Travel You can now upgrade your next Amtrak trip with new bidding system, but is it worth it?

02:27  24 february  2021
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Save 50% on train fare with Amtrak’s Track Friday Sale

  Save 50% on train fare with Amtrak’s Track Friday Sale Amtrak just launched its annual “Track Friday Sale,” offering up to 50% off fares on popular routes nationwide. These fares start at just $15 each way and discounts apply to both coach and Acela business class fares. If you plan to travel on Amtrak between Dec. 8 and April 30, you’ll want to book one …For more TPG content delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Trip Flexibility. Amtrak is waiving all change fees for reservations made by March 31, 2021. All Amtrak trains are equipped with onboard filtration systems with a fresh air exchange rate every 4-5 minutes. We have enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols at stations and onboard our trains.

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There’s an exciting new way to upgrade on Amtrak today. The passenger rail company confirmed to TPG that it is offering customers the option to upgrade to business or first class via paid bidding. There’s a chance it could eventually be possible to upgrade to a sleeper car and/or a bunk.

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Amtrak’s new “BidUp” system allows customers to bid on upgrades with cash. Right now, unfortunately, you can’t use your Amtrak Rewards points.

Is Amtrak’s big Rail Passengers Association point bonus worth the cost?

  Is Amtrak’s big Rail Passengers Association point bonus worth the cost? We’re likely to see a big push to help fund and expand Amtrak over the next few years. President-elect Joe Biden has been a fan of the national rail for many decades, and even plans to ride a train to his inauguration, and incoming transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg is expected to support Amtrak investments as …There’s already a lot to be excited about on the Amtrak front — the rail line’s new-and-improved Acela train is expected to launch later this year, and track and tunnel improvements will hopefully be funded soon.

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According to Amtrak, “Customers with existing reservations can visit Amtrak.com/BidUp, check eligibility up to two hours prior to departure and place a bid to upgrade their reservation into our premium classes of service: business class (most corridor routes) and first class (Acela).”

a laptop computer sitting on top of a chair: (Photo by Brendan Dorsey / The Points Guy) © The Points Guy (Photo by Brendan Dorsey / The Points Guy)

Rail passengers only get billed if their bid is accepted. There is no fee for bidding.

In a press release, Amtrak Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Roger Harris said, “BidUp is a great way for more Amtrak customers to enjoy our premium services.”

So, what do you get when you are upgraded?

graphical user interface: (Screenshot courtesy Amtrak) © The Points Guy (Screenshot courtesy Amtrak)

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  How to use points to upgrade to first class on U.S. airlines One of the best things about being a miles and points enthusiast is helping friends and family experience travel for nearly free. Nothing beats the look on someone’s face when you show them the $1,200 cost of a ticket they just booked for $5.60 out of pocket! Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions […]Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends about how to use airline miles to upgrade their seats.

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The CEO of Amtrak Thinks Americans Are Ready for Trains Again

  The CEO of Amtrak Thinks Americans Are Ready for Trains Again And he says sleeper cars are making a comeback.Henry Grabar: Looking forward to a post-COVID world, where do you see the places where Amtrak can compete? What sort of trips—by car, by plane—and between which cities? What are the circumstances outside of the Northeast Corridor where you think Amtrak has room to grow?

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Business-class customers get dedicated cars or sections on the train with more legroom and reserved seating on the Northeast Regional, Palmetto, Carolinian and Vermonter train lines. They also get 25% bonus points.

First-class riders get access to reserved seating in the first-class cabin (could be great for the Boston-New York-Washington Acela line). They also receive complimentary meals, beverages, lounge access and a 50% points bonus.

Is it worth it? Travel industry analyst and rail fan Jamie Larounis says, “The upgrade offers aren’t a great deal.”

I spoke to Larounis after he had posted a few of his offers on Twitter. He told me that, for the most part, the deals weren’t great because the hard product and service on first and business class on most routes weren’t worth spending much extra for. He said:

“The best upgrade scenario in the Northeast would be from Acela Express Business Class to First Class, where there are fewer seats, at-seat food and beverage service, and lounge access in major stations — still, this upgrade would only be worth it on the lower end of the range Amtrak is accepting bids for (the “poor” range).”

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Still, some folks won’t mind paying a small upgrade fee for those kinds of perks. Extra legroom is worth at least $15 to me, even on a short trip.

Amtrak says, “Bidding for an upgrade to a private room will be offered at a later date.” In other words, you can’t yet bid for a bed or private bunk on any of Amtrak’s longer routes.

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Larounis told me that is where the real value could eventually lie: “There could be value on longer routes where there are sleeping car accommodations, though if you’re wanting a bed, you’re likely to purchase this at booking instead of hoping for space to still be available for bid. With sleeper accommodations, this is where you’re likely to get the most value out of any train Amtrak operates — simply because of the privacy and flat-bed offering that is important on daylong or more train rides.”

Deal alert: Book a private room on Amtrak from $193 for you and a friend

  Deal alert: Book a private room on Amtrak from $193 for you and a friend A couple of years back, I rode on Amtrak’s Empire Builder from Portland, Oregon, to Chicago, Illinois. I was able to do so for a great price thanks to a buy one, get one sale on roomette sleeper-car accommodation. Luckily, you can take advantage of the same deal during Amtrak’s current sale. To book these …For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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Let’s hoping that’s the next iteration of this interesting new feature.

Featured image courtesy Amtrak.

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