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Weather at its worst . A little bit of drizzle, an unseasonably sunny day or a dumping of spring snow can all be conversation points for a few days. Here are the most significant weather events in every state and DC, from storms that hit more than a century ago to recent natural disasters.

These are worst natural disasters in every state . The worst weather event in Ohio history occurred in late March 1913, killing 467 people and flooding 40,000 homes. Excessive rainfall all over the state caused the flood. In Dayton, swiftly flowing water as deep as 10 feet deep swept through

text, whiteboard: A picture of the hand-written letter used by the Florida restaurant manager to save an abused child. Orlando Police Department © Orlando Police Department A picture of the hand-written letter used by the Florida restaurant manager to save an abused child. Orlando Police Department
  • A waitress at an Orlando restaurant saved a young boy from his abusive family after flashing a secret sign that read, "do you need help?"
  • Flavaine Carvalho became suspicious of a family that she was serving at the Mrs. Potato Restaurant in Orlando, Florida, on New Years Day when she noticed they weren't giving their son any food.
  • After noticing other signs of abuse, including a massive scratch on the boy's forehead, the waitress flashed signs behind the parents' back that read "are you ok?" and "do you need help"?
  • After multiple attempts, the boy indicated to Carvalho that he needed help, which prompted her to call the police.
  • According to a police investigation, the 11-year-old boy was subject to other alleged abuse, including being handcuffed, hit with a wooden broom, and hung him upside down from a door frame.
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A waitress at an Orlando restaurant saved a young boy from his allegedly abusive family after flashing a secret sign that read, "do you need help?"

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In his book, Extreme Weather , Weather Underground' s Christopher Burt cites a paper in the Bulletin of the American One of the worst ice storms to ever hit North Carolina. Accumulations of up to an inch were reported in central parts of the state . The second worst ice storm in history hit the South Feb.

Illinois has to be one of the worst states for weather . Most inconsistent weather you will find. It can be 70 one day and drop down into the 20' s that night. Every day I have to check the weather to find out whether to wear a winter coat or short sleeves. No matter the season. Back in 2009 it snowed 3

Flavaine Carvalho served a family on New Years Day at the Mrs. Potato Restaurant in Orlando, Florida, when she started noticing some worrying signs that led her to call the police.

In a video shared by The Orlando Police Department on Facebook, Carvalho explains that the family had come in like "a regular family," but when their food came, she noticed they didn't give any to the boy.

"I asked them if something was wrong with the order because the food for the boy was missing," Carvalho told police in the video.

But the boy's step-father, who has since been identified as Timothy Wilson II, apparently told Carvalho that their son would be eating at home that night and that everything was fine.

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To find where weather is getting worse because of climate change, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed regions in the United States where there is evidence of an association between climate change and exceptional recently recorded weather events in these regions. Places within each region have recently

California experiences large and destructive wild fires virtually every year, with the worst usually The worst wild fire in western history and the 2nd worst overall in the United States was the Great The 1910 fire was the seminal event that led to a policy of the U. S . Forest Service to prevent and battle all

"It was super strange to me," Carvalho said of the exchange. "I could see that he was super quiet and sad."

When the waitress noticed more worrying signs of abuse, including bruises and a large scratch on the boy's forehead, she decided to make a sign that read, "are you ok?"

She flashed the sign secretly behind the parents' backs so they couldn't see. At first, the boy nodded yes, "but he didn't convince me," Carvalho said.

She came back with another sign asking him if he needed any help.

"I showed him, and he nodded his head yes," Carvalho said. The waitress said she called 911 shortly after.

A police investigation into the family uncovered a suspected history of abuse.

Police told local news station WKMG that the boy had described being struck with a wooden broom, handcuffed, and was hung upside down from a door with ratchet straps tied around his ankles and neck.

Thanksgiving week weather forecast

  Thanksgiving week weather forecast As one of the busiest travel days of the year looms, nothing seems off limits in the world of weather in 2020. © Alex Wong/Getty Images DUNN LORING, VA - NOVEMBER 23: Slow automobile traffic on I-66 November 23, 2016 in Dunn Loring, Virginia. AAA has predicted that it will be more crowded than usual to travel this Thanksgiving with nearly 49 million Americans driving or flying to their destinations.

“ Every American needs to understand what the Department of Justice has just made public: Investigators have strong evidence to suggest that some of the rioters who stormed the It has now featured prominently in at least three recent major violent events carried out by people on the far right.

The head of the Afghan Taliban has ordered officials in the movement to take only one wife because extravagant weddings and bridal payments are depleting funds and leading to accusations of embezzlement. The edict from Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada was also an attempt to quash bad

WKMG also reported that the boy told police he didn't get to eat regularly as a form of punishment.

Wilson was arrested on January 6 and charged with three counts of aggravated child abuse and one count of child neglect.

The boy's mother, who has been identified as 31-year-old Kristen Swann, was also arrested on January 6 and faces two counts of child neglect for failing to report the abuse.

"By saying something when she saw something, Ms. Carvalho displayed courage and care for a child she had never even met before, and we're proud someone like Ms. Carvalho lives and works in our community," the Orlando Police Department said in a statement on their Facebook page.

Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the U.S each year, according to a report by the National Children's Alliance. The latest data collected in 2018 showed that the most common form of child abuse was neglect.

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