a knife and just stabbed me in my back," he told Travel + Leisure in a recent interview of the cancellation in Tokyo. "I was training for two and a half years for the Olympics, and them saying, 'No, it's going to be the following summer,' I was a little heartbroken."

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Decorated Olympian Ryan Lochte , who would be 37 when the postponed Tokyo Olympics are expected to take place, says he is still all-in. Sure, taking a little time off, yeah, he ' s further behind, but he ' s somebody who is talented enough and knows how to do it. He can get ready for a Games

Lochte is hoping his new reality show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? premiering on E! this month will carry him to his desired Kardashian status. The gold medal swimmer, who has already announced he will compete for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, is hoping for the same success.

Lochte, 36, who has 12 Olympic medals, would have been participating in his fifth Olympics had the games gone on as planned in 2020. For now, he's maintaining his training schedule, and if anything, upping the ante as he's gotten more time to prepare.

"I started thinking more positive like, 'You know what? I get an extra year of training. I get an extra year of getting smarter in and out of the pool,'" he said, adding that his training schedule is "a full-time job" with about 30 to 40 hours of work per week. "It's grueling, but it's going to be worth it in the end."

a person swimming in the water: Ryan Lochte © Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Ryan Lochte

When he's not training, he's spending time with his wife, Kayla, with whom he celebrated two years of marriage last month, and their kids, Caiden, 3, and Liv, 1.

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Ryan Lochte is ready to get back in the water. The 32-year-old Olympic swimmer' s 10-month suspension Related: Ryan Lochte Opens Up About Suicidal Thoughts After Rio Olympics Scandal: 'I Wanted He also shared a video of himself "jumping into the weekend" and diving off a high board.

But Lochte says he thinks Phelps will return for the 2020 Tokyo games, and he wants a rematch. 'I guarantee he will be there So Michael, I'll see you Michael Phelps has made it clear he ' s done with swimming after these Olympics . But his friend - and rival - Ryan Lochte is skeptical about his plans

"I'm loving it — I’m staying at home more, and I get to play with my kids more often," he said of quarantining at home in Gainsville, Florida. "The stuff they do on a daily basis, [it's like] I have a mini-me."

And when he's not playing with his kids or training, he's involved in various business ventures with fitness brands and Piñata, a rewards app for those renting apartments.

Still, even though the summer of 2021 seems far off, he hasn't lost sight of his goal for the gold.

"I'm going to become a better athlete when the time comes. I’m going to use [the delay] as my advantage and I'll be ready," he said.

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